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Chad Smith on RHCP hiatus, reunion in October and where they all have been

Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2006 - photo by Szilvia VassOK. I saw this interview posted by justin7894 on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ official BBS; and since it generated quite a lot of unnecessary hype due to a mention of a single date, it made me so sick that I didn’t even give it a listen. Not to mention countless emails I got just because of that date. But then I took a big sip of Pepsi Max, gave it a listen and wow, there’s some cool stuff in it and it lacks the moodyness of the yesterday’s article.

So, what is it? It’s another, this time radio, interview with Chad Smith, done for Elliot In The Morning on 15th September. Smith first talks about Meatbats and Chickenfoot. Then he mentions Red Hot Chili Peppers getting together in October and the host asks him how come, given that some Meatbats dates are scheduled for Japan at the end of that month. Smith says that won’t be playing with Meatbats in Japan, due to the start of the recording sessions with RHCP, and that he got someone to replace him. And then, the story goes on and on and on, it’s all about the Red Hots, where they have been, what they have been doing, who’s talking to kids, going to basketball games and who’s gone underground (and no, it’s not Bugs Bunny looking for Albuquerque…). In other words, the interview’s fun.

To download the file, right-click here and pick save link as/save target as. It was downloaded times and it’s 3.07 Mb mp3. To listen to the interview without downloading, use the player below

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I have transcribed the most of the RHCP-related bits for you, but the quality of this recording is RATHER VILE, so I stopped at some point, because I have work to do. If any of you is willing to make out something out of these question marks and actually finish the bit where Chad Smith’s talking about the Red Hots, please, be my guest, send an email or leave your corrections in comments. Thanks in advance.

Host: Hey, let me ask you this. Are you looking forward to the hiatus coming to an end and the writing and the recording process to start back up?

Chad Smith: With the Chili Peppers?

Host: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Smith: Yes, oh very much so. We’ve been off for two years. That’s the longest we’d been maybe ever off, for sure, in ten years. Because we used to… ‘Write – record – tour – record – tour – record. You know, we just go, go, go. So, yeah, it’s gonna be great. We’re gonna have…I mean…I don’t know what’s it gonna be…we didn’t plan anything else, before we get together,let’s get together, start playing. What do you got? What do you got? Straight up. You know how it is, very fresh, whatever’s happening at the moment…that…process to be, we get on tour, then do shows and stuff…it’s great. But, um, the creative process and writing music, to me, it’s really where I’d want to be right now, I just love it and I’m really looking forward to.

Host: Is there any kind of, like a, I don’t know, I mean, I would imagine you’re at the point where you’re really nervous about stuff, but maybe almost like a, like a, anxiousness? Because there was an announced hiatus, and kinda everybody’s waiting to go on…okay, they’re gonna get back, and now let’s see what they got. Is there any insider info about that?

Chad Smith: No, no…

Host: Alright!

Chad Smith: ???? We just…you know, ??? make the best music we can. You can’t worry about that.

Female host: Hey, when you…when you guys take a long break like that, do you constantly keep in touch or is there going to be something where you go for months without talking to each other?

Chad Smith: Uuuuh…it’s tense, you know? Like, on this break, it took me so much to ummm ????. Anthony and I live in the same neighbourhod. I see him and we have small children and then our paths cross in that way sometimes, they actually go to the same pre-school. And so I see him there, you know? We talk to kids, huhuhuhuhuh. And eee…you know, we socialise, you know, Flea and I go, we stock Laker tickets, so, we caught up a bit, you know, this year, so we are the world CHAMPS. And you know…John is the one I don’t see as much. He lives in Hollywood, and he kinda just goes underground, and he’s really into his music and he plays a lot, with a lot of different artists. And oh he’s making music and he does well like doing music, he does his own records. Yeah, he’s probably busier than I am as far as playing with the other people, and doing music and so. He’s uh…you know, we all have families and are married, girlfriends…and he doesn’t. You know, so he’s the one I don’t see as much. You know, every once in a while ????, you’re good, you know? We’ve really known each other for so long…

Host: Right!

Chad Smith: You know, over twenty years, and it’s like, you don’t have to, you know, hang out with the guy once in a week, you know? To be connected, so to say…(the next part is impossible to make out)

Host: You watch: you guys will get together, it will be October 3rd or 4th and you’re gonna go: ‘You know what? Take another year on this thing! Naaah…not ready yet?

Chad Smith: You know, we did that once, already. We’d met, we actually had a meeting, we sat down and, you know, ??? year. And our manager’s all ??? “C’mon you go.”

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  • Tom

    Given the choice of a new RHCP album or another JF album, I think I would side on the new JF album… The Empyrean was amazing!

  • grt05

    “yeah, he’s probably busier than I am as far as playing with the other people, and doing music and so. He’s uh…you know, we all have families and are married, girlfriends…and he doesn’t. ”


    yeah, he’s probably busier than I am as far as playing with the other people, and doing music and so. He’s uh…you know, we all have families and are married, girlfriends and stuff, and you know, so he’s the one i dont see as much but you know every once in a while, hey whats up whats are you? good.

