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Saturday question #37: Your biggest dream

DreamsThis week’s question will be pretty simple, containing yet another overused word that might have lost its proper meaning, but the concept of “having a dream” mostly remains the same. So…

What is your biggest dream?

For those who don’t know: Saturday questions are a weekly meme on Invisible Movement where the site visitors get their own say. The questions are of a broad range, some of them are directly connected to the site subject and music, some are wonderfully irrelevant and some are very random. This is just a little way for everyone to interact, especially when it comes to people who don’t visit the forum.

For previous Saturday questions, click here. Everyone’s welcome to suggest a question to ask Invisible Movement’s visitors, by sending me a message as well as a DM or @reply to site’s Twitter.

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  • Billy

    my biggest dream is to be a rock star. to get the chance to play that effing mind bending solo to a crowd of excited fans. to feel that beautiful war-like sensation when it comes to audience and rock music performers. to profoundly strum the heart strings of all different slices of people simultaneously.

    that is my dream. but i feel it is a dream that can only be captured in the relative heat of youth. so i feel anxious about it. my time is limited to achieve it.

  • shalhevet

    well my current dream is to see the rhcp or john frusciante live! hope that one of those will be reality soon! and meet john anthony flea and chad and get a chance to talk to one of them.

  • Kerttu

    Well, I can count many dreams as I have never put them in line to see which one is the biggest. The list contains for example the wish to dance to Pearl Jam – Around the Bend and John Frusciante – Ricky but for that I need a partner who I am still looking for πŸ˜‰
    And I have a dream to visit Croatia one day (I have no idea why this country is at the top of my list of countries to visit.. I guess the red and white squares just get me).
    Maybe the biggest dream is to experience something like that:
    A Saturday morning in winter. The place where it all takes place is my own house in the forest. My family (husband and 2-4 kids) are still asleep. I sit in the kitchen which has big windows. I drink tea and sit comfortably in my chair. And while looking out the window my eyes see the movement and a roe deer comes from the forests and starts eating the food we have put there for wild animals to eat.
    Just too good to be true.

  • halcyon

    My biggest dream is to find my soulmate. Then drive to my grandfather’s farm at night, lay down on the ground with her, look to the gorgeous night sky, count stars and play the most beautiful song i recall on my guitar. πŸ™„

  • Caleb

    I would love for my band to make it somewhere. The type of somewhere where people listen and love us for our music and accept us for who we are. I would love to play for several thousands of people, knowing that they are there for us and to listen to us. Playing music is something I love to do, and the best way I can express myself is through playing with my band. I wouldnt even care if we weren’t as big as the red hot chili peppers or anything, as long as a good amount of people listened to our music and loved it for feel and passion and emotion that we put into it.

    But like Billy said, I feel like we are restrained by our youth and our place in society. Once college is over, everyone has to go their separate ways and start making a living. Our music will only survive if we surpass that before we are forced to go separate ways.

    • Iva

      And to come up with more names such as “refrigerator” and “tiny house”? At least that’s what I’d expect from you, those names are hillarious to people who know a bit of your language. πŸ˜€

  • Lindsey

    My dream is to fully achieve what I once thought I was limited in. I wish to do all of the things that I have wanted to do. I hope to make an album and preform music for people. I also hope to meet friends with my same interests and passions. I dream to meet someone that I can see myself in. I feel so lonely inside myself without someone to agree with my thoughts and ideas. All I ever want to do is make or play music. I wish to meet someone the same.

    I have confidence that my dream will come true, but it will take time. In this time of waiting, I can only grow to become what I envision myself to do with my life.

  • emptysoul

    My dream is to make music for other people and make them happy with it. Touching people with music is the best way of contact a human being can make with another human being.

  • Xpld

    I join the “Musical Dream-Group”, it’s indescribable to be on stage and transport the spheres and thoughts inside of you to to the outside.
    The problem is that you need a lot of luck, nowadays. I think of all the great local bands and none of them gets the respect it should. All you can do is to enjoy playing and maybe one day you’ll get the chance.
    But that’s what dreams are about I guess, a goal that seems so utopian, but it’s worth living for it.

  • jule

    @halcyon: i love your dream πŸ™‚

    my dream would also be to find my soul mate. someone who completely gets me, who appreciates me for who i am!
    but i also just wish for an enjoyable life, no pain, no stress, no worries….although that is probably not possible.

  • Mary

    halcyon, that’s one of the sweetest things I’ve read in a while. Very beautiful dream and hope yours comes true very soon.

    Mine is quite out there, literally! For years I’ve wanted this. When I die I want to have some sort of way of traveling the Universe. That way since I’m dead nothing can hurt me and I can see the different things out in that infinite world. It would keep me occupied for sure.

  • Ian

    I find it awesome that everyone on invisible-movement, the John Frusciante fansite, has dreams involving love or creation or both :mrgreen: A gift from above indeed.
    I want to write and produce an animated series that people everywhere can watch and be touched by, the same way I’ve been touched by John as well as through other mediums. Some representation that people will see the beauty that is life through. Even if its just one person who gets the same feeling I get from John. I also want to be a police officer and give back to my surroundings, creating a better place to further life in its journey.
    Finding a soul mate would be cool too though πŸ˜‰

  • Iva

    My dream is seeing more people with the dreams like Kerttu’s last dream. A friend and I were reading the responses yesterday (pointed her to read this because she was born and living in Croatia) and liked it a lot. πŸ˜€

    My other dream is not to echo. If anyone remembers Woodstock’s singing from the end of “Snoopy, Come Home”, that’s what I’d want. Everything else, I can get it myself, it’s just motivation that I lack and that’s often caused by that stupid echo. It’s me, me, me and me, totterling in the dark, having to make really big decisions on things that I wasn’t even taught to work with, having to take care of this, of that…without a single clue on if it’s good or not. It results in all kinds of problems, even health problems.

  • April

    My biggest dream is to always be happy in life….to take up things no matter how difficult times get with a smile on my face and to show how much i love the people close to me. I want to be able to be proud of what I have achieved and to give back as much as I can to people who are around me…. πŸ™‚

  • Lucy

    My dream? One of them is definitely to share my creativity with a wider audience and to support myself by my writing rather than having to get up and do the usual daily routine. Having the freedom to follow a dream is a dream in itself. Creativity is a gift we're all blessed with but one not everyone chooses to share. My dream is to be able to share it. Short, simple, but mine.

  • Laura

    Being with the man that I love….

    But I know it’s impossible…
    even in my dreams I know it… I dreamed of him one week ago, but even in my dream, I knew it was imossible… It was him but not him… He had different faces and I knew in my subconscious it was only a dream…

    I wish I had never woken up from this dream…

  • Katherine

    My biggest dream is to get through school. I want to be happy and satisfied with life. Travel the world. Build a time machine…

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