Listen to Enclosure in advance via Sat-JF14, its own satellite!

An interorbital satellite named Sat-JF14 has been launched on Saturday. It’s connected to a tracking application for Android and iOS that will allow you to preview Enclosure a week before its official release when it orbits over your area. This was not done by any musician or a band before and, as we know, there has always been a connection between John and the cosmos; so this is very fitting.

The application will be active until the eve of Enclosure’s release and here you can read the press release, a tutorial on how to use it and watch a little video of its launch.

Official Press Release

On March 29th, 2014, at a remote High Desert location in California, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante’s new album ENCLOSURE was loaded onto an experimental Cube Satellite called Sat-JF14 and launched into space aboard an Interorbital Systems’ NEPTUNE Modular Rocket.

Beginning today, March 31st, fans from around the world can download the free, custom-built Sat-JF14 mobile application developed by Frusciante’s longtime label Record Collection and leading Brazilian Creative Agency, Loducca. This app will enable users to track Sat-JF14’s movement in real time. When Sat-JF14 hovers over a users’ geographic region, ENCLOSURE will be unlocked, allowing users to listen to the album for free on any iOS or Android mobile phone. Sat – JF14 also supports an integrated social chat platform giving fans the ability to communicate with one another after listening to the music. The album preview will last until midnight on April 7th, at which point Sat-JF14 will cease transmission.

“This partnership with John Frusciante, Record Collection and Loducca represents a new chapter in our quest to further explore the cosmic relationship between science and art,” says Randa Milliron, Interorbital Systems co-founder and CEO. “ENCLOSURE is a musical masterpiece and we’re thrilled to be able to utilize our proprietary space technology to facilitate this unprecedented form of space-enhanced distribution.”

On April 8th, 2014, Record Collection will release ENCLOSURE, the 11th full-length album from John Frusciante

Here is how to use the application

Screenshots provided were taken on my LG Optimus L9 mark I phone using Android 4.0; but it should be working in a very similar way on most phones.

1. Download the application for your phone of choice from Sat-JF14 page, which contains direct link to the application page on Google Play and iTunes Store, so you won’t have to search (first picture).

If this is not working for you, access the store the way you would normally do when searching for applications and search for SAT-JF14 (second picture).

satellite_01 satellite_01_b


2. Click install to download the application to your phone.

satellite_02 satellite_02_b


3. Upon installing the application, navigate to its icon on your phone and click to open.



4. Enter your e-mail address or connect to your Facebook account, if you’re using the said social network. If you opt for the earlier, my tip to you is to use the e-mail address associated to your Gravatar.



5. Allow the application to locate your phone. For this purpose, make sure location tracking is on! The MAP tab, displayed during configuration process, will show you where Sat-JF14 is at the moment. Don’t be confused with how the map always starts zooming on Brazil, that’s where the app developers are from.

satellite_05_a satellite_05_b


6. Use the ALBUM tab to stream the album once it’s available in your region. Don’t forget to press the play button. Depending on your device’s RAM, you might have to stop all the running processes or even restart before this tab shows you something more than the blank spacey background image.

If the satellite is not currently orbiting your region the INFO tab will be displayed instead, allowing you to read the basic information on the application as well as the related legal data.

satellite_06 satellite_06_b


7. Use the CHAT tab to talk to other fans. Newest chat messages will be on the bottom, so tap downwards to scroll down.



8. Use the SHARE tab to recommend the app to your friends via whatever social networking apps you have installed on your device.



9. Last, but not the least: providing that you’re super-awesome and that you respect the effort of everybody behind this unique concept; rate the app on iTunes or Google Play.


Q: But how will I know when the satellite is orbiting my region?
A little icon that looks similar to the icon of the app itself will be displayed in your device’s notification area and, if your sound is on, you’ll get a sound notification as well. Upon clicking on it, you will be promoted to connect to Sat-JF14.

Screenshot_2014-03-31-14-42-30 2014-03-31-14-42-59


This does not work on my tablet! / I can’t find it in the store!
The application appears not to be compatible with bigger devices. It is also not compatible with the BlueStacks emulator.

Also, there have been at least ten cases where it did not work on Android 2.3.6 (which is higher than the minimum requirement) and situations where it was refusing to install on Android 4.0. Feel free to leave a review and submit your question to the developers.

Help! Where are the chat mods/admins to help me?
There hasn’t been any during the first 24 hours. A couple of nice people, including yours truly, are responding to questions when they have the time. You can also ask in comments to this entry.


Video Documenting the Launch

News item on John’s official site
Technical data on the launch

Comments to this entry are moderated. We’re a part of something revolutionary and everybody spoiling the fun by hinting alternate sources will have their comment deleted.

