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Saturday question #36: What’s your problem?

Problem - image from icanhascheezburger.comThis week, we have a guest asker. The question is very broad, so do not make it narrow, as the answers can vary from angry to super-funny and it all depends on you. And if you need help on defining the word, you may start here.

Maja asks:
What’s your problem?

For those who don’t know: Saturday questions are a weekly meme on Invisible Movement where the site visitors get their own say. The questions are of a broad range, some of them are directly connected to the site subject and music, some are wonderfully irrelevant and some are very random. This is just a little way for everyone to interact, especially when it comes to people who don’t visit the forum.

For previous Saturday questions, click here. Everyone’s welcome to suggest a question to ask Invisible Movement’s visitors, by sending me a message as well as a DM or @reply to site’s Twitter.

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  • Cloud

    lack of drive is my main problem i guess, i utter the words 'ill do it tomorrow' way too much, even with the smallest task like …making a phone call

    a close 2nd place for my 'problem' is the inability to say something serious without turning it into a joke

    …im too good looking too, that sucks

    (iva, i think its only fair that you start to answer these saturday questions too, so spill! 😉 …end bracket)

  • Sue

    Hmm I had to think about this quite a lot, so maybe overthinking, or looking too hard for a problem where there really isn’t one, might be a bit of an issue!..But seriously, if anything can be a problem for me it’s being a bit oversensitive sometimes…

    • Sue

      I should say that hand-in-hand with ^^ this problem used to be a lack of assertiveness as well.

      You know, the ability to disagree with someone without fearing that you’ll offend them; to tell someone clearly how you feel (especially if this is not what they want to hear) or to say “no” to family and friends without feeling guilty about it.

      It ‘s much LESS of a problem for me now. But it’s something I still have to work at, because I know that I have a natural tendency to agree with people rather than disagree with them; to avoid or postpone awkward conversations and generally to avoid conflicts wherever and whenever possible…

  • Mary

    I’m with Cloud on this one (minus the good looking for me). I don’t know what next year as I will be moving to another state without a job and instead of preparing for it I keep procrastinating.

    My other problem is when others make their problems my problem. I’m in customer service and it’s not my fault that you forgot to pay or didn’t read your mail, people!

    —Yes, please participate, Iva! Also, I admire your strength. Sorry for the ones that make things difficult for you but I can see how strong that has made you. Thanks for everything.

  • Iva

    I’m afraid of starting things. When there’s 100% of something that’s not done, it just looks scarier than when I’m at least 25% done with it. That’s why I have a problem with each work project. When I manage to start, it’s OK, but before it happens, it’s agony. I often wonder if I was thinking differently back in the days before I opened this site, because it had to have been 0% at some point – just the domain name and a blank page with a vanilla WordPress installation.

    Also, my other problem are schedules. When I was little, I was super-organised, at age 18-20 I got sick of it. Now I’d love to go back, I can never do everything I want to get done and a schedule makes it even worse.

    Sue’s problem is mine, too.

    Mary, Cloud, thanks. 😀

  • Caleb

    My problem…hmm. I find that I have a very low tolerance for stupid people. Stupid people are not dumb, they just choose to act dumb to get through life as easily as possible. Which means I end up doing their work for them. I hate it when that happens. Same kinda goes with homeless people. Yes I feel bad for them. But if they weren’t lazy and actually tried to keep a job instead of wasting all their money on drugs and other unnecessary things, they might have homes and a successful life! I make my own success, and others should too. When people start working hard for what they want instead of using others, then I might start having a little more tolerance for the world 🙂

    But other than that, my problem is mainly that society limits the amount of things teenagers can do. Its so dang hard to get a job! And there are all these restrictions! But I guess I can blame the economy for that. 😀

  • Lucy

    Hmm, procrastination definitely, lack of tolerance, impatience and a tendency to obsess, think that just about covers a few of my problems! A positive side to my obsessive nature is that if I become completely focussed on something it ususally gets done really well. Putting things off, and by that I mean the basics like calling the dentist, bank etc is also a failing I always intend to address but I don’t..

