Update on Black Knights at Amoeba on July 21st + interview

The Black Knights live in-store performance in celebration of the last month’s The Almighty, teased last week will take place at Amoeba Hollywood on July 21st, at 6:00 PM.

John has not been mentioned in any context and, his post does not indicate anything, so if you are one of those people who were looking forward to see him, you may want to proceed with caution. If you’re not, well, enjoy the show, live music is live music and Black Knights are great.

As a part of the feature, Amoeba have posted an interview with Black Knights. Here are some interesting bits.

An introduction from mentor RZA changed the trajectory of the Black Knights’ career. Through the RZA, Rugged Monk and Crisis The Sharp Shooter became friends with John Frusciante. A former member of iconic rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frusciante initially developed a relationship with Rugged Monk. Rugged Monk and Frusciante collaborated, but things changed when Frusciante asked to have Crisis record a song with them. That tune quickly led to recording another. Black Knights went on to record two entire albums, both produced by Frusciante: Medieval Chamber in 2014 and then The Almighty in June of 2015, both sonically stunning collections accented by Rugged Monk and Crisis’ thought-provoking, next level lyrics and Frusciante’s genre-blending beats.

“John brings the music and the intelligence side to it,” Rugged Monk says. “This is his first go-round as far as doing hip-hop, but John Frusciante is a very musical guy. If you sit down and talk to him, he can take you from Donna Summer to Led Zeppelin to Jane’s Addiction back to Ice Cube. His range in music is vast. So, when he channeled into what we wanted to do as far as our sound, we were able to bring things out of each other.”

You can read the whole interview here.

Update to the update:

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  • Andrew

    So I just called Amoeba and they flatly denied that John’s showing up. Pressed the issue, and they continued to deny it. Basically said they have no reason not to tell people he would be there, and that Black Knights are just tweeting about it to get bodies in the building… Kind of weak.

  • Untitled #6

    Sometimes people do anything from manipulate what is perceived to be true to outright lie in order to achieve some kind of ends. Whether it’s Amoeba, Black Knights, or John, it would appear someone is lying to achieve an ends. It doesn’t even matter what you do or say if it gets people to talk about something, right?

    Very weak, seeing as I’m sure there will be some people who actually book flights or road trips to see this guy be part of a performance. Which is almost as ridiculous as that time there was an actual news report online (here) dedicated to a guy being some group’s sound guy for the night.

    In general, people are stone cold fucking nuts, and that includes the artists that get discussed into the ground here. Now tell me I’m a terrible person for feeling that way from behind internet anonymity because people who make widely publicized music are the most moral, loving, well-intentioned folks in the world.

  • The will to Listen

    Even though I live in LA and can make a short trip to Amoeba, I have to say that this does not get my attention. A couple of years back, I was hanging out at a club in Hollywood one night and had the chance to see a pop in JF performance with a girl band. That was a treat..I actually sat down and had a beer next to John and Josh and chatted a bit…That was a great memory for someone who is totally in love with the material released from To record with water, all the way up to Emperyan and a few tracks off of Letur Lefur and Enclosure. Unfortunately, the latests music is above my head but knowing the genius of JF, I am sure that we will all catch up to that level in time and appreciate the innovative value of it all in the future. Thank you for many years of mind bending music John.

  • Stefan

    The Black Knights eventually said something about John on facebook:

    “We want to take this time to apologize to the fans who were looking
    forward to seeing trickfinger @ the show on the 21st we just got the
    word yesterday that he’s decided not to come because it’s to exposed and
    he wouldn’t be comfortable because our last show that was like that he
    was swarmed and surrounded by his fans we know how trick fingers feels
    about certain things and respect how he feels so we want to apologize
    to the fans who were going out your way to see trick fingers sorry for
    the inconvenience.”

    So obviously John wasn’t there.

  • Larry Vanhaze

    not the fault of the fans, the only persons to blame are black knights exposing him, they are the one putting a picture of them with frusciante promoting their concert

  • Kathy Kitchin

    I was shocked to see someone (via the Facebook comments,) in response to the announcement that John would be there, exclaim “oh my god! I can’t wait to see him! He’s really gonna be there? Wow! I’m there! Etc, etc…” I mean…John is very private and of course will not like a lot of people swarming him, as has happened in the past. How stupid can people be? The guy doesn’t like a lot of attention…can you not go insane at the mere thought of seeing him? If everyone had kept their cool, he probably would’ve shown up. So ridiculous…

  • Minna

    It’s nice when everyone needs to respect him, but he doesn’t need to respect anyone.

    Well, maybe he truly will be EXPOSED one day, and all the flying monkeys fly away.

  • Minna

    He has himself created the f*cking myth and better not blame anyone else – he himself stated at least in 2 interviews that he is humble (a mental oxymoron in itself), he himself has said he is thankful for his fans (apparently doesn’t agree with himself) etc.

    I have to talk to customers outside work almost daily, and it doesn’t bother me. Why? Because I am not up in my ass.

    And it’s hilarious how people portray him as this fragile humble being and are so worried for the violation of his private space, but what about e.g. that dude who had paid to get to see his show and got mocked in front of the whole audience: Hey you, but your fu*king stupid sign down… Did he feel just fine? What if he is a private person and didn’t want that attention.

    Bill Cosby was a freaking mythical benefactor and super dad of America, but was he that, but in the illusion he had created and people wanted to believe?

    And hate me all you want. I just am so out there… Can’t tell where, but hey who cares about the truth and real things, when you have these out there on the next level…

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