• The First Anual Hullaballoo, Los Angeles – 08th June 2005

    [left_side] [/left_side] [right_side] Setlist unknown. [/right_side] [clear] The Event In Brief The First Annual Hullaballo, to benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Camber Sands Holiday Park, Rye, UK Organisator: Flea Website: here Performers: Flea, John Frusciante, Tracy Chapman, Charlie Haden, Grant Lee Phillips Screencap of the “poster”: Related news items the announcement RollingStone.com review The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea enlisted a few of his friends — from bandmate John Frusciante and Tracy Chapman to jazz great Charlie Haden — to perform at a benefit last week for his Los Angeles music school, the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music. “People are coming out because they’re grateful the school is here,”…

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers @ KBLT Radio

    [iva_only_a] 01. Been Insane (John) 02. How Could I Love Myself (Flea) 03. Skinny Sweaty Man 04. Jam 05. I Could Have Lied 06. Not Great Men 07. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo (John) 08. Untitled #11 (John) 09. Flea Song 10. Love Them So (Flea) (a.k.a. “It Could Have Been”) 11. Police Helicopter 12. Soul To Squeeze 13. Nervous Breakdown (w/ Keith Morris) KBLT Radio The first show of the band since John’s comeback. The reunited foursome gave an acoustic performance while original Black Flag and former Circle Jerks singer Keith Morris — who was sitting in for regular DJ, ex-Minuteman Mike Watt — played host. John and Flea…

  • Hollywood Moguls, Los Angeles, CA – November 26th 1995

    [iva_only_a] 01. Life’s a Bath 02. Unknown [aka Snakes & Fakes, VPRO song] 03. Head (Beach Arab) 04. Unknown I dug up these “dictaphone” recordings from like 1994/95 for some benefit at Mogul’s in Hollywood, CA. This may have been John Frusciante’s first performance after exit the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea played solo acoustic as well as Frusciante–from what I recall Flea even played the song off the Basketball Diaries soundtrack. Ahh, “I’ve Been Down” was performed, had to look that one up. Wow, not sure if I still have the micro cassette for that or if I already had transferred that eons ago. Dave Navarro played with the…

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