Carrey, Key & Frusciante

More from Danny Carey on possibly working with John

In an interview with the New Zealand-based radio station The Rock FM, Danny Carey was giving an update to people anxiously waiting the new Tool album; but at some point, he was asked about his other projects. It seems that a lot of people are interested in his possible work with John and cEvin Key, as that was the topic of one of the questions brought up. Come to think of it, the interviewer didn’t even mention Key.

Tracey: I mean I’ve heard you’ve been doing some work with John Frusciante, formerly of the Chilis. Man, I can’t wait to hear that music, when are we gonna hear that?

Danny Carey: We have some framework things we’re kind of working on, you know, we haven’t actually got anything to come into fruition yet, but it’s on a backburner, for sure, as we’re all excited about it.

You can listen to the entire interview on YouTube or – much better – stream it on The Rock FM website.

*Many thanks to Michelle Lake for the link.

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