The Watt from Pedro show, 25th January 2009

25th January 2009, Watt From Pedro Show
Transcribed by Eleni Philos.

John and Josh were Mike Watt’s guests on his Watt From Pedro podcast. You can find more about the podcast on its official website, where a full download, also containing songs played throughout the show is available. An edited version, not containing any music apart from the jam is available here.

Part 1

Mike Watt: [This is] The Watt From Pedro Show. January 25, 2009 edition. We started off the show with John Coltrane playing, Offering, which actually came out after. It was done in the last year, it was live. And then we heard Feedbacker, Part 3, by Boris. Brother Matt.

Brother Matt: yeah.

Mike Watt: …..we have some guests who drove down to Pedro.

Brother Matt: Cool.

John Frusciante: Hello (chuckles)

Brother Matt: Welcome

Mike Watt: John Frusciante. Josh…

John Frusciante: …Klinghoffer (chuckles)

Mike Watt: Klinghoffer. Welcome aboard. You been to Pedro a lot? Well you came and did a video last year.

John Frusciante: Yeah, yeah.

Mike Watt: Over here at Silken Street (?)

John Frusciante: We drove past there on the way here.

Mike Watt: Yeah.

Brother Matt: Right here at the end of the street, right?

John Frusciante: …Gus Van Sant.

Mike Watt: That’s right over here.

John Frusciante: Yeah, yeah.
Brother Matt: Yeah, if you come back you’ve got a hideout here if you need it.

John Frusciante: Ok (Laughing).

Mike Watt: Yeah, so welcome aboard, uh. You made a record.

John Frusciante: Yeah, yeah. I mean, Josh umm…

Mike Watt: Yeah, you both did.

John Frusciante: Yeah, yeah…and..uh.

Mike Watt: He was on tour with you.

John Frusciante: Yeah, he was playing rhythm guitar, and, uh, keyboards and some percussion, uh, for the last, like, 6 months of the last Chili Peppers tour.

Mike Watt: Yeah.

John Frusciante: Um. We’ve probably made, like, what like, 7 or 8 solo records, of my solo records we’ve done together, and um.

Mike Watt: You on ‘em all, Josh?

Josh Klinghoffer: Yeah, most of ‘em. Most of the last…from a certain…

John Frusciante: Yeah.

Mike Watt: Most of the last batch?

John Frusciante: Yeah, and then there’s a couple where he was on tour with somebody else or something. Or…, there was one I did in DC, where I just went there by myself and did that thing with Ian. But uh, but yeah, uh we’ve known each other for, like, 11 years, and I dunno, the album we just made it’s kind of, kind of uh, yeah, it’s just sort of the furthest step in everything that we’ve been, like, reaching for and, uh, taking it upon ourselves to to just, you know, to be doing whatever we want in studios, just gradually, you know, understanding mixing and recording and…

Mike Watt: Yeah, yeah.

John Frusciante: and figure out ourselves how to get the sounds we’re hearing in our heads…

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