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Happy 43rd birthday to John!

Sometime today or tomorrow - regardless of what timezone this finds you in, our John turns 43. It's quite an occasion, as every year he's been a part of our world has brought a lot of inspiring and creative works to the light of the day - in the past 12 months, a long-expected LP and an EP, as well as a couple of little collabs here and there; despite all those paranoid comments that such things will never happen again.

All you're being asked to on this day, year after year is to make sure you think of John today and wish him good health, inspiration, love and happiness.

You can leave a happy birthday message in comments of this news item, it's like a message in a bottle. It gets to all the wrong folks, but somebody might meet somebody through it. Make it tasteful, spontaneous, less me, me, me and more you, you, you. When somebody inspires you, acknowledge and appreciate the fact that they're human, like you.

Happy birthday, John! :)


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  1. vitor cruz says:

    happy b-day the most awesome person in the world, john frusciante :')

  2. Danny Mabe says:

    Happy Birthday John...this website probably freaks you out

    • Xavier Hernandez says:

      hahaha "this website probably freaks you out" that legit made me laugh. xD

    • geneviève says:

      no, you freak him out by treating him like a person with special needs. stupid kids.

      • Xavier Hernandez says:

        Dude what are you even talking about? I took it as a joke. Imagine if there was a website of hundreds of people you don't know wishing you happy birthday, it would trip out any person to see that... since when did people forget about having a sense of humor? Don't pick fights, be happy, we get to have him for another year. :)

        • Iva says:

          Xavier, I don't think Geneviève thought the same as you. I understood it as a comment against people who view John as something that should be placed in bubble wrap, spoke to loudly with gesticulations etc. And honestly, that stuff is creepy.

          Back in 2001 or 2002, people were sending John audio messages on his birthday through the official site. We are as scary as we are capable of being. E.g. some of the comments on this post are super-scary, some are polite. People are responsible for what they write. Big deal.

          Oh, and Danny was not joking, he's holding grudges, so I am sorry that you fell for it.

          • Xavier Hernandez says:

            haha ohhhh i see. I was not aware that Danny was holding grudges. haha Oh and that 2002 thing about the audio messages is crazy!!! I was not aware of that, thats pretty creepy even for John that talks to cats. πŸ˜› well im sorry if anyone got offended. :)

          • Danny Mabe says:

            I was joking...I know that is outside your realm Iva. I don't hold a grudge, I just like to point out the level of hypocrisy you boost out into the world. and just to double entendre I was also telling the truth.


  3. Shachar Oren says:

    So what can we say about the man who changed lots of lives ? I don't know, but for me the calendar starts in 5/3, that's when the real Jesus was born. I just wanted to say thank you for staying alive, thank you for being even exist. You have no idea how much your music changed my life. Your music is so powerful and your soul is so beautifull, so I have nothing to congratulate you, except what have been said already. I'll wish you success with the new chapter of your life, the marridge, and for those who'll come (I'm sure you'll be the vest father ever because you have the most thoughtfull, humble and understanding soul πŸ˜‰ ).
    Keep making us Masterpieces.

    • Bjorn Marks says:

      happy birthday John thank you for the huge inspiration it means everything i wish you peace and happiness on your birthday you are my hero my inspiration my idol my source of thirst for my own music career thank you so much everyday i watch you and i get goose flesh because your music and your guitar playing is beyond this world

  4. Roma says:

    He has been giving me joy for so many years. His passion for what he does is something beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank You and Happy Birthday John Anthony Frusciante.

    - Roma.

  5. Ignacio says:

    During the past 2 years, haven't been a day without your music. Thank you.

  6. Man says:

    The only one who i'm never tired to hear. Happy birthday!

  7. Jakov says:

    happy birthday John!!
    Greets from Croatia...hope you have so much more to give πŸ˜€

  8. Have a great birthday John! Thanks for such fantastic and inspiring music over the years, hope there's more to come.

  9. adam says:

    happy birthday john :)

  10. happy birthday john...

    i wish you good health and i hope life is good man

    i love you

  11. Xavier Hernandez says:

    Happy Birthday John, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great experiences you've given us through your music. :)

  12. Rachel Kl says:

    Happy Birthday John!!
    May the light you have be shed around the world.
    Your music makes us fly :)

  13. Brian Gelesko says:

    happy birthday John... you have been and will always be an inspiration to everyone willing to open their minds and souls to the art we are all capable of creating...

  14. Bonnie says:

    Happy Birthday John! Thank you for making the world a more musical, magical, and beautiful place.

