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Here, Air (13th song off The Empyrean) released on iTunes in USA

The Empyrean cover artFirst of all, for everyone who missed it, The Empyrean recordings, at least those meant to be public, contain 13 tracks, not 12. The 13th track is called Here, Air.

After it appeared in an announcement on a future release on iTunes a year ago and disappeared soon after, nice people from Record Collection Music explained that it was meant to be a part of a 13-track digital re-release of The Empyrean, which contains the Japanese edition bonus tracks, Today and Ah Yom as well. This was in March 2009 and well, it’s been a long time.

As of earlier today, Here, Air is available in the iTunes USA store. This post will be updated later with lyrics, tabs and information on how to obtain it if you’re elsewhere in the world, as it isn’t available anywhere else for now. However, I believe that all of you can hear the preview.

First impressions: the song is really similar to Outside Space, in terms of guitar work, very mellow and like some sort of a warm blanket. And have you heard the song yet? If so, feel free to talk about it in comments.

Here is the tab for this song, as done by Niels: download it, like people before you.

Here’s the first lyrics transcript, thanks to LSUtigers. If anyone has any corrections, you’re welcome to submit them. Many thanks to Robbert who provided the initial transcript as well.

Here, Air

How can I be you, I could have been
I would like to start over again
Angels did I fail you with my fall
What are we but the cause of it all

It’s been a long time
Of getting out of myself
Now that I’m here I find
That what gives you life
Is all you are
It’s you have

Hey ya
Hey ya

How can I get just one more chance
I see you in pain and I wish I had
The ability to be your man
They once told me that time would come to pass

Now I know
To be careful
What I don’t believe

Cause that fate keeps on going
Right out of my reach
What’s good for you is good for me too
Do you hear I’m here for you now
I am here for you now

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