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John and related topics on end of year and end of decade lists

Covers of albums mentioned in the articleThis should’ve probably gone online on the last day of 2009, but many websites and other publications have come up with such lists much later and apparently are still coming up with it; so this list might even end up being updated a couple more times. Read this post until its very end if you think something’s missing, because you can contribute to it.

The Empyrean in best of 2009 lists:
Popwrecking – Adam Leroy names The Empyrean best album of 2009 and says:

The Empyrean opens with an extended guitar solo workout that recalls Pink Floyd Meddle-era. Thus begins a journey that is equal parts rock and folk meshed with flourishes of electronica. Each new release has found Frusciante recording at a different stage in his career; right now he has at the “Dude That Records Masterpieces” stage.

Radio-Active Records – Paul, one of the staffers puts The Empyrean on his top 10 of 2009, in the fourth place; and says:

Since I own his entire catalog I need to mention John Frusciante’s release for 2009 “The Empyrean”. John is known for listening to a ton of music from the 70s and I believe it really shows on this record. Fans of Frusciante will love this record and people who aren’t familiar with his music will just give you a blank stare while listening.

marathonpacks – Craig Shank calls The Empyrean the most overlooked album of 2009 and says:

RHCP’s genius guitarist has been releasing a string of wonderful solo albums after finally conquering his addictions. This effort features guest appearances from Flea, Josh Klinghoffer, and Johnny Marr. There is a lot to love about this moody, atmospheric album, including a nice take on Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren.”

Rogue Mag – For Dan Nicholls, The Empyrean is the fourth out of ten best albums of the year; and he says:

Traverse the unrelenting depths of a tortured yet sympathetic soul. Beautiful in places and stylistically unique.

Danny Washington, a blogger, names The Empyrean his top album of 2009 and says:

This has become on of my favourite albums of all time. Everything about it is perfect; pornography for my ears. Experimental but oddly accessible to fans of all types of psychedelic rock. Frusciante also produced the album himself, and he did such an amazing job. The rich tapestry of instruments all have room to breathe, his vocals have never been better and his guitar playing is, well, exactly what you’d expect from one the greatest living rock guitarists.

Shout And Twist – The album made cut to the 100 best albums of 2009 and they’re quite humorous about it, as they say:

Why it takes RHCP 4 years in between LPs. Looong guitar lines.

Rollo & Grady – As a part of the “artists pick” series, Emily Kokal of Warpaint names The Empyrean best album of 2009.
Van de Hoeven weblog – best rock album of 2009

Other related projects in best of 2009 lists:
Palisades post on N.A.S.A, Way Down faved as the best track

John’s albums in end of the decade lists:
None found yet – read the end of this post.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ albums in end of the decade lists:
Daily MailBy The Way is 09th out of 50.

With guitarist John Frusciante pulling the strings, the Chilis abandoned punk and funk to deliver the best Californian rock album since The Beach Boys. Key track: Universally Speaking.

The Times Online put By The Way in the 93rd place, out of 100 best albums of the decade.

Thanks to guitarist John Frusciante’s sense of melodic wonder it suddenly felt as if the Chilis, formerly slap-bass rock berks, could adventure in any direction they wanted: huge rock choruses, swooning balladry, strings, ska, Beach Boys harmonies and even flamenco

New York fruit stand – Stadium Arcadium is 50th out of 50.
Rolling Stone – Stadium Arcadium is 74th out of 100.

Et Cetera:
411 Mania – a staffer names John’s departure the biggest disappointment of 2009

I am pretty much aware that there’s got to be much more to these lists, so please, send in links to the lists you have seen – on other music sites, blogs and magazines. Let’s make this as complete as possible. And don’t worry, you’ll get your own turn to say what you want on this matter on Saturday – just for fun.


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  • Joakim Forsgren

    The music journalists of Swedens biggest newspaper Dagens Nyheter recently listed their favorite albums of 2009. Mattias Dahlström put the Empyrean on the top position of his list.

    Quickly translated, the text would read something like:

    "I'm far from convinced that 'The Empyrean' is the album of the year. It is peculiar, far-out, pretentious. Starts out with a nine minutes long instrumental guitar piece, is followed by the unlikely forceful version of Tim Buckleys "Song to the siren" and continues with sacred choirs, straight ahead pop songs, strange heavy metal attempts and a handful of the most beautiful ballads I have heard this decade. I am far from convinced. But I know for sure that no other album of 2009 have amazed me or enchanted me to the same extent."

    The entire article in Swedish:

  • Andrei

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