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  • anonym

    that is so unbelievable uncool. i cannot believe frusciante has agreed to such a stupid "event" (i hope it was not his idea though)

    • Minna

      Well, mine is from a time they were called mobile phones instead of mobile devices and still none fucks with me… 😀

      • Minna

        Or to be precise the only thing fucking with me is this site. Thus even the stupid double post… 😀 Or maybe the signal was just too weak hence my post became visible and then disappeared and then became visible again…

        • Iva

          This can happen when there is a lot of traffic and since the commenting system is fetched from another server, I cannot do anything about it – sorry.

          And I believe another frequent commenter on this site, the only person among us that you are kind to, does not own a smartphone either.

          Plus, you just helped me – the application IS for phones only and I was not aware of it before I tried to run it on a tablet. Thank you.

          • Minna

            I wasn't blaming you in any way. I was just ashamed of the double post, thus the "explanation" that was supposed to be a joke. You know, the signal referring to the satellite thing and the fucking with me thing was a referation to Kemer's post.

            "The only person that you are kind to…" Are you serious or joking? Have I offended someone? And who is this other person? I'd like to know if I have offended someone, for such is not my goal. I think I haven't said much anything personal to anyone… 🙁 Or maybe it really is so that my mere existence in itself is bothering. 🙁

  • Iva

    To both of you: does anybody around you have an Android device or an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that you could borrow for a couple of hours or so?

  • Simon J

    WOW- is John BACK!

    This has the potential to be my favorite JF album, my gut says it already is on initial listening.

    Consistently awesome, beautiful blend of old style and new style, really hit a sweet spot for me: much harmony, great vocals, that yearning guitar sound and great beats and synth, rare, occasional and appropriate dissonance.

    Deserves to be interorbital, intergalactic: music for time and space.

    Awesome job John.

    Typically just a reader rather than poster at this site, so will take the opportunity to thank Iva for keeping me/us all consistently in the loop.

  • andiance

    Everything about this is awesome:

    – the "cube satellites"
    – the collaboration of John and his label with them
    – the idea of letting users stream when under a satellite
    – …before it is released

    – the ALBUM itself is more than AMAZING!

    My recent post Wes Anderson is a Genius

  • anonmy again

    you must be kidding! why is everybody that freaking excited? i really cannot believe that frusciante is using marketing communication? didnt he used to say that he is not interested in profit and and making money. i dont get it, i mean it is all about his music, isn't it? i liked his attitude towards marketing and stuff but now he seems to have changed his mind…

    • Cameron

      Sometimes you've just got to say, "fuck my scruples, let's have some fun and make some money". And good for him.

    • joseph

      This is not at all about marketing and profit. This is a most sublime metaphor indicating John's relationship with the creative act. It is a force recognized as coming through the cosmos and appearing and leaving to those with the awareness and courage to respond to this muse.

  • Y-Z

    Cool idea, just bizarre that it is an independent label behind it. I could imagine Muse or some band like that doing this and it being on the front cover of every music magazine and going down as a landmark in music history. I like the way it is such an elaborate idea for a relatively insignificant release in terms of the industry. It is so grand yet still self-effacing in a way.

    I am loving the album. A more refined PBX.

  • Rob Phillips

    wow anonmy. So he's letting everyone listen to his music for FREE before they decide if they actually want to buy it. What a marketing moneygrubber huh. Don't be rediculous. This IS an awesome idea for alot of reasons. One off the top of my head, they put sats in space for all kinds of ill purposes. Having one out there transmitting free music that's not "mainstream" is a great use of satellites.

    • anonym

      well of course it is a shitty marketing communication thingy. what is the satellite thing about then? he could upload his songs to bandcamp and remove them after 7 days for instance… but no, you have to get that freaking app for a smartphone. come on man, that is rediculous. but nevermind… maybe i am the only one who thinks this a strange move. it still strikes me that frusciante is behind that….

  • untitled #6

    Is John trying to get me to buy a smartphone? I knew he was a shill for Apple back when he said he was getting a bunch of ipods for his family one year. What a corporatist puppet.

    Some ridiculous comments.. lighten up guys. Unique idea.

    Sooo what happens to the satellite after April 8th, is it just going to be floating around up there like a sonic wave?