  15. Happy birthday, John! You present the music to the world exactly as it should be. Ars gratia artis!

  16. Ed Gallagher says:

    Greetings from Colorado! Happy BD, John. Your singing and playing is inspirational. Love how you have such a knack for creating such memorable melodies. Keep it up. Excited to see where you will go next, creatively speaking. Cheers my brother!!

  17. Andrew says:

    Happy birthday John!
    Thank you so much for inspiring me through your music and your dedication

  18. Happy Birthday, John.
    We love you.

  19. Manuel SNM says:

    Thankssssssssssssss John Motherfucker Frusciante! Have a nice birth day!

  20. Alex says:

    happy birthday, John, and thank you!

  21. Felipe says:

    HB Mr. John Frusciante

    Brazil loves you and we want more albuns more mooooore haha

    • Kami says:

      You are an idiot.

    • Iva says:

      Copied and pasted from another comment thread below:

      This is a birthday greeting thread, not a wish list. I always opt to be kind to people I don't know if they're not giving their reasons for doing or not doing something. Might be helpful to you, too. :)

  22. Marta says:

    Happy birthday John! Your music is inspiring, lifechanging and beautiful. You should know the world loves you and would love to see you perform :)

    • Rh042o says:

      AGREED. Tour, John, TOUR!

      • Iva says:

        This is a birthday greeting thread, not a wish list. I always opt to be kind to people I don't know if they're not giving their reasons for doing or not doing something. Might be helpful to you, too. :)

  23. abbey road says:

    happy birthday john. i hope youre well, wherever you are with whoever youre with doing whatever it is youre doing. ill be sending many good vibes your way

  24. Hippers56 says:

    Your music means so much to so many people β™« Here's to another 43 years. ♥ Happy Birthday John!!

  25. Jose says:

    Thank you John for inspiring me by doing what you love to do at all costs. You are a beautiful soul. You have given me so much. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
    Have a killer birthday man. I hope you are happy smiling and laughing it up somewheres.

  26. Gabby says:

    You've changed my life. I love you and wish you well on your birthday.

  27. Chili_Pat says:

    Dear John, I wish you a nice day and party with your beloved ones till the sun says hello the next morning. Happy Birthday!

  28. shalhevet says:

    happy birthday john! your music means so much to me that i can't even describe it in words! i wish you happiness health creativity and all the good things that you deserve to have!

  29. Happy Birthday John!!!
    You have inspired me like no other person before, and i wish you great health and lots of creative energy
    To the man who makes true and beautiful music
    John Frusciante!

  30. John Fru Jones says:

    John, I can only listen to your music when I'm happy and in harmony. So, whenever I turn his music on, I know I'm happy. Lately I've been having some tough days and weeks and I couldn't enjoy his music. But everything's getting better, and the moment I felt I was able to play and fully enjoy his music again, I knew this meant I am in harmony... And whenever I listen to him, I become even happier and inspiration rises up =)
    John, you are my meter for harmony and happiness. Don't you ever stop! πŸ˜‰ And don't you ever lose you very own meter of happiness, harmony and inspiration.
    May the whole world get a little better just because of you!
    Happy birthday, John. You will live forever!

  31. Mirie says:

    Happy happy birthday!!! You're a huge inspiration to me, in a way, you changed my life.
    I love you and hope you are happy and healthy.. Wish you all the best in the world and
    Waiting for you in Israel ..........

  32. Luka says:

    Happy birthday John, although I have a feeling you don't care about birthdays that much, not unlike some of us as well. But still I wish you all the best in the upcoming year of your life, keep making it great.
    Oh, and thanks for restarting your blog on your official site. :)

  33. Macedonian Fans :) says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Frusciante! :) Hope you'll live 100 and more, so you can make more generations happy and inspired to make music and live with it, just like you're doing these years :)
    fans from Macedonia :)

  34. Paddeh says:

    Happy birthday man. Live well.

  35. RahmadhaniD says:

    Happy 43rd birthday John Frusciante! Thank you for giving us the joyful experience through listening your music. Keep creating magical, beautiful music for people!
    Much love from Indonesia

  36. @Zoe_C86 says:

    It's hard to describe how your music makes me feel, words can't really do it justice. Just know that when I listen to your songs I feel so content; there is no past, no future, just the moment I am in and I am truly at peace. Happy 43rd Birthday John, I hope you have the most beautiful of days <3

  37. Pilar says:

    Much love on your birthday. May you be as happy as you make us! :)

  38. Manuela says:

    Happy birthday John! Thans for give us the best music! Hope you have a wonderful day, wherever you are! God bless you even more!

