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Fanclub letter, 1990 (2)

Added: July 23, 2014

Ladies & gentleman,

Well, I'm off to Yukatan, Mexico. We have been writing amazing, beautiful, revolutionary, funky, groundbreaking, powerful, soulful, sexually stimulating music for the last couple of months and now that we are on a two week break while Flea is making a movie in Portland, I am going to Yukatan for five days to regain ultimate sensitivity of the spirit and write music.

It was Fleas idea and I am really fuckin excited and thankful to the magical universe to be able to just decide to go to a place like that and be there the next day. Hooray!

Aside from writing music (which takes the bulk of my time & positive energy) I have been watching Marx Bros. movies practically every day. I have also been reading a great book called Sexus by Henry Miller as well as books by William Burroughs and Krishnamurti among others.

I have also been masturbating extensively.

But most importantly I have just been enjoying being alive. I occasionally have bursts of deep depression but more often than ever before in my life I have been extremely happy and free.

I have been enjoying reading all your letters and just so you all know, we are all given xerox copies of all the letters you send.

Anthony, Flea, Chad and I read every letter except I wipe my ass with every 392nd one (JUST JOKING),

John Frusciante

P.S. Yukatan is actually spelled Yucatan. I'm just an idiot.

P.P.S. Buy a copy of Trout Mask Replica by Captaion Beefheart if you want a spiritual revalation.

P.P.P.S. I love YOU