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New Black Knights song, Gang Related

After a significant period of silence, new Black Knights song produced by John, Gang Related is available to stream and download on Record Collection Music's Soundcloud. We don't know if this is a part of an upcoming release, but as soon as we've been told something official, you will be the first to know.

You can grab this song and its instrumental as a FLAC or hi-res wav on John's official site.

So, do you like this song?

*Thanks to RHCPMaely and Guilherme for the heads-up.


7 Reactions to New Black Knights song, Gang Related

  1. TimZ says:

    Absolutely love it! Insane psychedelic hip hop sounds from the black knights and trickfingers. Even more than on the first record!

  2. TimB says:

    Second Post!! Black Knights whats up? Love the music, for the people.

  3. coldcode says:

    Finally! Reminds me of Blue Jay Way a bit. Hypnotic.

  4. y-z says:

    I really like the beat but the lyrics make this for me! Cool stuff.

  5. mogus says:

    Anyone who knows their hip-hop will say the production on this sounds fairly dated & generic. The way people make hip-hop beats post J-Dilla & Dr.Dre has progressed, and i'm sorry to say John's approach to beatmaking is stuck in the mid-90's. I wish he would drag himself away from the computer screen, grab his guitar & go make some noise with other musicians. As Chad Smith said recently, he's probably the greatest living rock guitarist. I understand he doesn't want to be involved in the corporate music machine & limited structure of a mainstream rock band - but surely he could get together with other quality musicians & make non-commerical experiemental music which has substance. It sounds cold to say, but John is not a hiphop producer & he should realise his musical strengths & weaknesses.

    • Tom says:

      I think that's fairly harsh to suggest because his approach harks back to the 90s hip hop in terms of beatmaking that he needs to "get with the times". There are a lot of musicians that enjoy using 30, 40 or 50 year old instruments, recording equipment and recording/production techniques precisely because these give them the end product, sonically speaking, that they're looking for. I personally love the fact that John seems to be having such a great time working on his own solo material and with Black Knights. He even mentioned in a recent interview that he has a particular love for early 90s hip hop and it's use of samples and beats. He's clearly found a new way to work that excites him greatly and gives him the passion and interest to go forth with it. Seems like he was getting bored after being so prolific in the genres he worked within throughout the 90s and 00s. It's a shame it's not doing much for you but you can never please all the fans I guess. Wishing he'd work with other musicians to create "non-commercial experimental music which has substance" is such a subjective thing also. If he did that there'd be some fans that love it and others that would say "this experimental stuff is crap he needs to go back to his traditional guitar approach". At the end of the day John seems healthy, happy and still extremely productive. Anything he chooses to put out on record is cool. Everybody can listen for free and decide if they want to pay to own each record and there's always the back catalogue to go through if the latest stuff isn't your bag 🙂

  6. y-z says:

    It has an 80s/90s vibe but he explained that it was a conscious decision because he feels that was the strongest time for hip-hop. I don't think he is trying to establish himself as a producer in too grand a sense, although that word tends to carry a lot of weight and expectation. I mean there was little to no promotion done for Medieval Chamber. This seems more of a project based on enjoyment rather than any arpirations of dominating the market. As the consumers, we can choose to listen/buy or not. John is just a guy trying something new, it just so happens that he is world famous for his guitar playing.

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