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Chad Smith’s interview on RHCP’s October return in Billboard

A random 2007 pic from the Brit Awards, because hugs are nice.In a series of Chad Smith’s interviews regarding the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ future, this one probably looks more optimistic than any posted beforehand. So, I think it makes me smile and since we all know that we’re soon going to read the full version of John’s interview with THC, this can only put everyone in a good mood, don’t you think?

Here’s an excerpt that’s most relevant, you can read the whole article, which also concerns Chickenfoot and Chad Smith’s Boombastic Meatbeats over there on Billboard.

“That’s the plan,” Smith tells, noting that what was announced as a one-year break turned into two for the quartet after touring to support 2005’s “Stadium Arcadium.” “Everybody was like, ‘Y’know, I really like having this time off, not being a Chili Pepper and doing other things…It’ll be two years in September, so now we’re ready. You can’t force people to play when they don’t want to play or aren’t ready to play or whatever — not in our band, anyway.”

Smith expects bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante may come in with some musical ideas, but the group will mostly likely “do a lot of improvising and jamming and songs will come out of that, too. That’s what we usually do. I don’t know why it would be different.”

No prospective release date has even been considered yet, and Smith says he and his bandmates also “haven’t talked about” who will produce, though he acknowledges with a laugh that Rick Rubin, who’s produced the group’s last five studio efforts, “always ends up being the guy…But we haven’t discussed it.”

So, your turn…believers? Non-believers? Excited? Not amused?

UPDATE – 01st August: MusicRadar and CHARTattack have reported the same news, but their versions seem pretty far off compared to the original article. did not alter the news item itself, but they pointed out that there were odd/stupid rumours about John circling around.

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  • AaronianKenrod

    as much as this makes me happy, i’ve got a feeling john will turn round and say something completely different soon. chad has also said they were going to return last september, did he not?

  • Neil

    I am optimistic they will be back together eventually. However, I have been enjoying no Chili Peppers because I was getting kind of burnt out on their music for awhile there. SA is great and all, but a little too repetitive and it seemed that the band members (John and Flea) were repeating themselves a lot musically. I want a new John record more than a new Chili Peppers record. Maybe a John and Omar record. Or a Flea solo record…that would be nice.

    • Sue

      Chad said in an interview a few months ago – which was posted here – that he was
      touring with Chickenfoot until October, then taking a break to get together with the
      rest of RHCP to begin work on a new record.

      Then I believe he said Chickenfoot
      were scheduled to do a short tour of Australia in March/April 2010..

      • Robyn

        What the Chad failed to mention in that interview is that he’ll be in Japan for half of October with his Bombastic Meatbats AFTER the Chickenfoot gigs. (He’s touring in TWO bands in case you were confused and missed the point that I thought was obvious – he’ll probably not ‘starting on the new album’ with RHCP in October – maybe just a few ‘kick about’ sessions only.) To make this perfectly clear, that means he’s taking a break of only about two weeks to work with RHCP, if they do actually do anything, and that doesn’t make an album..

        Now, the reason I care about this is because the chances of seeing John play live again on a solo tour seem close to nill, so I suspect the only way I’ll see John play live again at some point will be with RHCP… and that’s why I care if they will actually start working on something together. Or not, as I suspect.. and it will be a long wait until I can see and hear the magic that makes my jaw drop to my chest when John plays..

        • Iva

          That nill is what makes me saddest, too. I saw him with RHCP three times, there’s no doubt we’ll see them again, countless times. But to experience something people experienced in 2001 and at the 2005 ATP…that almost sounds like a distant dream at this point in time.

          Heck, it doesn’t even have to be “commercial”, just make it happen. 🙁

          • Manu1236

            You care about your chances to see John. Well, my situation is more sad. I’m From Argentina. I know Frusciante will NEVER come here, and I have much doubts about the chilis, because in the Stadium Arcadium tour they dont come here. Really, they don’t come to Sudamerica. And we have a money very devaluated, and travels are soo expensive (and a lot people, me too, doe’t have much money).

            Excuse my bad inglish, but i think you will understand my sadness 🙁

        • Sue

          Sorry Robyn, I didn’t read your post carefully enough..Just read and replied quickly before I went to work this morning…

          • Robyn

            No problem, we all have those kind of days.. 😆 Sorry if i was being a bit blunt. Late night working on a project and get a short fuse when too tired.. 😳

  • Saide Guerrero

    I’m Saide, I’m Mexico, I have 17 years old and I like this web, it’s great and this is the best web to Frusciante!! congratulations! 😀

    Now, I’ll wait to the Chili Peppers, yeah! 😉


    sorry for the limited english… 😳

      • Maria

        Thak you 😉 !
        I live in mexico too, and this is the only way I have to read information of John and the RHCP
        thank you so much!!
        Well… so, let’s hope we have something new from John and the Peppers… waiting anxiously :mrgreen:


  • Lucy

    Excuse my being a pedant but Stadium Arcadium was actually 2006… As has already been stated it will be interesting to see what John says, considering what he’s been saying in most interviews both in print and on the radio. SA wasn’t a great album by any means, there were some memorable riffs and tunes but a lot of it was relatively bland in comparison to what we’re used to and expect from such a band. I’m with Neil the previous commentee in that I’d much rather have John’s solo stuff any day, shoot me Chilis fans but hey. Seems we get quite a few of these ‘Chad says..’ pieces, who knows there may be something in them but if there is I hope it doesn’t detract from John’s solo career and output although it proably will and that, for me is a huge shame.