  • grt05

    To be connected, so to say…(the next part is impossible to make out)

    “To be connected,you know.. so its like, we’re an old married couple..Couples!”

  • MA

    I may be able to do this all tongiht but two things…instead of talk to kids it’s “drop the kids off” and earlier on I think in the “wrire-record-rour-write-record-tour” but, it’s “we didn’t plan anything out” not “else” – I’ll try and listen to the whle thing tonight again and see what I can do.

  • MA

    Hladilnik – he did say “you know” a lot! He’s talking like he’s been hanging around with John “you know” Frusciante quite a bit. Chad SAYS he hasn’t seen much of John lately, but he’s picked up his talking mannerisms….hmmm….:D

  • Caleb

    I would prolly choose another JF album right now cause I agree, The Empyrean rocked. But I want the chili peppers to come back with new stuff so they can tour. I need to see them live at least once in my life

      • yuley

        ditto… exactly what I was thinking… with rhcp we are more likely to get awesome stage performances from john (and the rest of them)… john’s solo shows aren’t as high-energy and crazy and he does’t do as many of them… so the whole rhcp vs solo issue, it’s a mixed bag certainly

  • Sue

    In response to the host asking if there’s any nervousness/anxiety about what people might be expecting from new RHCP music, Chad says something like “No, No…We just…we’re not really aware of that you know. We just be ourselves and make the best music we can”.

    Where the female host asks Chad if he keeps in constant touch with the others, or whether they go for months without talking to each other, Chad starts his response with, “it depends” not “it’s intense”.

    I don’t know how to full forward or rewind on the player, otherwise I’d do more! 🙂

  • Arlo

    You know, all along I was like, FUCK YOU CHAD YEAARHGGG WHEHH!!! or something, but now I’m quite looking forward to RHCP.

    But I hope they won’t force John to come when he doesn’t feel like it.

  • Eugene

    so flea is in a new band with thom yorke, which means that this chili pepper thing may not happen, thankfully. i much prefer to see/hear john working on solo music and flea collaborating w/ great musicians. basically my opinion is that chad and anthony are LAME! and they hold these two back from doing more creative things. so yeah, rip rhcp.

    • CMD313

      No dude, it’s just that you’re a stupid troll who’s never left a nice message in his entire life. Screw you, RHCP rock and if you don’t trust this website, you probably don’t trust your own mother either. Hugs from Seoul.

  • Eugene

    From what I understand, this is John Frusciante website, not a rhcp website. john frusciante happens to be my favorite musican and the chili peppers happen to be one of my least favorite bands. sorry to hurt your feelings.

  • Iva

    Rumour going around that Eugene is a troll whom I might have to ban at some point. Excuse me, but I’m just sick of your fanboy crap. I think Pinky would have a better reasoning.

  • MA

    ahhhhh Eugene….gah. You’re as bad as the person who didn’t think John had enough guitar on his last album or whatever and loves BSSM-era Chili Peppers and wants everything to sound like that. Can’t you see it’s two sides of the same coin?

    John did say “I have not quit my band…” for whatever that’s worth. I assume he still believes in the band, that they have something to accomplish and still have a purpose. He quit the band before, he doesn’t seem to be the person to stay in if he doesn’t truly want to, if you think differently then we must be talking about two different John Frusciantes. So I don’t get you saying you’re such a fan when you’re 1)spreading rumors and 2)being negative about stuff he hasn’t even done yet.

    Four peple coming together IMO is a unique experience that no other group will create, I’m looking forward to seeing it. If you don’t like it you can say so at the time but we haven’t even heard it yet! It could be awesome. Even if you didn’t like the other Chili Peppers stuff you may like it. And if you don’t, then you can just listen to the John Frusciante stuff you do like and find other artists that you do like to support. It’s not that hard.

    It reminds me of something i just read on that blog where the girl posted the videos of Thom Yorke and Flea the other day. She said she was a big White Stripes fan and was scared when the Raconteurs came out that she wouldn’t like it. then she loved it. then the dirty weather, same thing…she ended up loving it. You could end up loving stuff, too, if you keep an open mind.

  • eugene

    call me a troll, whatever that is, or ban me if you wanna be tyrannical. I’ve just heard that slash might be joinin the peppers, and the assumption is John is disinterested. true, it could just be a rumor, only time will tell.

  • Iva

    And you enjoy spreading those droppings around the internet? Wow, you’re some unhappy person with nothing better to do. GET A LIFE. That’s the last thing I’m gonna say. Love, tyrrant.

  • mary

    😡 To those that haven’t figured it out yet this website does not feed or support rumors. This is one of the main reasons I love this website and its contributors so much.

  • Eugene

    sorry to distress anyone. i’ll be good from now on. I’m really a fan of your site, you do good work. thanks.