Shadows Collide With People demos – 2004

Given that John’s official site was acting up for months to be then turned into a blog, I thought it would make sense to offer his 2004 alternate versions of SCWP songs for download; at least until that site’s respected admins do something regarding this. Also, there will always be someone who hasn’t heard of it yet.

This is how it was described on the official site:

On the demos, we just took a lot of pride in those demos. For us that was where the album began- making the demos. We just thought that people who like the record would want to hear demo versions of it, because again some people actually prefer hearing things in a more screwed up sort of sound quality kind of way. We really pushed our little 8 track cassette to the limit. That was what it was recorded on. We were pretty proud of the demos – JF.

So, please have in mind that it is NOT FAIR to sell this, as it was given to fans by John himself, from the bottom of his heart. Don’t abuse his generosity. No money can make up for this beautiful music.


The MP3 have a bit rate of 128 Kbps.

  1. Omission
    get mp3, downloaded times, 4.20 Mb
  2. The Slaughter
    get mp3, downloaded times, 3.70 Mb
  3. Ricky/Ricky Nelson
    get mp3, downloaded times, 3.50 Mb
  4. Cut-Out
    get mp3, downloaded times, 3.20 Mb
  5. In Relief
    get mp3, downloaded times, 2.30 Mb
  6. Every Person
    get mp3, downloaded times, 1.90 Mb
  7. Time Goes Back/Time Going Back
    get mp3, downloaded times, 3.20 Mb
  8. I Regret My Past
    get mp3, downloaded times, 2.80 Mb
  9. Carvel
    get mp3, downloaded times, 3.90 Mb