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New Black Knights’ Album, Excalibur, Is Out!

The wait is over. Excalibur, the third collaboration between the Black Knights and John is out.

It costs $12 and you can buy by e-mailing the duo from their bandcamp page, at if you want .wav files; or go to their new website, Black Balled Entertainment to order the CD for the same amount of money. Domestic shipping is $5, international $12.

1. Royal Bloodline 03:24
2. Head Above Water 03:35
3. Pocket Full Of Hallows 03:42
4. Sir Lancealot's Love 06:27
5. Medieval Chronicles 04:41
6. Mind Elevation 02:54
7. Lab Rat 04:22
8. Saturday's Children 04:13
9. Prince Valiant And The Scarlet 04:40
10. Scroll Of Excalibur 05:55

The back cover, with production credits

Here is the duo's announcement:

For all the people who wanted the digital download of excalibur it's available now at peace and respect

Posted by Black Knights on Donnerstag, 9. März 2017

Here's why the wait was "long":

And here's more on that from late last year:

After our final listen over with John to make sure everything is right musically we will be releasing Excalibur.. so stay tuned!! #thefansgottaeat

Posted by Black Knights on Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

* Many thanks to Marley, for the heads-up and Shalhevet, for the back cover scan.

  • John

    I know people aren't going to be excited about this but I am. It's good to hear any sort of output from John Frusciante. This is a pre-emptive strike on all the fans who are living in the hay day Shadows Collide With People or Curtains or whatever singer-songwriter stuff they're too attached to to let go of. Just appreciate it for what it was. The dude is almost 50 let him do what he wants. If you can't get with it that's your problem.

  • jtg

    Is jf even involved with this album? The release is totally different, it'd available through completely different sites, even the album art is inconsistent with the last two. Also no word from jf's official site. Anyone have more info on this release?

  • Manfred

    Sounds a bit like leftover Material to me, exzept for tWo Songs

  • SMP

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  • Iva

    Just updated the post with the back cover image - he indeed produced all songs, they're signed with his name. No "Trickfinger", even.

  • Iva

    <3 <3 <3

    This is how I see it, too. If it rabbit baby wants, rabbit baby gets.

  • VladtheImpala

    Very disappointed about the lack of vinyl release

  • Richard Hertz

    Does anyone know if the lyrics for the new songs are included in the cd packaging? If not, anyone know where the heck I can find them? Such brilliant songwriting, I'd like to know what they're saying, sometimes it's hard to understand just hearing it. Thanks


  • janisgeiger

    Hey, who *the hell* is singing on the 2nd & 3rd track? Is it _Nicole_? Who is A. King / T. Washington? Hm 😐