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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to premier a film in Rotterdam, John is its executive producer

The Sentimental Engine Slayer - film poster sampleJohn is credited as an executive producer in Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's new film, The Sentimental Engine Slayer, which is set to premier at the Rotterdam Film Festival in February.

Given that his involvement would probably cause people to speculate though his role is clearly stated, I have asked Cathy Pellow of Sargent House/Refused TV who are behind this project as well, to clarify it and make sure it does not involve music. Her reply was prompt and more than clarifying.

Hello. I have just read that John Frusciante was credited as the executive producer for Omar's film trailer for which is on your Myspace page. In what way is he the executive producer. Did he contribute music to it, or is it something else? Thanks. ^_^
John is the Executive Producer in the true sense of the word. John did not do any music for the film, it is not a musically driven movie. Don't be expecting to have music be the focus or even in every scene on this film because it's a movie not a music movie.

Here is the trailer of the film, for everyone who's interested:

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Many thanks to Phil, Michel and certain awesome third person for the news.

  • Sounds... intriguing
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  • Chris G.

    What does an executive producer do exactly?... Funding?


      An executive producer of a motion picture is typically a producer who is sometimes involved with a property that has since been optioned into a film, but has no direct input into the creative process of the film itself. e.g. authors of optioned literary works.

      I believe John doesn't actually do anything in the movie. Maybe helping with some money.
      My recent post {lcdc:7} Cefalea tensional

  • Manu1236

    Is the movie in spanish? It's confusing, the title is in inglish but the audio of the video is in spanish.

  • Femme Fetele

    couldn't really make out what the film was about from the trailer....has omar released any of his films or are they only for film festivals?

  • Lennart

    I live in Rotterdam so I'm certainly gonna check this movie!

  • niek

    will john be at the premier in Rotterdam?

  • Lennart

    Probably not, I even doubt if Omar will be there.

  • :-)

    John you rock!

  • gunsnrosesgal

    I'd love to see that movie. I really hope that I will be able to find it and see it!
    the clock is 4:40 am here and it's my sixteenth birthday today but I've been sitting here for hours just reading articles about john and interviews and reading a long long long documentary about the red hot chili peppers, about a girl who did a documentary and blogged about it.
    I feel nerdy.

    • Femme Fatale

      nice to know i'm not the only one who spends late nights looking up rhcp and john stuff 😀

  • TimZ

    haha I thought the bearded guy in the trailer was john 😛 but nope, too bad =(