• Club Lingerie, Los Angeles

    [iva_only_a] TRULIO WATCH: The indescribable funk monster Trulio Disgracias is currently mulling over an offer from Island Records. Meanwhile, the addition of guitarist John Frusciante (borrowed from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and N’dia Davenport (a backup singer for Al Jarreau) brings the total membership of the troupe to a whopping 28, including most of Fishbone, some more Chili Peppers and a couple Wasted Youth. See them all at Club Lingerie on June 30. * N’dia Davenport later appeared on The Empyrean! [/iva_only_a]

  • Egden Theatre, Denver – 30th May 1997

    Setlist (all electric): 1997-05-30 What It Tastes Like Elemental Water Falls Through Pen Cap Chew My Smile Is a Rifle POSTER It was a short and sweet set. I wish it was recorded. We got to meet John after the show, and he was really high. We asked about the new songs, and if they were going to be on his next album. He said that were going to be on the album after his next album (sarcastic bastard). It was a bizarre and amazing night. John also played with thelonious monster before his set. He was fucking way off during their set. His guitar kept getting unplugged or something.…

  • ?, Rochester – 08th May 1997

    Live In Rochester, NY, USA – May 8, 1997 01. What It Tastes Like 02. Unknown 03. My Smile Is A Rifle 04. Unknown 05. Moist Vagina 06. Psychofuckindelic (w/ Bob Forrest) 07. Unknown (w/ Bob Forrest) 08. Unknown (w/ Bob Forrest) 09. For My Lover (w/ Bob Forrest) 10. Thelonious Monster Cover (w/ Bob Forrest) 11. Unknown (w/ Bob Forrest)

  • 328 Performance Hall, Nashville – 24th April 1997

    Setlist Your Pussy’s Glued to a Building on Fire My Smile Is A Rifle Moist Vagina (Nirvana) *Incomplete Fan Review I found out about this show about a week before and made plans to be there. I have been a fan of John Frusciante since his inception into the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There was no better replacement for Hillel Slovak. I had not seen John play since late 1989 and was really excited to see him again after so long. While waiting for him to come to the stage I was talking with some people and out of nowhere, it seemed, came his voice. It kind of reminded me…