More on Michael Rother’s plans with his American friends

Michael Rother and John Frusciante in 2004In a lengthy interview for; German virtuoso Michael Rother is discussing past, present as well as his future plans on a possible tour with his friends.

Meanwhile, Rother hopes to begin touring again next year and says that several big-name players will likely join him on the road.

“I’ve already contacted some of my musical friends, especially from the States,” he says. “You may know I’ve been working with John Frustiante [Red Chili Peppers’ guitarist], Benjamin Curtis [School of Seven Bells] and Josh Klinghoffer [Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gnarls Barkley] in recent years. My idea is to do this straight-forward Neu! idea, with strong beats, strong forward movement, crashing guitars and walls of sound on stage. Of course, we’d be doing my version of Neu!, some of the Harmonia tracks that I composed or contributed to in the ’70s and some of my solo stuff.

“That is something that would really make me get quite excited. And my friends — Flea would also love to be part of that project — they are all just waiting to hear about the ideas. Doing it really depends on finding a really good festival or doing a good several concerts. It will largely depend on my friends being available.”

When asked if he would record with this super-group, Rother replies, “Why not? I mean, it would be a unique opportunity to bring those people together and imagining the power of those three guitars is enough to make me jump around.”

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Many thanks to Adam for the heads-up. Click above to hear an awesome jam from 2003.

For a similar news item published last month, which also contains some photo, video and audio material you all will like, click here. The above jam has a download link in that news item, too.

For one more nice set of photos made when these usual suspects last got together on 01st July 2007, look here.

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