Black Knights’ Almighty available for pre-order now

After numerous hints indicating a release date in May and a post by Black Knights themselves, it has been officially confirmed – the album’s release date is June 16th 2015 and it’s being released on CD and triple vinyl, as well as the usual digital formats. No T-shirts this time.

Since the CD is $10 and the triple vinyl is $30, we happen to think that this bundle, also containing both digital formats, is worth the money, as otherwise it costs like the CD and vinyl only.

For more formats and the whole Black Knights’ catalogue on Record Collection Music so far, click here. You can also get it from Amazon, which the Knights have linked to the other day

Black Knights - The Almighty
Black Knights – The Almighty cover art

This is the tracklisting:
1. The Truth
2. Hood Liberator (feat. The Reverend Willy Burks)
3. World Renowned
4. New Day
5. Understanding (They Got Love)((feat. Prodigal Sun))
6. Roundtable Discussion (feat. Trickfinger)
7. Ahead of My Time
8. Darts of War (feat. Phoenix Flame)
9. Non-Believers
10. Reptables (feat. John Frusciante)
11. Highrising
12. Techniques & Shockwaves (feat. Kinetic)
13. Hard to Be
14. Finish Line (feat. RZA, Prodigal Sun, Leggezin, Roe)
15. The Almighty

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  • IAmBrent

    I wonder why John is credited as "Trickfinger" on one track and "John Frusciante" on the other?
    Maybe he likes to keep his hip-hop/electronic production moniker separate from himself…
    Hopefully, the John featured on Reptables will be the "old John" and the Roundtable Discussion will feature more of the "Trickfinger" style he's developed the last several years…

    • Andy_K

      Hopefully it will be a John Empyrean/Letur/PBX, assuming "feat trickfinger" means electronic, "feat JF" means singing, possibly guitar, fingers crossed! =)

  • cfrench0101

    I wonder if this'll be a different version of Roundtable Discussion? The one already out is fucking awesome, but it'd be strange to put the same thing, which was a b-side, onto another album. In addition to that, I'm guessing these tracks will be pretty primo, considering the difference between the preview/b-side tracks they've been releasing before the albums, and the albums themselves, like with Medieval Chamber. The b-sides were cool, but the album tracks were so much cooler.

  • floridgush

    We get some RZA this time around too! He wasn't on Medieval Chamber, was he? I wonder if he and John are as tight as they used to be. Also–are there any active JF groups? I'm bored at work at lot, and it'd be a welcome distraction discussing something I love.

  • floridgush

    Thanks!! This is terrific. Juvenile is fine, most of the time. My inner child doesn't throw too many tantrums.

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