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John to Appear on Dewa Budjana’s New Album, Mahandini

After his collaborations with the acclaimed Indonesian musician on the guitar museum project, John is now set to appear on Dewa Budjana's new album, Mahandini.

Dewa Budjana just posted this to his Instagram profile. There are two photos in the set, the second one shows John with Budjana's family. Make sure you click the little blue dot below the image OR go to Instagram proper, if you're interested in seeing that, too.

Translation of the above:
"Even with all its limitations, Nature keeps on giving by providing many special opportunities, such as being invited to meet and chat with this kind-hearted, unique, and rare individual. He is involved in my latest album Mahandini. Suksme Hyang Parama Kawi."

* Many thanks to Anisa for translation and the alert. 😉


2 Reactions to John to Appear on Dewa Budjana’s New Album, Mahandini

  1. Janis says:

    What was the guitar museum project about?

  2. Luca says:

    John always seems like he's afraid of the camera. He's definitely not comfortable with situations in front of a camera I think

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