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Brown Bunny soundtrack remastered and to be re-issued on vinyl in April

It's been ten years since the soundtrack for Vincent Gallo's sophomore film Brown Bunny saw the light of the day on CD and, sadly, unauthorized vinyl pressing and this album has long since gone out of print. With five of John's songs, including the epic Dying Song appearing on it, this has always been regarded as sort of an issue in the circles of JF (and likely VG) aficionados.

Australian indie label Twelve Suns is reissuing the Brown Bunny Soundtrack on deluxe gatefold vinyl in late April 2014. This reissue has been fully authorized by Vincent Gallo. It also features brand new cover art.

Cover art for the new Brown Bunny soundtrack on vinyl

Cover art for the new Brown Bunny soundtrack on vinyl

The release date is April 26th and the re-issue is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. So, be quick, pre-order yours right here.

If anyone wants to follow the release, become Twelve Suns' fan on Facebook.


26 Reactions to Brown Bunny soundtrack remastered and to be re-issued on vinyl in April

  1. brendomc says:

    Good on the Aussies...!!!

  2. untitled #6 says:

    Vincent called as a set up, look on

    Always wondered if that's about the bb soundtrack. The songs are fantastic.

  3. Leon says:

    Good news. Still waiting on the release of the track on Man With The Iron Fists though.

  4. peter says:

    Great news! The dying song is epic.

  5. Mike Moon says:

    Hopefully Vincent made sure this is being cut all analog. I would think this is VG's style but you never know. Great news!

  6. MrTweaknews says:

    Reissuing? it has never been released on vinyl. Only a bootleg version on vinyl.

    • Iva says:

      ...which is precisely what was mentioned in the news item. But in general, the entire release is getting reissued, so wording it that way is still valid.

  7. Andrew says:

    Dang 40 bucks

  8. GHSIII says:

    Dang is right, 40 bucks plus $18 shipping to the US! Oh well, maybe down the line I'll come across it but $58 is too pricy for me. And, I agree with Leon ---- still waiting on the track from Man With The Iron Fists.

  9. bizz says:

    Can anyone confirm this is legit? Seems strange its being pressed on some random Australian label.

  10. brendomc says:

    $5 to ship to me in Western Australia! Thats the best price I have ever had to pay since I started collecting Frusciante vinyl....

  11. the squirrel says:

    Is it only available on venyl? I would love to get the Soundtrack on CD

  12. bizz says:

    April 19th and my order is still 'processing', no updates from the supplier. Hope these guys come through.

    • Iva says:

      1. For how long has this been going on?

      2. Would you like me to shoot them a message? I would need at least some of your information for this, so do to e-mail me if you want me to do this.

      • bizz says:

        THanks for the reply. I just sent them an email myself for an update. Hoping this gets shipped soon!

  13. joe says:

    Have these been delayed? Any info on when they will be shipped?

  14. joe says:

    $500 on twelve Sun's records now, glad I got one when they were $36

  15. Mike Moon says:

    Mine lp arrived and I hope to spin soon! For whoever inquired about it being all analog, I'm doubtful. There are no mastering details that I can see and better yet no marking in the deadwax indicating which vinyl mastering engineer cut it. Only a select few engineers worldwide can truly cut all analog. This was pressed by Pirate Press who is GZ vinyl in the Czech Repbublic. They likely cut it in-house from a digital file. Hopefully, it was a high res transfer of the original masters. It can still sound good but for $40 you hope for all analog. Just by visual inspection, the vinyl looks pretty clean and the cover and artwork seem high quality. I will try to report back after cleaning the vinyl and listening.

  16. KOSS says:

    I get my LP last week. I listened to it the whole weekend. It sound great. The most of the records, that are now press are made in the Czech Repbublic, I would say it was a “high res press”. The record are clean, straight, the vinyl is quiet, a very nice antistatic envelope, what is not standard in other releases, nice artwork, but the cover is a half of a centimeter wider and longer so it don’t fit in protective cover.

    I wish I had bought two copies

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