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A feature on John in April 2013 issue of Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar, April 2013

Vintage Guitar, April 2013 - cover

There appears to be something related to John in April's issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine, who previously had a feature on him, with photographs and descriptions of many of his guitars back in 2009.

Here is how they describe it:

If you’re looking to expand your lick repertoire and/or teach your fingers some new things, check out Wolf Marshall’s “Fretprints” column in John Frusciante.

You can purchase the magazine on its official site.

And, on this occasion, I would like to ask whoever gets it first to e-mail scans and/or transcript, as it will probably take 7-14 days for's archive copy to make the trip from USA to Serbia. Thank you.


14 Reactions to A feature on John in April 2013 issue of Vintage Guitar

  1. Vinny says:

    Simultaneously noticing both this post and the fact that the link to the magazine page, which for a while's been leading nowhere, is down, I'm hoping that with the posting of this article will come the return of all the other ones that used to be on the site!

  2. Cathippolyte says:

    Please what does "lick" mean in this context? (I'm French...)

  3. Hayden says:

    "lick" is similar to a guitar riff, if that helps

  4. John says:

    hahaha I doubt John would ever use the term "Lick". Techy chodes...

  5. David says:

    "When I was 14 years old I made the decision that I was going to find and purchase every Frank Zappa record. In 1984, this took some doing since all of his records from the 60's and 70's were out of print. I would take buses all over L.A. and the Valley for these records, every one of which had a huge, powerful effect on me. Each one, upon finding it, would seem like the most perfect microcosm of feeling to me. Everything about each one, the smell, the cover, the inner sleeve and especially the music were pure magic to my mind. I also soon started regularly calling his 818 PUMPKIN, ordering stuff whenever I had money. This included the Old Masters box (which contained re-masters of his first 5 records), the film Baby Snakes and a video called The Dub Room Special. I watched these two videos over and over, constantly showing them to anyone willing to watch. By the time I was 15 I owned all of the records and was spending about 70% of my muscial life studying and learning his music. For me, striving for the perfection he was known for demanding from his bands was a powerful motivation and force behind the huge amount of practicing I was doing back then. I taught myself to read music by comparing the written notes in The Frank Zappa Guitar Book to the recordings of those songs. The poly-rhythms in that book (brilliantly transcribed by Steve Vai), as well as those in his instrumental compositions, opened up my mind a great deal. I believe this instilled in my brain the wide open, infinite possibilities of creating shapes with music."
    — John Frusciante, The Dub Room Special! liner notes (abridged), 2007.

  6. Joe Kenbok says:

    What is that from?

    • Vinny says:

      "— John Frusciante, The Dub Room Special! liner notes (abridged), 2007."

      Apparently there was a rerelease of one of the videos that John enjoyed watching, and that excerpt is from it. I don't know if it's somewhere else online, too, though.

  7. Vinny says:

    Any news on i-m's copy of this mag?

    • Iva says:

      One finally arrived today. Apparently, they had shipping problems in many people's cases (and I had not ordered my copy yet, sorry).

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