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Sammy Hagar mentions RHCP’s plans in a Chickenfoot interview (sort of)

Sammy Hagar, nowadays’ frontman of Chickenfoot, that Chad Smith’s also in, has given a (possible) clue on RHCP plans in a Billboard interview.

Currently finishing up its debut mini-tour playing clubs, Chickenfoot is set to make its national television debut on during the first week of Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show” on Friday June 5. The band then starts looking ahead to a month-long European jaunt beginning June 20 in Austria before returning stateside for a full North American run slated for August and September. Hagar says the group will then take a break while Smith returns to the Chili Peppers to presumably work on recording that band’s next studio effort. Chickenfoot may get back together in early 2010 for an Australian tour with another American leg as well.

So, a clue or a cliché? Judge for yourselves.

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  • Hope

    I don’t know..Guess it means something is happening if they’ve scheduled time off for it.
    But 5-6 months doesn’t seem that long for the whole process of making a RHCP record.
    From memory, BTW took about 12 months or more and SA, about 2 years!! Sounds like
    something’s afoot though…

  • Alan

    Chad mentioned in Q they were meeting sometime in October this year. I cant imagine it would be for recording or even writing though. I think it’s just a meeting to discuss their future as a band.

  • James

    maybe they will make an album quickly this time, BTW and SA took them so long to make, plus touring, I think it wore all of them out. Would be really cool to have an album/e.p with a really spontaneous feel, not too much thought, a bit like californication. But yeah perhaps they are just meeting to discuss things, or they could be meeting to write and not record some stuff yet. who knows. Either way I would want to expect something different from rhcp, I feel that “stadium rock” is kind of dead and the most interesting music is perhaps in electronic or hip hop. I’d love to see an rhcp experimental album with more trumpet and synths and treatments, less “rock”.

    • Walter

      You just stole the words out of my mouth!

      Still, I believe there is a lot to be taken out of a very ‘raw’ style (like Frusciantes 2004 albums), in the way that it is quickly written and recorded, without much processing. You are right about ‘stadium rock’, and the potential of electronic music to me is unlimited!

      Your comment made my day 😉

      • phantom

        when u said stadium rock, you mean stadium arcadium or rock concerts held in stadiums?? electronic music is exiting but apart from john and arron funk i don’t know any other good artists could u recommend some? also my m8 listens to a lot of hardcore electro but i find it hard sometimes to distinguish the songs and artists and can’t tell whats good or bad, any advice on how to approach listening to it?

    • Michael

      i love this site, i love john frusciante, i love the red hot chili peppers.
      from 1983 to 2006 rhcp made a huge transition from a punky-funk to ‘stadium rock’
      another transition would kill the band, i know swo many people who can barely stand their new stuff as it is. RHCP should make something that they like, not something that appeases the popular music at the time (we do not need another aerosmith). but im really looking forward to their new album, just that i do not think anything more popish would go well

  • db

    I agree with Alan. I don’t think that they are going1 to just break back into the process of recording an album. Just my opinion.

  • Nancy

    Did anyone see Chickenfoot on Conan last night? What’s up with Chad’s hair? It looked weird. They were ok… not my style at all

    • Mary

      Hi Nancy,

      Chad was just being silly. He was wearing a wig Conan style. Loved his t-shirt as well. I do like Chickenfoot but the song they performed is not my favorite.

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