    • anonym

      i still doubt there is a freaking satellite up there. but if there really is a freaking satellite , just because of frusciantes new record, well then there you go: welcome to idiocrasy. no better evidence for human stupidity…

        • anonym

          sorry iva, but you should know best that the truth is not always visible…that is one thing that has to be said. and actually what does that link say?
          "The rocket's health and recovery system adapted to the problem and returned the rocket and its payloads safely to the ground."
          mhh…dont know if i understand that correctly…

          well and tell me: does it really make sense to you (not only adressd to iva), launching a rocket with really useless cargo ( no need to send a freaking record up to space!!!! regardless of the artist!!!! up there, knowing that our beloved space is full of junk?! why the heck, spending money on such useless thing and contiminate our space additionaly? it does not make sense at all in my eyes

          • untitled #6


            Launch video already has many times more views than full uploads of PBX

  • Anne

    Oh boy.
    I AM confused. Haven't digested it yet. John, Enclosure, a space ship.
    Basically I love John, love Enclosure, love (and dream about) outer space and what it is and what's beyond, what it means etc.
    The combination of these three is just .. cough .. new 😀

  • Anne

    Might be a stupid question: how do I know, when the satellite is *above* me?
    (I've got an I-Phone.) Would anybody care to answer? Thanks.

  • elijahdaprophet

    App isn't working…. can't sign in through email or Facebook, so fucked off I'm about to go out and punch a wolf.

    • Iva

      Hi, can you describe what is wrong and tell us what phone you're using, so I could get help for you? Thanks. And don't punch wolves, they're cute.

      • Groch

        Mine doesn't work either. I signed in alright, turned on the localisation services, and I can see the satellite position, but not my position. I have Sony Xperia J, android 4.1.2. What do?

  • elijahdaprophet

    I'm using iPhone 5, downloaded the app, turned on the 'in app Facebook' thing so its got a green switch, when i chose sign in with Facebook, nothing happens, when i try to sign in with email, the 'please wait' thing with the fast spinning timer just doesn't stop.

    Any help appreciated. In all honesty I wouldn't punch a wolf, i'll leave that to Liam Neeson.


    • Iva

      Does a reset help? Or stopping the processes?

      I am not 100% sure what you mean with "in app Facebook" as I don't have an iPhone, but I can forward your question.

      And no, being in UK does not make a difference.

      • elijahdaprophet

        Hi Iva,

        Thanks for gettingback to me, by 'Facebook app' i mean that when i downloaded the app, it appeared in Facebook and you can 'allow these apps to use your account' and i allowed Sat-JF14. It asks for permission for Facebook when i try to sign in but nothing happens. When i try with the email version, the timer appears ad infinitum. ahhh well.

        Off to moon a griffin.

        • Iva

          Mooning a griffin is less violent than punching a wolf…unless one’s hairy backside could traumatise the poor thing. :O

          Jokes aside, here is what I would do:

          1. Remove the application.
          2. Go to Facebook and revoke access to the application.
          3. Restart the phone.
          4. Not open any other app.
          5. Install Sat-JF14, all over.
          6. Try the e-mail option first and use a name as unique as possible.

          I am not an iPhone owner myself, so I’m offering you some general tips only. Let’s hope that, if this does not work, somebody else can help.

  • Anne

    Thanks a lot Iva.
    I'm going to try it tomorrow, cause I'm sure it'll take some time. Must get a bit of sleep now.
    Might dream about my tomorrow's adventure.
    Btw: it's so crazy; I was emailing with someone and talking about my soft spots (nature, space, cosmology, JF 🙂 ..
    And when I returned to my inbox, I found John's mail. For a second I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating or clairvoyant.
    I'm neither.

  • Mran

    Cool concept, though I'm a bit disappointed that instead of the satellite actually streaming data to your device, it appears that the satellite position only unlocks your device so that it can stream from the regular internet. So basically they could have used say the position of the ISS say, so that when it is overhead you can listen, or one of the other thousands of satellites. Anyway my 2 cents.

  • Bernard

    Ok it is not really streaming from a satellite, in fact there is no satellite at all. Just a fun publicity stunt. What got me scratching my head was how John got into this. The answer is hidden in one of the above links. One of the rocket's payloads is a Brazilian/Californian venture, and the app is by a Brazilian advertising agency. I think it is the m2m2sky/Boreal venture being promoted really, we'll probably get to know soon.

    It is rather bizarre that I am sitting here in bed at 3am in the morning, waiting for some fictitious coordinates on a server on the other side of the world to reach the right numbers.

    • Heather

      This blows my mind in a goid way. My motto is "think outside the box" and this goes so far beyond my wildest imagination! A big fat boo and hiss to the naysayers! This is nearly incomprehensible the measures he goes to on endless levels. Also, he gives for free. If he didn't give you something at one point or another that was the greatest gift and in comparision the smallest or free price tag – please kindly fuck off elsewhere with your mindless and petty rants. This human being saved not only my life with the powerful healing of his magical talents. My mother would always say, "if you don't have anything nice to say – just go away." Thank you John for your endless contributions to music, art and hope!

      • anonym

        what the heck are you talking about? you are the on who gets abusive. and what is this " if you don't have anything nice to say – just go away" attitude. i just wanted to make his promoting attitude a subject of discussion. i don't see anything bad in talking about it. and i also don't see anything bad not to agree on his promoting attitude.

