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Niandra LaDes reissued in continental Europe

Niandra LaDes... 2013 reissue

Niandra LaDes... 2013 reissue

As of a couple of weeks ago, Niandra LaDes and Usually Just A T-Shirt appears to have been reissued in Germany. It is identical to the 2003 reissue, with grey cover instead of the sepia one on the original issue and first reissue.

There has no been official confirmation as of yet, but given that many people have received their copies already, this appears to be a legitimate reissue.

So, if you're missing this ground-breaking debut in your collection, order it from Amazon Germany or Amazon UK or whatever local retailer might have it. Make sure you enjoy it.

*Many thanks to everybody who gave a heads-up to this and who later confirmed it was legit and this year's, indeed.


17 Reactions to Niandra LaDes reissued in continental Europe

  1. Pete says:

    Just bought a copy from Amazon UK. 😀

  2. @porim says:

    Finally <3 😀

  3. Nana says:

    So incredibly happy right now 🙂

  4. Travis says:

    No viynl? damn

  5. Sponge says:

    what stores in Germany are stocking does anyone know? I'm going to be there in a few weeks, could be a nice addition to the trip!

  6. dan says:

    Hi, its slightly unrelated, but i have a copy of 'Smile from the streets you hold' on CD but i am unsure as to whether it is a genuine copy as the quality is very poor. I brought the album second hand on Amazon for about £20/£30 about a couple of years ago. I am aware that many of the songs are not of good quality due to the way they were produced/recorded. But the version i have is certainly worse quality than i have heard on youtube. For example 'Height Down' is mostly white noise. I'm not that bothered but was just wondering if anyone had heard of fake or dubious copies of the album being sold or whether the original quality is particularly poor and later remastered? Thanks.

  7. Scotty says:

    I apologize, I know how stupid I am, but what does it mean for an album to get reissued?

  8. Jazz says:

    Smile from the Streets was produced on a low budget, hence the low quality. The picture booklet comprises of only one sheet of paper to save on costs.

  9. Roland says:

    The re-issue is also for the Netherlands. I suddenly saw it, and inmediately bought it, though I already got an original one.

  10. Guest #22332 says:

    When the hell is a vinyl version coming out - with Ants included?

  11. Yannic says:

    would give anything for a hour with john frusciante talking about the worlds end and stuff like that.
    Something like the real power of the world and meditate 😀

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