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Troubadour Jam short videos, one in HQ & more photos

Apparently, the fun never ends in the case of the 05th September Troubadour jam. Here's one more set of photos, taken by Maryam. Click on the first thumbnail or here to see all the images.

There's also a video she took. It's not much longer than previously posted videos, but it's of high quality, so I'm definitely encouraging you to download it after watching it, though it's a bit big in size when one takes its length into consideration.

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You can download the .avi file by right-clicking here and picking save target as / save link as. It was downloaded 397 times so far.

Soon, a page will be compiled for the videos from this event, and it will have its own page in the not-done-yet gigography section as well. Until then, use tags to find media from previous news items, please.

For the end, a great review of the event by Carol.

My son and I went to see John and Flea at the Troubador on Sept 04th. We got there at 8:30 but there were only a few dozen people there. John was walking around, we could see him in the balcony talking with some friends. Flea arrived a while later wearing a helmet-must have brought the Harley?

The first group was interesting-couldn't hear the guitar. Like the bass was the lead instrument-this girl was also the singer. Warpaint was up next, I've never heard them before. They played about 5-6 songs including "Elephants". Sorry I'm not going into more detail, but I'm more of a classic rock fan. I don't get much of a chance to see new, young faces.

John and Flea came on without any announcement and just started jamming. There were no "songs" or singing-just playing. Once in a while they would stop-everyone claps-start playing again. John was WORKING up there! John had his glass of wine (it's next to the water bottles) so he was loose. Set was less than hour but it's good to see them again.

We didn't really get any good video, a little piece of Flea from the balcony-just so you know we were there ;D


2 Reactions to Troubadour Jam short videos, one in HQ & more photos

  1. marcelesa says:

    Nice work Iva, Congratulations again!! do you have the pics from the performances john did years ago? im pretty sure there were good ones from all gigs. thanks in advance

  2. shalhevet says:

    thanks for the great photos and videos too! can't wait to see some more (especially videos!). i can't stop listening to the 7 min. jam!

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