Stream: Kimono Kult’s La Cancion De Alejandra

After Todo Menos el Dolor, another Kimono Kult song, La Canción De Alejandra is now available for streaming, via noisyghostpr soundcloud.

If you like the music, don’t forget to pre-order the digital EP. If you’re a registered user of BandCamp, your avatar and name will be shown among the supporters, which is additionally awesome.

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    • AbusBambus

      “andiance says:
      This sounds actually quite amazing – even at the first time. 😉 ”

      Wha do you mean “even”??? Shouldn’t it usually sound the best, if you listen to it the first time?

      • matt

        some times this kind of experimental music is too different and it takes a couple of times to listen to it till you can fully accept it. but i love this song and cant wait for the ep i've already pre ordered it

      • andiance

        Yeah, what matt said.
        John, The Mars Volta, Omar, Venetian Snares and the likes are my favorite artists – but I wouldn't call them easy on the ears, and wouldn't recommend them to everybody.
        There are so many songs I could only enjoy after five or more times listening to them.
        That's actually good, because they stay fresh and interesting for a longer time than the catchy ones. 🙂

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