  • Neil

    What really needs to happen is John needs to do a proper solo tour again, at least in the U.S. and maybe parts of Europe like he did in ’01 (i think that was the year). Or the Chilis need to make some music that is completely different than what they have been doing. That probably won’t happen though.

    Anyways. I’m with Mexico – BEST John Site Anywhere – HECK – BEST SITE Anywhere. Keep up the good work. It is loved and appreciated.

    • Iva

      Robyn and I concluded the same above.

      And thank you so much for the compliments. Getting two of those after a rather rough day heat-wise and unfortunate clumsy accidents-wise is really, really a pleasure.

  • catalina

    Let me take a moment to defend SA- I thought it was great. Would it have been better as a 17 track single LP maybe so but hey, we don’t know because it is what it is. I think the musical sophistication is impressive. If it is repetitive, at least it repeats content that is of highly advanced musicality. Seriously… some of the stuff on that album is GENIUS… you know I’m right.
    IDK, Sa was my first full-length RHCP record listening experience. I go back forth b/w my “favorite” album but this one certainly has a significant place in my life. It’s so much more impressive than anything else on the radio at the time, that’s for sure. And that in itself is significant.
    That said, I think Rubin is the death of them. I really do. Everything’s so damn loud and super-slick. .. it’s like, how great would they be without him? A lot better. IMHO.
    Anyway long story short… bring it in RHCP… but I do have a feeling John will say something different in THC. Probably something in the vein of “yea gonna get back together with those guys one day but not today!!” He seems like he’s going through a little bit of a recluse phase which is cool, it’s just that being involved with RHCP would mean all the publicity that goes along with it, he doesn’t seem to be in that place right now… but we’ll see…
    PS Chad is pretty cool too 😉

  • catalina

    p.s. how beautiful is anthony’s hair in that pic… speaking as a young woman… i would love to have his hair… haha…

    • April

      yes you’re right, Anthony does have lovely hair….from the beginning..can you remeber in the 80s’ too…but it was longer and blonde. 🙂

  • Neil

    Didn’t see your comments above for some reason (Iva and Robyn). To clarify though, SA is in no way a bad album. It is a fantastic album and I agree much better than anything on the radio, at least at that time, but really at all times. Also, I agree that Rubin will be the death of them. I don’t see the big fuss about him anyways. He did great things for them with BSSM because he was able to get them to focus more on creating full length, intricate songs with different parts, albeit the standard pop formula of verse chorus verse chorus bridge etc. etc.

    But John was also the reason why that album was so great, because he is great at creating wonderful melodies and songs and was able to develop his own ideas of what he thought was good as opposed to playing like he “thought” he should play like in the Peppers.

    The Same goes for Californication and By the Way. For some reason those albums didn’t feel as scripted and forced as SA. Some of the songs on SA are my favorites of any album (Hey, Death of a martian anybody) and an extra album of music is not a bad thing either. Getting back to my point. I agree with Catalina that everything is too “loud and super slick” I think no Rubin on the next album would breathe some fresh air into the band.

    Oh and Iva, is it still possible to make donations through the paypal link?

  • shalhevet

    these news are great and i think rhcp will get back together eventually if not in october than sometime later. i also think they should talk about it among themselves because if one of them is not ready to make music with the other three than it will be no use. all four of them should be willing to make music with the others. like chad said you can’t force that. so even if eventually they won’t do it i will be happy and waiting patiently for them to be a band again.

  • Christoph

    Please stop talking about how good or bad Stadium Arcadium is…
    This is really offtopic and i’m sure this album is neither good nor bad, it’s just both.

    You can’t generalize…

  • April

    You know we can talk about this all day. We have to accept that they have done SO MUCH of touring the past years and they have their own lives too…so we should really be patient until they are ready…. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. 🙂

  • mrs. butterworth

    i saw john play a surprise solo show in l.a. at the troubador for $5. i think it was late 2000, maybe 2001. it was a benefit for some pirate radio station. it was defacto and john frusciante seperately. one of the best, most surreal shows.
    very david lynch. john was wound up and gave his all. the show was $5, his name wasn’t on the bill(i got tipped off), and the dude gave one of the best performances i will ever see.

  • Tom

    I keep this site on my links bar, next to email, facebook, and twitter… this site is essential for frusciante fans.

    super excited to hear some new material. lets hope we get another 3 disks out of them!

  • Ailin

    Hi! 😉
    This is the best notice so far!!! 😛
    RHCP will come back!!!
    I was missing them!!!

    This Web is very good!!! :mrgreen:
    Great Job!!! ^______^

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