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Happy 45th birthday to John!

Today is the 5th of March 2015. And this is our traditional, 11th instance of the "Happy birthday to John" news item. You can do what we have been doing since pretty much the dawn of time and leave some birthday wishes. Happy birthday, John!

In lack of a suitable design and number this year.

In lack of a suitable design and number this year.

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73 Reactions to Happy 45th birthday to John!

  1. Viktoria says:

    Happy Birthday from Gothenburg Sweden! 💕

  2. Alex Cooke says:

    Happiest of birthdays, John! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. Daniel Kay says:

    Ahhhh I've been trying to contact you John! And now it's a full Pisces moon on the day of your birth! I am thrilled. I love you, man, you inspire me so much. I will continue to celebrate your life.

    Mod edit: Please, do not advertise anything, unless it's specifically dedicated to John (in this case) or if we asked peple to post links to their work (in other case).

  4. Corentin says:

    Greatest man I've never met ! France is behind you and keeps supporting you ! Love !

  5. Menur Maulani says:

    Happy birthday from Jakarta, Indonesia!

  6. kas says:

    happy birthday trickfingerrrrr

  7. Jim says:

    Happy birthday John lets jam sometime

  8. jasmin says:

    Happy birthday Johny you are my great inspiration . All the best in your life. Greetings from Toronto

  9. Frida says:

    Happy birthday to the man of my life. I love you!

  10. perrinecranham says:

    Happy birthday Thursday's child.

  11. matt says:

    Happy birthday John. Much love from Canada.

  12. rickyreinhart says:

    Thanks for being a great shaman-songwriter. You are much appreciated for all of your positive vibrations brotha. Keep that music coming. Kinda hoping for some more acoustic stuff too. You rock.

  13. Rick says:

    Cannot believe you are 45 years old because your music seems so fresh, so new and so incredibly great; no matter how many times I listen to it it! Thank you so much! Happy birthday, John. Keep 'em coming (music for us and many, many more years for you)!

  14. Max says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Frusciante, I love your music so much

  15. Ji.H says:

    Happy birthday. You are one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Thank you for your music

  16. Anton says:

    Happy birthday, John!
    From Russia with love

  17. Dovius says:

    Happy Birthday, peace and goodluck 🙂

  18. Xav says:

    Happy birthday John !
    Thank you for your music,
    Xav , from France .

  19. Patrick says:

    Happy Birthday John! Thank you for your great and inspirational music! Hope to see you live one day! Greetings from Germany, Patrick.

  20. Eri Leka says:

    Happy birthday John!
    Thank you for being one of the biggest inspirations in my life 🙂
    From Albania with love.

  21. Swami says:

    Happy Birthday John.You changed my life.You gave me a reason to live and see all the pain and sufferings in a totally different way.Your music speaks to me like no one else's does.You have gone through hell and come back.You created sheer beauty our of your experience.Whenever i listen to your songs i am taken somewhere I have never been.If it has been not for you,to show the way,i don't know where i would have been.I truly believe that somewhere you know the meaning of life.God speaks through you.I was an atheist but you made me believe in god.and that has made all the difference.Thank you for all the inspiration,live long.You will always be immortal.

  22. jakob says:

    Happy birthday from Stockholm

  23. DeNiS says:

    All I can say about JF is...I love that baby. He's lookin' fresh with his new haircut. I just learned out to play Time Runs Out and it has changed my perspective on shit. HBD big boy.

    Smooches, Denis.

  24. Niko says:

    Happy Birthday John, the music have been such an inspiration for me life-wise and musically. Just last night I discovered "Of Before" and it amazes me to find something new from your productions even though I've been going through your work for years. Have the best of times.

  25. Hannah says:

    John. I got to say this on August 9 2014 I was hit by a picked. Up truck as I'm walking. Home. John I listen. To your music before. Ever surgery I had 20 within the passed. 7 mouth when I had to go to rehab and before. Bed even before I listen. To your music solos and cover and interview. I think God. For. You and I love. You like. A brother john happy. Birthday. Enjoy

    • brummieapril says:

      As well as wishing a very happy birthday of course (I wish I was 45 again!), I would like to wish you Hannah a very speedy, full recovery from your ordeal. I hope you are feeling much better.

  26. Davi Wirkus says:

    Happy birthday john! From brazil!

  27. Damian says:

    Happy birthday Johnny !! We love you !

  28. Javier Varona says:

    Happy Birthday from Burgos, España.I wish you all the happiness in your life.You are the most honest musician that I know.

  29. Adèle says:

    Happy Birthday John !!! I love you so much... You changed my life ! Thank you... You're the most beautiful human being in the world. Hope to meet you one day...

    Lot of love and good energies.

    Adèle from France.

  30. Queequeg says:

    Happy Birthday John! "May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.
    And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars". (cit.)

  31. Patrick says:

    Happy Birthday John.

  32. Vinny says:

    Happy birthday, John! You've carried the guitar to wonderful new places and certainly have an effect that is very positive in the generation of musicians who have grown up listening to you. I eagerly await hearing the new music you have to offer, hope you have a great day!

