Carrey, Key & Frusciante

Danny Carey On Possibilty Of Working With John

In an interview with the UK-based drum magazine Rhythm, the man behind Tool’s drumset, Danny Carey, talks about his other project and he mentions a possibility of John working on one of such projects.

You’ve done a few outside recording projects as well, is there anything you’ve done recently or are working on currently?
I played on some Collide tracks. They’re a gothic type band, more industrial-sounding. I’ve done a few things with Skinny Puppy in the past. Actually, me and cEvin Key from Skinny Puppy have a project in the works right now. John Frusciante might play guitar…[…]

For those of you with cheaper tickets, the three were photographed by Danny Lohner back in December 2010 and he tweeted the photo, jokingly asking if they would let him be their bassist.

On the other side, on his official Facebook page, cEvin key states that he and Danny have stuff going, but that they will have to hope that John drops by one day; which he thinks would be cool (link).

Carrey, Key & Frusciante
John with Danny Carrey and cEvin Key, late 2010. Courtesy of Danny Lohner.

The February 2013 issue of Rhythm is out now, and you can purchase it, if you’re interested.

*Many thanks to Adam for the clipping and Shalhevet for the Facebook tip. And sorry to all who commented initially, the entry disappeared somehow.

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