  39. oal says:

    Happy Birthday to the guy who reinvented music - over and over again.

  40. theglo says:

    I am taking solace in this post about John turning 43 just above another post about John being so cool. It is nice to know you can be cool in your 40s. I like to think I am pretty cool too (not as cool as John though).

  41. dallas08 says:

    Happy birthday John. Thanks for inspiring me.

  42. Alex98 says:

    John, I am fourteen years old and didn't discover my true passion in life until I listened to your music. I now know exactly what I'm going to do. Happy birthday!

  43. Gaby says:

    So happy to live in a world where your music exists!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  44. samo says:

    Happy Birthday, Johnn!!!!!!!!!! I hope you feel good about your life and still think of your fans who are waiting anxiously a sign from you, some music or a piece of writing, everything that you consider we deserve. We haven't heard from you for a very long time and we miss YOU<3!!!!
    All the best wishes and happy birthday again!!!!!!!!

  45. Happy Birthday from England! You're quite possibly my greatest influence in my guitar playing and views. Thankyou for what you have given the world, Ps- PBX Was f*****g brilliant! We are all hoping for some more from you, keep up the great work! -Jack in england age 13

  46. art says:

    happy birthday to greatest guitarist of the world!!!!

  47. anne says:

    I wish you a very Happy Birthday from France Monsieur Frusciante!!

  48. Luca says:

    So what can I say... Nothing. Cause I'm speachless. Speachless to have a person and musician like John on this world. Thank you for all those years you share your genius and your beautiful music with us.
    John: I wish you a happy birthday and much health, inspiration and much more good music.
    Love you John

  49. Andrei Arteni says:

    Thank you John for being an unbreakable bridge between that special place from where your music comes from and us, everyone that apreciates your work. Happy birthday!

  50. Joao says:

    Wish you love peace health and long life! please!

  51. robert says:

    High above the mucky-muck, castle made of clouds,
    There sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly.
    Not much to say when you're high above the mucky-muck.
    Yeah, yeah.
    Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
    Wonderboy, won't you take me far away from the mucky-muck?
    Happy birthday!

  52. kokette says:

    HB to an amazing artist that change my vision of life forever.
    Wishing you many more years of creating music and love and health.
    Thank you for the gift of sharing it with us <3

  53. Josh Ball says:

    Happy birthday john, hope you've had a fun filled day. Your music is an inspiration to so many and will be for a great many years. All love to you and keep the music flowing! True legend! X

  54. Nicolás says:

    Happy Birthday John!

  55. Eilon says:

    Happy birthday john kip on rocking !!! in my opinion you are the best guitarist of our time and i will love to hear more of your work !

  56. Lorena Fontes says:

    Happy BirthDay John!!! Your music really inspire me

  57. Meow says:

    Happy birthday, dear John! Keep being the beautiful soul you are!

  58. JFan says:

    Happy B-Day John!!!

  59. nolilclo says:

    John You are my reason for being who i am today a lover not a fighter and for that i love you dearly Happy Birthday hope you liked the cake :)

  60. Ray Melana says:

    Happy Birthday John. I hope someone bought you Jimi Hendrixs' new album! :)
    My recent post Chances

  61. chacha says:

    Thank you mr Frusciante for your beautiful art and happy birthday to you.

  62. Rh042o says:

    Happy Birthday John! LOVE your music, keep 'em coming!

  63. Frooshman says:

    John you have been my number one idol for the past 2 years! The music you played with the RHCP and your solo albums are so amazing. They give a whole new atmosphere on each album and evertime I listen to a different album from your solo work or with RHCP it just takes me on this new journey that's so beautiful and very inventive and creative. Your views on music and the way you should live and the biggest comeback you made has really been an influence on me. You've been a huge rolemodel for me like when you said you should look up to rockstars because they're really the people who change the world. SO TRUE! Again thank you for influencing all of us musically and spiritually. Happy birthday John!!!!!!!!! Keep on rocking!

  64. Brendomc says:

    43 hey?! Imagine how may dimensions he would of unlocked for us when he gets to 86... Keep up the creativity, birthday boy, we need you and your art...!

  65. Edwin says:

    Happy Birthday John Frusciante!!

  66. Smile says:

    I believe in you, I love you Mr. John Anthony motherfucker Frusciante

    Happy Birthday

  67. dunnowho says:

    We love you, Mr Frusciante!

  68. Azra says:

    My man! Just thought about when you were 28 and I was 14 years old. I used to throw a b-day party for you, like a true stalker fan. Haha! Now I'm 28 and still as crazy bout you! I still believe we'll get married one day! Love forever, happy b-day.

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