  • Marko

    My problem? Personally, I have a problem with being somewhat of an inflated ego. With that comes jealousy confusiona and hate. Which are all terrible characteristics for a person to have. I continually try and better myself as a person, but it seems as I repair one part of my life, another falls apart.

    I have a problem WITH people who are attention-whores. You know who they are. The people who post updates on facebook every time they take a shit. People who show even the smallest of their successes to all the world as if they had created life. Bah.

  • American Ghost

    My problem is that i have a RHCP site (in which i will no post anymore because of it) and nobody leave comments, I’m so sad, because a lot of people read my site, but nobody leave comments!!!!! 👿
    And My Followers have their own blogs, and they copy my posts, but they don’t put the source (My Site)
    So that is basically my problem, now i feel better for telling it to you, I love your site.

    PS: Did I already told you that i love your site? 😀

    • Mary

      Hey, I just checked your site. Sorry for the frustration it must be. That’s why I can’t even imagine everything Iva has been through with all the years of keeping her site up. It may not be much, but I left a comment on Flea’s Birthday post. Shame on rude people.

    • Xpld

      I’d like to leave comments, but my problem is that my Spanish isn’t the best 😀

      “Well, I’ll do my very best.” (Great solution for many problems 😉 )

  • Nicky

    My lack of drive-I have so much love for music and have so many aspirations,but it’s hard sometimes to get up and do it, and my depression doesnt help.

    My depression.

    My lack of self confidence and self image.

    Answering this on a Sunday has jsut reminded me of PostSecret today.

  • phantom

    My problem is the fact that in the last year i feel like the inside of my head is a completely different person but my enviorment hasn’t changed. I still have the same “friends” but i cannot connect with them on any level. Also i now want to start creating but because i was very mainstream raised by a tv childhood i dont have the ability to put the pictures in my head or the sounds in my head into art. I used to read a lot as a kid so at least i have the imagination and ability to write creatively though so maybe i’ll focus my attention on lyrics, poems and stories.

    Life’s hard…….compared to what?

  • emptysoul

    My biggest by far is my lack of self-confidence. Whatever I start to do, I almsot always think “you’re not gonna make it”…that really sucks balls, especially when it comes down to music. People often tell me that the music that I write is good and the lyrics are good as well, but I never show it to others…they only tell me this when they catch me “off guard”…

  • stakka

    My problem is with drugs and alcohol. I’ve smoked pot everyday for over 5 years and im only 23 and over the past couple years my drinking has got pretty bad. I just can’t go 24 hours without drugs that’s my biggest problem right now.

    • emptysoul

      same here man…I just quite can’t make myself quit smoking pot…But sometimes it’s just too beautifu to stop…and the next day, you hate it…damn

  • MA

    my problem is not having a job and not being able to focus on things I need to do but don’t want to do, I get so distracted when I’m doing those boring necessary things…and there are a lot of those kind of things when you’re looking for a job!

  • Mr.Me

    The fact I am average. I`m intelligent but I dream well beyond my potential. My mind is capable of creating dreams, just never fulfilling them to my own expectations. I like what I create for about 5 minutes to a day and then I pick holes in it and eventually destroy it.

    I just want to make music that I like. Is that so much to ask for?

    • Paige

      I am similar to you. I create dreams, but not goals. I have ideas but seemingly no desire to use them. Although it feels like I do want to use them, I just lack motivation. All I really do is music. I think you can really tell how much someone cares about something when its the thing theyre most passionate about and the aren’t even good at it. My problem is cynicism, abundance of self respect but lack of self esteem. I try and try but am never good enough for my own expectations and others have such high expectations of me that I could never fulfill.

      • Mr Me

        I completely understand the expectations thing, I dont care about not fulfilling other peoples expectations. I would just like to achieve what I want.

  • Katherine

    I've got no money. I work and I'm in university. I'm already $5,500 (plus some) in debt now. I've got one more year of undergraduate to go, and then four more for graduate school. I've got to have $1,366 by January 8 or I'll be kicked out. I don't know where I'm going to get it other than having to get a quick loan from somewhere. It gets me to thinking of how I'm going to struggle to get through school. I should have did a four year degree, but no, I had to go out and become a doctor of some sorts.

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