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Navarro: Frusciante “f__king good” and “awesome”

Dave Navarro on John FruscianteFor those of you who follow Invisible Movement on Twitter, this might not be that new, but for everyone else, it probably will be. Maybe, though, you remember that four years ago; Dave Navarro seemed pretty enthusiastic when asked if there’s a chance he could get John on stage with Camp Freddy.

In July this year, Navarro mentioned finally getting a copy of BSSM (perhaps making a clever pun on the never-having-listened-to-One-Hot-Minute story that media washed their mouth with so many times) and his reaction was, as it can be read here, that Frusciante is fucking REALLY fucking good!. Weeks later, he posted a link to a video clip that was retweeted by at least fifty people (us geeks’d say it went viral), with the explanation that it’s John Frusciante being awesome!, originally to be seen here

So, what does Navarro consider to be awesome about Frusciante? Apparently, the following video compilation by YouTube user KamiMatze, containing videos from Green Fest 2007, Chorzow 2007, Milano Alcatraz 2006 and a couple of other shows is a compilation of awesome. See for yourself!

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-zXDaKv94M]

And how would your own compilation of awesome moments look like? Did you ever make any (no links to crappy slideshows, nobody died, please…)?

*Thanks to pobkidkane who originally pointed this out back in July.

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  • supes616

    my favorite John Frusciante moment is the intro he plays to Californication in Live at Slane. i love it.

  • Baro

    I just watched that video the other day. It’s awesome, specially because I was at rock in rio 2006 (and that was the first time I saw the guys live)

    • Nemi

      indeed it is, and whenever he plays soul to squeeze on stage.

      I also love femininity and nigger song and smile from the streets and untitled #2 and all those songs are just amazing and so is John.

  • Anne

    I have about 365 favorite JF moments.
    These are four of them:
    Slane Castle: him sitting down on the stage during the Bridge encore and smiling broadly
    Slane Castle: JF and Flea jamming at about 1:24:05 – he's so concentrated and soulful and communicating with Flea
    17 Oct. 2006 Intro Jam: bouncing all over the stage
    JF laughing at the end of an interview in which he talks about John Frusciantes in other universes

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