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John shares a song for his friend Wayne, who just passed away

John just blogged, for the second time in 2013, sharing a song he'd just recorded for his friend Wayne Forman, catering business owner and former Red Hot Chili Peppers' tour chef, who sadly passed away before having a chance to hear it. You can download the 102 Mb file from his official website or below. You can also share it elsewhere, while you're at it.

If you need a cover image to use in your media library, you can use this photo made by our friend, Shane Basinski.

Head to the original blog post read John's memories of Wayne; as it would be unfair in so many ways to quote only a bit of such an emotional account of a friend who's now gone.

That said, if you're going to say anything, make sure your comments on this news item are in good taste. Thank you.


65 Reactions to John shares a song for his friend Wayne, who just passed away

  1. Tom Cotter says:

    john knew him a while, was he affiliated with rhcp?

  2. brendomc says:

    Super cool solo! I miss this kind of stuff...

  3. FrankShante says:

    wow this is great

  4. gabriel says:

    just beautiful

  5. Angel says:

    This is really beautiful. I might have shed a tear because I feel so bad that John didn't get the chance to show this to Wayne. Just a beautiful song overall.

  6. Carlos Villar Jr. says:

    John this is a beautiful song. I'm certain you're putting a smile on Wayne's face right now as he listens to this. I'm so sorry for your loss, and may Wayne live on through you!

  7. orangevarld says:

    That's beautiful, and it's very nice of John to share it with us!

  8. allyflow says:

    This is absolutely beautiful..I miss such guitar solos. I hope Wayne can hear it! Thank u,John,for sharing it with us!

  9. Sounds like Jeff Beck

  10. schniefelus says:

    The style of this solo is a beautiful symbiosis of John's old and new guitar style. Given his love for good guitar work Wayne Forman would've certainly loved it...

  11. someguy says:

    very simple, a beat, some chords, and the solo; nicely done

  12. Rafael B says:

    i missed the simple john

  13. Rafael B says:

    i missed the simple john

  14. I've knew it but again, his guitar is really like speaking some emotional words.. beautiful

  15. Marta says:

    This is so sad an beautiful!! I'm glad he did this and he shared it with the world. This has a touch of Time Tonight in it... I love it.

  16. Untitled #14 says:

    Eyes shut, volume up, drift away... Incredible. A sad but beautiful track - thanks for sharing, John!

  17. kevin says:

    This reminds me of before the beginning just beautiful guitar work for ten straight minutes

  18. blah blah blah says:

    do you think he used the strat or the sg for this?

    • Cameron says:

      My guess would be the SG. Doesn't seem to have that Strat sound. Either way it's a beautiful song.

      • SAint says:

        He used the whammy bar in this track.. SG's dont have one πŸ˜‰

        • IAmBrent says:

          Actually, John's 1961 Gibson SG Custom DOES in fact have a Trem Arm/Whammy Bar...
          I have no idea if that is the guitar he used on this track, but just figured I'd mention that!
          If Cameron is in fact right in guessing that it is an SG, this would make a lot of sense...

          My source is:

          You can see photos of all of John's guitar collection that he had acquired back in 2009 in this interview from Vintage Guitar magazine... I have this bookmarked on my computer, just so I can look at & admire John's guitars whenever I feel the desire to!
          Also, it's a great interview!

          • hhbi says:

            actually , they are talking about yamaha sg .....

            • IAmBrent says:

              Touché, hhbi...
              But either way, it's more likely that it's his Gibson than his Yamaha OR his strat!
              Judging from the PBX photo session, there is no whammy on his Yamaha...
              And like I said, his Gibson SG Custom does have a whammy!
              And it definitely sounds like humbuckers on the Wayne tribute track...
              So, despite the initial confusion, I stand by my original statement...
              My bet is on the Gibson SG!

      • Jeremy says:

        Sounds like a strat to me. As far as it having a fatter sound, I'd attribute that to a Muff of some sort. I know he's partial to them.

        • James12 says:

          I think he played on his strat or a stratocaster(white one) with a EHX English muffin, and maybe a mxr micro amp. To get a more gibson sound, or fatter sound. His amp would be one of the marshalls. The sound is very similar to the stadium arcadium tour. During that time Wayne was the chef and I think he wanted to make it sound (the guitar sound) like a long JF live solo during that time.

          • Nicholas says:

            He doesnt own the olympic white one anymore. He gave it to Jack Irons son in Irontom.

  19. jimbob says:

    Any idea of what the chords are in the background?

  20. Danny Kay says:

    wow.....this is really touching.....everyone's comments are warming my heart too........thank you for sharing, john, you moved me to tears once again. love

  21. M.A. says:

    That was simply beautiful.

