Black Knights to debut two new songs on Wednesday

The Black Knights will debut two of the songs off The Almighty, the second of their two recorded albums with John at Low End Theory (Airliner) on Wednesday, 28th of May. That is in two days. Other than that, they will be playing Medieval Chamber, of course.

Here are the tweets from the venue and from the duo themselves.

And this is what Black Knights have said as well, as people asked about it. It’s ambiguous, so don’t panic.

So, if you’re interested in going, here is a Google map. If you cannot access that, the address is 2419 N Broadway 90031, Los Angeles, California, USA. There is no ticket pre-sale, you buy them at the door.

If you’re going, make sure you have the best time ever. Of course, give us a shout and promise to come back and tell us if it was interesting, in any way. And, remember, if you see the maestro, don’t be creepy.

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