We’re Back – What Happened, New Gallery Script & Asking Y’All to Chip In…Again.

Dobro veče – to those of you who know which late grammar queen I’m referencing, I salute you. To the rest of you, it means “Good evening” here. Vratili smo se. We’re back. Nedostajali ste nam. We missed you. Izvinjavam se ako sam vas uplaÅ¡ila. Sorry if I had scared you. The billinguality shtick ends here, or not.

As most of you have seen, the site went to Pička Materinaâ„¢ around January 11th. Told you the shtick doesn’t necessarily end in the first paragraph, he-he. The hosting company upgraded our PHP without notice and our Gallery2 legacy script caused a high load on the server, colliding with the cache solution, as if this wasn’t enough. For those of you who think “WTF, this is Greek to me” – important stuff broke, badly.

On top of it, I was not quite in the state where I was capable of fixing things at my usual speed – 2016 was not “the worst year ever”, not with 1993, 1999, 2010 and 2011 in existence, but it was pretty good and then it turned around and got the best of me some weeks before the end. Nothing sensational, nothing that would’ve been Daily Mail-worthy had I been the kind of a person who cuts a glamorous figure in designer whatever, but bad enough to slow all of this down.

But neither of these things ever meant that the site would not continue, so don’t worry. Invisible Movement is alive and kicking. But we will need your patience and some help.

tl; dr: Bad things happened, we need help, use the below button to donate. And the gallery is back.

There appears to be a restriction that PayPal places in some cases because of where I’m from, that wasn’t there before. Try sending a regular transfer to The donation button has been removed.

Long version below.

The New Gallery

The new gallery is located at and is now powered by a different script, Piwigo.

– The gallery looks pretty simplistic right now, yes. However – unlike the old one – it is properly searchable, Google can recognise it as more than a single page and actually index the albums, and it’s responsive. I am going to dress it up at some point

– Those of you familiar with web stuff, might notice that the /v/ was a part of album URLs for the past ten years or so. Yes, this has been done on purpose and I indeed am planning to recreate all URLs the way they were and rewrite the descriptions. This might involve messing with the old gallery database (hello, 50 Mb files) or retrieving the right nomenclature from the Web Archive. This is being done to avoid a larger number of redirections.

– This also means that the links to scan sets on Press subpages will be wonky for a while. Each of the new links needs to be regenerated by hand.

– Unlike the albums themselves, the images hotlinked on the forum and elsewhere might not be available, due to the very, very complicated method Gallery2 used to generate links to them, with virtual directories and all.

So, if you are among the people who donated scans or live photos to us – please stand by, your credit will be shown again once I have managed to either recover data from the old database or convert it to the new format. Either way, this might take a while.

Why didn’t you do this earlier?

Portion of the post removed – turns out it was actually a common medical phenomenon called sleep paralysis – nobody spiked a drink to anybody.

I have been avoiding the world for a while and there was a period of debilitating anxiety. Getting better now, finding some answers. If you’re not feeling well, be smarter than me and get it checked at first signs of not being able to deal with something – e.g. when you get a panic attack because you think that somebody “hates you because you probably did something wrong again”, which was an example of a warning sign I ignored late in 2015.

Hosting And Expired Domain Difficulties

I prefer paying for the hosting bills and the related costs myself – which I managed to do in 2014 and 2015. Simply because I feel like there’s On top of it, for a Serb, it’s a great feeling to be able to earn like a tr00 Westerner or whatever, but life makes its own plans, on its own terms. so we needed 50% donations in 2016 and this is the case this year as well. This time, it’s the March bill that needs to be paid as well, next to the one that has a 14-month cycle and never falls at the same time. Collecting donations for both at once is easier than asking you all twice, right?

Any surplus will be used for the three mailings we didn’t do in 2016 because I was scared of dealing with post office workers – and I am hereby apologising the three people who are waiting for the cassette tapes that they won about a year ago – and attempting to get hold of our other domain that is held back by GodDaddy because – yes, fear of checking mail.

Any donations are welcome, but if you’re feeling generous, you’ll be our hero for pretty much forever.

You can use PayPal with the e-mail address associated to this website – or Skrill, with the same information. If you want to chip in by some other means, please contact us on our Facebook fan page here. I will start checking mails again – which is my biggest fear for no apparent reason – but I will have to deal with work-related stuff and personal matters first. And getting that LP I see everybody else enjoying, because I was scared of e-mailing the label about that, too!

There appears to be a restriction that PayPal places in some cases because of where I’m from, that wasn’t there before. Try sending a regular transfer to The donation button has been removed.

Thank you so much in advance – while I do not keep a public list of donors for privacy reasons – some folks did not want to be googled, you’re all respected and I am grateful for each and every time you helped us from the first donation rally in 2006 on.

– your hyperactive website admin, Iva

P.S. Just realised that the browser notification plugin is sending rather random alerts – will look into this, no worries!

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