  22. Jake Sili says:

    People just don't make music like this very often, I feel blessed to know just to even know the name frusciante

  23. dani says:

    this song made ​​me happy, gives me a lot of energy and strength, I did mourn

  24. luban says:

    rest in peace

  25. Tony Iro says:

    Was "The Creative Act" blog actually written by John? The style of writing compared to the "Wayne" posting seems like its coming from 2 different authors.

    Love the solo

  26. luka says:


    and I must say that John is such a legendary guitarist

  27. chacha says:

    The guitar is crying. Beautifully sad. May your friend rest in peace John.

  28. Ryan says:

    I just mentioned the other day that I hoped I could hear John have a guitar focused song/ablum soon. I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago, that same night, after some crazy dreams related to death. In my sleepy haze I listened to Wayne after seeing it on FB.

    It is a great track. Full of emotion and musical talent. I hope John offers us a guitar central album soon.

  29. Mektoub says:

    Dont it feel wrong posting evaluating something so private...surprised John posted the song to his blog.

  30. Bjorn Marks says:

    im sorry for your loss

  31. sdhwritedirblog says:

    Wayne was my second cousin. He was a fun, dry, interesting guy, and much-loved. Thanks for creating something in his memory!

  32. Truls says:

    heart felt, truly. He pulled this out of his heart from his fingertips to the guitar frets. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Gonzo says:

    he should release more stuff like this, that's just the johnny we love - though i really liked and enjoyed that electronic kinda things he did last year

    R.I.P. Wayne, must have been a biutiful person.

  34. Max says:

    This is the best song I've heard come out this year, and I will listen to it a lot. And when I listen to it I will think of what John has said about Wayne, which means it will continue to be a beautiful, emotional song to me.

    This song puts me in the same sort of state as permutuation and Lyon 6.6.06. If you like this I suggest you look them up, if you haven't heard them already.

  35. janet says:

    You miss your friend Wayne and I miss you. I have never seen you perform live maybe one day.......thanks for sharing your homage.

  36. FunkyMonk says:

    i'm glad Jon can still play, this track would have sounded even better with flea on bass, and chad on drums, and anthony on vocals, and the fucking proper band back together, instead of the travesty the peppers have become

    r.i.p. wayne

  37. CT. says:

    Beautiful song and tribute!

  38. Jacko says:

    I wish john would do more like this, just mellow bad ass rocking out... He can get a little too whacky with all the noise.. This is amazing

  39. Martin says:

    Me, I don't like the track. To me, it sounds underdone and repetetive in a negative sense. I respect its designated use, though, and am thankful to hear a new tune. Love to Wayne Forman.

  40. Josho says:

    I feel like it's a positive song. It's like Maggot Brain's summertime blue and orange cousin.
    So beautiful! Peace to Wayne, what a gift to us from both of them!!

  41. Jason Dean says:

    Martin man you need to listen to it again! If you're concious enough you will ride the wave with him and see it is never repetitive! Try it!!!

  42. miss_john says:

    I did not know Wayne. But there is so much soul in this solo; I'm shure he would've loved it.

  43. Your Cousin Billy says:

    John, it is good to hear the passion behind your music, knowing that it makes you happy brings a smile to my face. Keep up the great work. I cried listening to this song thinking of friends past, not out of sadness. But out of the happy times we have had, and this song with no words delivered a eulogy only angels deserved to hear. Thank you John and God Bless. Give your mom a call randomly and tell her you love her and your Brother she would explode from happiness. (Aunt Gail her voice is like a choir of angels singing).

    • ^.^ says:

      Just wanted to clarify. Aunt Gail called me and we talked really positively, but she seemed lonely. I know this has nothing to do with Wayne but the loss of my friend Ralph (along with the joy this tribute song brought me) is what caused me to comment. The call your mother comment is completely unrelated and I apologize for making it in the comment section for a song, I just wanted to spread love and happiness.

      Peace Friends.

  44. Roman says:

    his guitar gently weeps! like you guys said, it seems that his guitar might speak! I'm sorry for my english, normally I speak with my guitar too.

  45. MildJoe says:

    John totally captured his feelings with this song. I've been listening to this for years, and still it invokes deep emotions within me. Memories of lost loved ones, twisting in my mind, my eyes cry as I smile, feeling so connected to the music. Such feelings of deep sorrow and profound happiness all at the same time. I am an emotional wreck for 10 minutes every time I listen to this song. There is no artist like John Frusciante, no one as skillful with the ability to deposit their raw emotions and passion into music. This song is my anti-depressant.

  46. Steve Gad says:


  47. Miraj says:

    Is this song icluded in any of his albums yet??

  48. Iva says:

    There is a remix of it on the Japanese version of the Black Knights' The Almighty. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  49. Miraj says:

    Yeah I found it but it's from their album Medieval Chambers. Anyways your comment was helpful and thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

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