        @bernhard: yeah, that is what i was thinking about as well. it wasn't john's decision probably, i think it was more the idea of his label.however, john has to agree on such thing…well whatever…in my eyes it continues to be an odd move…

  • daryl tuffy

    "we know, there has always been a connection between John and the cosmos; so this is very fitting."

    my gawd hahahaha

      • Iva

        This was your last comment on here. This website is a labour of love and after ten years of working on it, I’m not under obligation to put up with people like you. Go back to 4 Chan, Reddit or wherever this kind of nonsense makes you all big and important.

  • Luca

    Sorry but your discussions about this are kind of ridiculous. Just enjoy the fact that this is an exceptional experiment. The idea is very cool, but it's your decision if you want to be a part of this experiment. Period.

  • JGL

    The conversations should be about the music; the method is irrelevant. Personally, however, I think it's really cool and really generous of John in general to support his record label as well as let his fans stream his music for free.

    Really loving Crowded, I'm already declaring that a masterpiece. Stage is incredible as well, there's so much passion and feeling behind that solo. Thanks John!

  • Anne

    Sob ..
    I've experimented with your very good and precise manual for Sat-JF 14. Thanks.
    And it all worked. But then, once I'd got a Google ID and was allowed to download things, I got as far as to pic 2 of your manual. It said (on the i-phone) that I couldn't get the app because I wasn't logged in (in my phone? Google? Whatever?) with my correct ID.
    I usually don't need an ID to use my phone :(. So I figured that it might have to do with my brand-new google ID … and it said (I loved that in particular) that this wouldn't work with an I Phone.
    Well it was worth the try. I am a fan for sure, but not a gifted techie. It IS a pity though. Would have LOVED to listen to John's voice from space. It certainly is a brilliant idea.
    Maybe I get a connection to space and JF's music in my dreams tonight. These things usually work with me 🙂
    Thanks again!

    • Iva

      My instructions were for Android, not for iOS. An iPhone is using iOs as it operating system. I assumed this was general knowledge, I’m sorry.

      What you need to do is to determine what version of iOS your iPhone is using. If it’s 7 or higher, you will be able to download the application from the iTunes store.

      iPhone users reading this, please help Anne. I don’t know more than this.

      • Anne

        Iva, thank you so much!

        (It is 7 btw.)
        I saw some Apple people today, they said: that google play doesn't work on the iPhone. Oh that was helpful.
        But I might get some help tomorrow, Plus I booked an I Phone training. immediately found two friends to join me. There is a demand, I tell you. LOL.
        This made me growl today at my favorite German magazine – usually a fairly good one – they flatly stated that there is no satellite out there, but an original idea and half of an April fool's joke (only half, since the album actually exists).
        John certainly made some people scratch their heads. I like that 🙂

        • Bhit1771

          Hi Anne
          If you are using an iPhone, you should be able to download the app through iTunes. It may ask your Apple ID and password (which you use when you download any app). From there, it should install in your phone and you should recognize it there.

          After entering the app, you give your email or facebook sign in to track the satellite. There isn't anything involved with google, google play or anything like that.

          Hopefully this makes it easy and fun.

          • Anne

            This is very kind of you. I appreciate it. And it does make sense to me.

            Will try out your advice tomorrow (it's late over here in Europe) and let you know.
            It makes my hair stand on end: that'll be my first communication with the cosmos.

            Bye for now and thank you!

          • Anne

            So today I talked to the Apple people in a store close to where I live; paid money; they sent a mail to their *headquarters*; everybody mumbled "app, what app? There are 8 millions bla, o.k., here is the producer of that particular one, just contact that Ltd yourself.
            Which I did. Also mailed Apple *headquarters* myself.
            So far nothing's (!) happened.
            I think I give up.
            Today John's people mailed that Enclosure has been shipped and should arrive within three days. YEAH!!
            Good old ships 😀

  • Brian

    The method of delivering the art is JUST as important as the art itself. Why else would John put his music on cassette?

    • Matt

      Why the downvote?

      " Because of the maximum altitude restrictions at the launch site, the burn time had to be limited to 10 seconds and ballast had to be added to the rocket to increase its weight. Due to a center of pressure anomaly, the rocket reached 10,000 feet, which was about half of its predicted altitude. The rocket's health and recovery system adapted to the problem and returned the rocket and its payloads safely to the ground.

      The following commercial payloads were on-board:

      National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan) 2U CubeSat
      M2M2SKY/Boreal Space (Brazil/California) 1U CubeSat
      Google Lunar XPRIZE Team SYNERGY MOON (California/International) Payload
      John Frusicante’s (Red Hot Chili Peppers) album ENCLOSURE (The Record Collection, Malibu)"

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