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Vintage Guitar April 2013 magazine scans & article

Vintage Guitar, April 2013

Vintage Guitar, April 2013

As noted some weeks ago, there is a feature on John in this month's issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. A copy of this has finally been made available to us here, sorry for the long wait.

While it's mostly covering John's work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, mentioning The Empyrean and his post-RHCP projects and collabs sporadically and without much detail whatsoever, this article is a good insight on his playing as a lead guitarist in a rock band, with some essential recommended listens and a quick overlook of his influences and gear most commonly used.

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Transcript is coming up as soon as possible. Until then, here's a quote:

Frusciante's lead guitar style boasts many blues-rock and psychedelic elements gleaned from players like Hendrix and Clapton. As a soloist, he varies his sound from full overdrive distortion and fuzz to cleaner ethearal timbres. he employs pentatonic and blues scales for most of his melodic content and will sometimes dip into arpeggio riffs, modal and scalar lines for contrast. Like his role models, he uses string bends, slurs, vibrato, and franatic ostinato riffs. He often colors single-note lines with wah and Univibe-like modulation processing. Like Hendrix and Van Halen, he frequently runes his guitar down one half-step.

If you like what you see, make sure you buy the magazine, which is now available as a back issue.

*Many thanks to Robin Hipps for the scans!

  • Well this is new to me. When did he tuned his guitar one half step down?

    • many of his solo-songs are tuned down one half step.

      • I've played nearly every of his solo songs (except the early ones) but never had to tune down my guitar, any examples?

        • coughchokesniff

          Mascara maybe?

          • mascara, femininity and first season are all three songs that he plays with his guitar tuned down.

            • alexander

              the only rhcp song i can think of that's tuned a half step down is Breaking the Girl

  • Well this is new to me. When did he tuned his guitar one half step down?

  • I've read the article and there wasn't anything new, same info you'd find in his wikipedia's article. But still, great stuff for people who aren't familiar with him. The only thing it didn't find right was that in his pedalboard list his WH-10 pedal wasn't mentioned, but it said that John uses dunlop crybaby wah. Well we all know that wh-10 is a huge part of John's music, and as a guitar player myself, I should point out that they have a very different sound. 🙂

  • Mark

    John frequently tunes down? Since When?

  • kohoutek

    he tuned it down for some songs on shadows i think

  • thom

    no no no john does not tune down, i play most of his songs and none of them are tuned down

  • You have to first tune up before you tune down. Remember, up and down, up and down until it sounds so nice. And then, you can play transcript music of soul while you try and find your own soul in music that you did not create. Then, don't tune down or up, but off!!! No soul in your own music!!!! BE YOUR OWN MUSIC PLAYING MACHINE!!!! I do like John though, but he does not read transcripts..HE CREATES THEM!!!! NOW YOU!!!!