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New upoming release, Outsides

Japanese website CD Japan has posted information about a new, advanced, John release, an EP coming up on 14th August. There's no cover art available yet, but there's a release name and it's Outsides.

They describe it like this:

*Advanced Japanese release. CD from John Frusciante features three tracks total, including a bonus one. Comes with lyrics and a descriptiom.

Badly translated Japanese description (help?) says:

This work to open the curtain counter electrode more than 10 minutes featuring a guitar solo on the entire surface was sealed Kimi "Same" in "John Frusciante" emergency release! Previous work. All three songs unconventional creative as if investigated thoroughly the world of "PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone" is included. Japan pre-sale, bonus track +1, interviews, commentary, Ki lyrics with translation.


  1. Same
  2. Breathiac
  3. Shelf
  4. 04 / Untitled / Bonus track 1

1 - not clear which is correct, as of now.

Click here to read about it or read about it on Yahoo! Japan. The release date is, currently, 14th August 2013; which would probably indicate that a worldwide release would come later that month or early in September.

John, earlier this year, for a photo session

John, earlier this year, for a photo session

*Thanks to Leni, Leon, Adrianna and Patrick for heads-up while we were away on a vacation! You guys and girls RULE!


51 Reactions to New upoming release, Outsides

  1. Cameron says:

    God, if your listening, please say this be true.

  2. Macksville Mauler says:

    collab with lou reed. duhhh

  3. Untitled #14 says:

    Summer has now become even more awesome than it already is! Simply cannot wait for this.

  4. aBcD says:

    Piša uz vetar? xD

  5. oal says:

    Well, this is awesome news. 🙂

    Only 3 songs is less amazing. I want 3hundred! 😀

  6. @luka123321 says:

    who named the pictures "piša uz vjetar"?

  7. IAmBrent says:

    I haunt this website and check it almost daily... Just hoping for a hint of things to come.
    Days like this make it all worthwhile.
    Can't believe it, and can't wait...
    After Empyrean, we waited for quite some time for a new release...
    Now, they are coming out like crazy!
    Letur-Lefr, then PBX, then the "Wayne" tribute, and now this...
    It's quite an exciting time to be a John Frusciante fan 🙂

  8. Steve Van Etten says:

    You just made my day!!!!

  9. Harry P says:

    YES 🙂

  10. peter says:


  11. alex says:

    This just made my whole year a lot better!

  12. jon hess says:

    just hope its not like his previous 2 releases, im a huge JF fan but just could not get into them.

    • Nicholas says:

      I enjoyed Letur-Lefr a lot, but I do kind of agree with PBX.. To me, the first half of PBX isnt real great, but the second half has some really beautiful melodies if you can get past the crazy drum beats. Mistake, Sum, and Uprane are the best 3 on the album IMO

  13. brendomc says:

    Im bouncin off the walls to this info...! Whoooo!

  14. luiza says:

    I know how you guys feel, I share the same feeling with you. We love John and can't wait to hear his new music. :D:D:D So thankful for this!

  15. Leon says:

    Great news off course! No matter how it sounds, I love all the stuff of John Frusciante. 'Wayne' made me really excited, and now this. There is always so much heart in his music, can't wait to hear it.
    Though I am still searching for the 'Foregrow' song! (Man With Iron Fists)

  16. schniefelus says:

    Awesome news! Hopefully this EP, like Letur Lefr will be followed by a full length album 🙂

  17. Micki says:

    Great, just what the world needed. More self-indulgent crap from an overrated wannabe hipster with a cocaine nose.

    • Sam says:

      I like self indulgent music, It usually means it's more pure. Too bad if you're still stuck in your genre barriers i guess..

      How can someone be overrated at being a "wannabe hipster"?

      • Dave says:

        The same way you can call somebody stuck in genre barriers, I'd say?

        Funny, you don't know somebody, yet you assume so many things about him. How would you define pure? Come on, I dare you to. Ridiculous...

        • Micki says:


        • Sam says:

          In short.. Music being made because thats what the artist wants to make.

          It is funny but you get that though. It's a case of double standards though...

          Maybe you guys are on the wrong page?

    • mektoub says:

      Awesome attitude dude...thanks for sharing....feel better?

      • Micki says:

        There-there, didja pick that name from The Alchemist? It fits. John Frusciante is no more than Paulo Coelho of music these days, minus the marketing.

        Of course, that is if he wasn't denied royalties from the Chilis; in which case, he might just end up calling marketing beautiful and pure and you'll all go along. HAPPY END.

        • Ashton Agar says:

          I enjoy your comments Micki. I like a fresh perspective once in a while 🙂

        • mektoub says:

          Sorry Micki .... looks like you've read all the bestsellers from the airport bookstore..good for you. Tell me friend, the Alchemist does that read a little like a Danielle Steel or more like Marie Higgins Clarks? No you're a selfhelp section kinda person...I can tell.

          Sorry bud....couldn't understand what it was you were trying to ARTICULATE in that last kindly explain 🙂

    • Untitled #14 says:

      Having your own opinion is fair enough, but why come on a John Frusciante fan site when you quite clearly dislike him and his music?

    • Gus says:

      You are so edgy coming to a JF fansite to say bad stuff about JF. I wish I was that hardcore.

  18. Jim says:

    "Outsize" [Blu-spec CD2] by John Frusciante
    Sudden release by John Frusciante! The guitar solos that felt sealed in his last release have been unleashed in full here, with an over 10-minute solo on the opening track "Same." 3 inspired and ingenious tracks capture the world of PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone. Released in advance for Japan, 1 bonus track, interview, background info, lyrics plus translation included.

  19. Shaun says:

    I am so pumped for this! Every time I have troubles I always listen to John for solace. He is one of the very few musicians on this planet the sends shivers down my spine every time I hear him. He is such a natural artist who never leaves himself guarded when he plays. I dig that.

  20. meh says:

    “Sudden release by John Frusciante! The guitar solos that felt sealed in his last release have been unleashed in full here, with an over 10-minute solo on the opening track “Same.” 3 inspired and ingenious tracks capture the world of PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone. Released in advance for Japan, 1 bonus track, interview, background info, lyrics plus translation included.”

  21. Latten says:

    Woo same day is my bday i know what i want for present =)

  22. Lea says:

    God, let this be true!

  23. TL_ says:

    It seems that CD Japan have pulled this listing off of their website.

  24. orangevarld says:

    Can't wait for it and for more information

  25. Tam says:

    Cant wait!!!!!

  26. Luca says:

    There's an article on Wikipedia, where's written that the new EP is coming out on August 26 in europe an on August 27 internationally. I don't know if this information is correct, but have a look
    Even if this information is wrong, we'll get more information soon from John himself I think :).
    Sorry if my english isn't that good :s

  27. Uque says:

    Typo alert, "UPOMING RELEASE"!!

  28. derek:) says:

    Aaaahh maybe we can get a new interview too!:)))))

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