Blue Jean - March 2009
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A really odd short article from a recent issue of Blue Jean (Turkey)

In one of the recent (March, precisely) issues of the Turkish music magazine Blue Jean, a staff writer wrote a short article on John’s life & career and reviewed his most recent solo album.

The good news: they gave five stars to The Empyrean.
The bad news: the article itself could probably measure up with this or, perhaps, this, quality-wise.

You can see the scans on their individual pages by clicking on each thumbnail, or view the whole album here.


The whole article can be read at this URL, translation of the five-star-review is coming soon. Here’s a sneak preview of how strange it is:

He’s crazy. He’s very crazy. If your first thought upon reading these lines us “Hey man, what are you saying?”, don’t worry, I’m not saying anything bad. On the contrary, I’m giving compliments. Because if John Frusciante was reading these lines, believe me, he would have thanked me for these beautiful compliments.

Many thanks to Gizem for having, once again, taken her time to do the scans AND the translation of this eeeh…uh.

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