Site Maintenance & Looking for a Person to Draw the Next Header

Me: Ladies, gentlemen and others! Look, here is another site maintenance post.

Crowd: Oh, no, no, nooooooooooo …not another site maintenance post!

If you don’t like news items like this one – sorry. These three (four?) things had to be said.

Before anything else, we would like to thank you for your support over the past 13 years, as today is the day when the idea of this website was conceived. A website is nothing without its visitors and a website about a very private musician is nothing without a good crowd, people who are not creepy and all; so I know that this might not mean much, but I feel very happy to be running a website for people like you and that it’s about a great musician like John – let’s make sure that we, the site community, last for as long as there is music.

Now off to the other matters…

Thank You for Donations

First of all, I would like to thank you for your immense support and the donations you sent during March – we managed to fix the scanner which had a massive hiccup and its guarantee had expired, pay for one of the two hosting bills, renew the licence and buy a new domain for our message board, perform a couple of large clean-ups, get one rare mag the scans of which were added to the gallery yesterday, and renew the site domain name.

That’s quite a lot and I’m grateful for your help.

To those of you who did not donate and you wanted to – donations are always welcome, and you can send them to via PayPal. They will be used for the site in 99% of the cases, any spare change is just enabling the addiction to the caffeine and CO2 that fuel it.

New Site Header

The current design of the site is a bit outdated, both in terms of website development and the age of the images used in the header and I am looking to refresh it. Just like the most recent time, the website would feature a drawing or an illustration, either on the very top or on the side, depending on what’s more fitting.

You are here – just in case you didn’t know!

Please, refer to this Facebook post for more information. Thanks.

What do you get from this? Bragging rights! Your image will be featured on the site for at least couple of years. If you have a portfolio, it will be linked from the site credits page and the site footer. You’re more than welcome to place a small signature on the edge of the image, too.

New Message Board

As you might know, our old domain name for the forum, expired in January due to some unfortunate circumstances. This turned out to be a good thing, because it was the worst name, ever and I don’t know what I was thinking when I registered it in 2009.

I have moved the contents of the forum to a new domain – It appears that most people are not aware of it yet, so spread the word and join us, or if you already have, start posting!

The new message board/forum

Everybody is welcome, we don’t allow harassment and hate speech of any kind, so come and post!

Gallery Help

The gallery is currently in meh condition. The layout is just temporary, the descriptions are lost, as well as original URLs because our server does not support a specific…errr, thingamajig.

Despite this, the individual images posted elsewhere should be accessible from their old URLs, as well as their new ones. This applies to individual images, NOT gallery pages. However, it works and that’s what matters most.

Need a full-sized image? It’s easy. Use the download button OR the image size button next to it. If you press the first, the image will then be downloaded to your computer or mobile device; and if you press the second, you will be given an option to download the original image. See the picture for more information.

How to obtain a full-sized image

We would have never, absolutely and totally never, robbed you out of the ability to see the full-sized images. Everything on this website is free and it will always be (duh).

I am still trying to figure out if there is a way import titles and descriptions, as well as change the permalinks in ways other than by hand. It might end up being real annoying and result in exxxxxxxxtreme soft drink abuse. Until then, please excuse the fact that most albums don’t have them.

Nothing else? Nope, this is it! Thank you for reading!

– Iva

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  • Ian Nine


    I am a long time, frequent visitor/user of this wonderful site, making sure to always stay in touch with the going ons of my favorite artist of all time….a sentiment I know many of us here share.
    I also happen to be an artist (my degree is in fine arts with an emphasis in painting). Over the years I have done several works inspired by and/or incorporating John’s likeness, energy, concepts and other gifts for creative fodder.
    My point is, I’d be willing and honored to collaborate on something to refresh the site header and bring it into the present.
    That being said, it would be beneficial to discuss further in email or some other platform (whatsapp?)
    Reach out to me here and let me know what works best for you so we can proceed.
    Talk with you soon!

  • SMP

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  • Iva


    E-mail would be fine for me, I don’t use most messengers, as I don’t like typing on the phone with my ćevapčići shaped fingers. iva at invisible dash movement dot net. Send me some links to your work, please. 🙂

  • Crash Stash

    Thank you Iva for all that you do. While I do not contribute to the forum or comments, I do browse and appreciate this site and all the tremendous effort you’ve put into developing and maintaining this project.
    People like myself may take for granted the effort you’ve put into collecting such an amazing repository of his works and his life(just look at the menu), while still giving a damn about presenting it in a user intuitive manner with great attention to style and detail.

    I will soon donate to show my support for keepin it real.
    Thank you once again!

  • Iva

    I don’t think you’re taking it for granted, no worries. 🙂 But yes, it’s a lot of data architecture and similar annoying things, so understanding (people often have no idea of the scope of this) and support are always welcome. Thank you, CS!

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