  33. cespo says:

    happy john ... from portici(naples) .. you know what i mean... 😉

  34. Rizza says:

    happy b-day my nigga 😉 2015 will be a great year, thank you John in advance,...can't wait for your new shit!!!

  35. Antti Hakala says:

    Blessings and Inspiration, John!

  36. Marwa says:

    John is the oh-so-rare combination of soul, ridiculous talent and timeless performances we are all privileged to have witnessed.
    Happy birthday, John. Congratulations on a stellar career and thank you for everything. God bless you.

  37. @Pats_Germix says:

    Happy birthday!!! Maestro 🙂 . Thank you for all the inspiration and the great music over the years! I can't not thank you enough ! Hope you have an awesome birthday 🙂 ! All the love from Argentina

  38. Msx says:

    Happy Birthday John! Your music is one of the most inspiring things on earth! I love you so much, although I never met you in person or talked to you. Your music makes me happy.

  39. Alessandro says:

    Your music means so much for me that i can't explain it with words - anyway, i wish you a life full of love and creativity. Breathe and smile John, and thanks for all. Cheers from Italy.

  40. Priscilla says:

    Happy begining of your personal year! With full moon on your sign! Awesome, just like you! I wish you have a life full of joy. Thanks for all! Love you so much°

  41. Nancy says:

    Happy birthday John! Hope 45 is a great year for you 🎂

  42. FrancescaRia says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. John Frusciante! and thank you very much for sharing your music and your voice.

  43. Palo says:

    Happy birthday, Trickfingers. Lots of love from Argentina!

  44. ceyda says:

    happy annual escape from the womb to john(the bae), be the happiest man in the world i love you sososososososososososossoososososososo much, from turkey<3<3

  45. pablo says:

    Happy birthday from Spain!!!

  46. Dawn says:

    Happy birthday John! Hope you have a great day.

  47. BopPunkGreg says:

    All good things, all good things 🙂

  48. myskinblues says:

    Thanks for being such an inspirational artist! Happy birthday John 🙂

  49. Andrea says:

    Tanti auguri al miglior genio dell'ultimo secolo! From Italy with Love

  50. All the best, John Frusciante!
    Greetings from Poland,

  51. Aneta Antos says:

    Happy Birthday, John !
    Thank you for beautiful music and being You - one of the most inspiring, honest and talented Human beings <3
    Love from Poland.

    All the best,

  52. Fraser James says:

    Happy birthday John! Looking forward to the trickfingers album

  53. Happy Person says:

    Happy Birthday John thanks for all the love!

  54. Eaninka says:

    I wish you a very happy birthday John!
    Your music and your words have inspired me profoundly. Keep shining.
    With love from Stockholm

  55. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday from Austin, Texas, John. You mean so much to so many of us. Never forget that. We are grateful for your ability to overcome the trials of life, stardom, and wealth... and your continued will to share yourself with us. Thank you so very much.

  56. meeper27 says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Frusciante! Thank you so much for your music- I had a tough time with depression during my adolescence, and your music brought me a lot of much-needed happiness (and still does)! I highly anticipate your new "Trickfinger" release a month from now, as well as your upcoming Black Knights collaborative stuff. Much love and all the best to you and Nicole from Ohio! 😀

  57. Renat says:

    Happy Birthday from Dublin!

  58. Diego reyes says:

    Happy birthday John. Have a good one

  59. Joāo Costa says:

    Happy Birthday and keep doing what you do best!

  60. Banjo says:

    happy birthday, john!

  61. BENJAMIN says:

    HaPpY BdAY from KnOwSyS! thankyou for everything!

  62. Steve says:

    Happy birthday John,...I´m born 2 days before you on the 3rd of march. I love your music man. Keep it up and stay healthy and happy...greetings from Germany....Steve

    • Iva says:

      I was born on the 3rd of March, too. 🙂 I remember being quite surprised to find out that John's birthday was so close to mine, and that was long before I started building this website. Happy belated birthday to you, Steve.

  63. Esoj Odraude says:

    Happy Birthday Johnny! Thanks for all the music, all the knowledge, all the inspiration. You are awesome. A big part of what I am today I owe to you. Sending you my love and positive vibrations. Thank you. May you live long and prosper.

  64. Bonita says:

    Happy Birthday JF lots of love from Bonita and Adam in Australia 🙂

  65. hollo says:

    Thank you from Puerto Rico.

  66. dan says:

    what happened to johns comment, or was it just a fake?

    • Iva says:

      It was a random stranger from Belgium. Perhaps they were trolling, perhaps they were unhappy with how things work. Sorry if they got your hopes up!

      • dan says:

        well, at least I had a happy day yesterday :D, and everyday I hope that the new album leaks!!!!

  67. Rob says:

    HBD from Olympia, Wa. Oh yeah im yr #1 fan b.t.w. in case you were unaware

  68. bec says:

    hapee belated bedday
    in the sunshine love 4 eva bec

  69. Heather Hodson says:

    )(@ppY 1 day belated Bir+)(d@Y! Thank you for being uniquely individual & inspirational.<3

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