John’s new LP, Enclosure out April 8th + free mp3 of “Scratch”

Barely a year and a half from release of PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, John’s new full-length album, Enclosure, is out late next month (April 8th – no rock-solid info yet), as usual on Record Collection Music. With Brown Bunny vinyl re-release, Black Knights’ stuff released so far and more hinted and Kimono Kult’s debut, this truly is going to be the spring of JF.


Here’s a free mp3 of Scratch, the song that came about during The Empyrean sessions in 2007 or so and was recorded during the Enclosure sessions.

Go to the entry on John’s official website to download the song in hi-res.

Here is the cover art for Enclosure.

Enclosure cover art
Enclosure cover art

And here is the track listing.

  1. Shining Desert
  2. Sleep
  3. Run
  4. Stage
  5. Fanfare
  6. Cinch
  7. Zone
  8. Crowded
  9. Excuses

Here is what John says about it.

Ò€œEnclosure, upon its completion, was the record which represented the achievement of all the musical goals I had been aiming at for the previous 5 years. It was recorded simultaneously with Black Knights Medieval Chamber, and as different as the two albums appear to be, they represent one investigative creative thought process. What I learned from one fed directly into the other. Enclosure is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX.”
– John

Here’s a (p)preview written by Tessa Jeffers for Premier Guitar. She rates the album 4 out of 5 picks.

A dark, pounding synth pulses as John Frusciante’s falsetto spreads over it and chants, “I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you”, in the opening track of his latest solo excursion. This juxtaposition is just one recope from a composer who knows how to build authentically and has become extremely gifted at layering imagery over catchy melodies. Even if some of the ideas spiral off into dissonant directions, the parts still jell.

Just as Frusciante’s last few albums were forays into the prog-pop landscape, Enclosure uses drum machines and expansive effects to set the mood. Though Frusciante interjects guitar solos seemingly at will, some fans may feel the genius guitar playing he’s known for is understated here, especially when compared to the influential work of his Chili Pepper past. Yet over the nine tracks, Frusciante’s solos – like the one that kidnaps the entire last half of “Stage” – arrive not as mere tangents, but as the main event: Guitar is an oscillating vehicle that carries his music into new planes.

Several tunes give off a refreshing ’80s vibe without going too far – think good ’80s, like Peter Gabriel but with the sensibilities of Radiohead. Frusciante uses effects like organ sounds to create depth behind his strong voice as it volleys through verses, and he skillfully weaves complex guitar and keyboard harmonies into the accompaniment. All tracks have vocals except “Cinch”, a more than six-minute opus framed entirely by distorted guitar arpeggios and fretboard flexing.

Frusciante is pushing the limits of his singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist palette, and the art he’s making is a god marriage of groove and noodle, possessing the kind of balance that keeps a song a song without getting too messy or alienating the audience. It might be difficult to hear the songs as a cohesive statement across the entire album, but each individual gem is such an enjoyable capsule of creation and tinkering that it’s quite an adventurous and athletic listen.


More information to follow in this very post as it will be available later today, so – WATCH THIS SPACE.
– I <3 M

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    • Jake

      Outsides is absolutely incredible, you just don't like it and thats your opinion. sorry, but don't slate great music – especially on this website

      • mike

        Everything john has made is a piece of art. His solo albums all have a different unique and valuable sound

  • coldcode

    Cool. Hoping for "Disclosure" a couple of months later πŸ™‚ Seriously though, JF is like a modern day Da Vinci or something, always creating. Would be cool if he'd written a book or at least gave an interview about his internal though process, how he goes about things, what is his "secret". Anyway, really excited for this πŸ˜€

  • Dani

    Me and a few others discovered it yesterday, and posted it on Tumblr, with got ppl thinking it's a hoax. I'm SO happy that it's for real!!!

  • steve

    found this quote.. ''Enclosure, upon its completion, was the record which represented the achievement of all the musical goals I had been aiming at for the previous 5 years.It was recorded simultaneously with Black Knights "Medieval Chamber", and as different as the two albums appear to be, they represent one investigative creative thought process, and what I learned from one feeded into the other. Enclosure, though it is for me now a year old, is still presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX, and I have since moved on to other things.'' – JF

  • patches

    existence has taken so many different turns since 2012. i do see it in my own life and just life overall. john's art/art created by nature and known by the names of everyone who has names who creates has guided this very fragile uncertain being through a deeply unsettling yet miraculous life that begets from what surrounds, and becomes often from what is out of "my" individual hands. It does mean so much when art can be healing and thought provoking in ways that are compatible with the complexities of actually existing and experiencing all of the currents both visible and hidden. πŸ™‚ <3 :)<3

  • Bernard

    Yeah! From the preview article it looks like a return of the guitar in some form or other. Hell, he's chosen a guitar-mag journalist to preview his LP, so that can't be bad. Besides, John is clearly hinting towards closing this musical chapter in his life, presumably to set his sights on new frontiers! "My last word". That's a pretty heavy statement from him. Bring on the samples xD

    • Anne

      Exactly, this is just what I was thinking. I'm so looking forward to hearing his guitar "kidnapping" (quote) large(r) parts of song(s).
      And all the tracks but one have vocals, yippieh!
      Peter Gabriel and Radiohead, double-yippieh!
      I honestly can't wait for the 'adventurous and athletic listen' πŸ™‚

  • SachaWatson

    "Scratch" – love it, great track. I wasn't such a big fan of Letur, PBX & Outsides – sounds like his combined the melodic vibe of his older stuff with the electronica & come full circle. Looking forward to the album. Yeah….

  • How about this

    Just remembered the inscription from the B side of 2004(5) edition of the Curtains vinyl:

    “The whole circle stands stamp where you stand”

    This cover suddenly makes a lot more sense.

  • alex

    no matter how good or bad this album will be, it's just plain fucking awesome that he's still fully dedicated to the art of creating

  • Nick

    "Enclosure is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX."

    Does this mean he is going in a completely different musical direction? That would be very interesting to see what he does next.

  • Tom

    this is why I donate to this site… this kinda s*** makes my day for sure!

    PS – this is an incredible song. The review doesn't do this one the justice it deserves.

    • Iva

      Thank you for always doing so – and sorry that I forget to say thanks sometimes, I've been battling various IRL issues for five years and I tend to get consumed by it.

    • Iva

      Oh, shucks. Thanks for telling me that the text I added in black isn't working. Basically, orders are not available yet for whatever reason; but once they are, you'll know. πŸ™‚

      And you might want to approach the situation in a different manner next time.

  • schniefelus

    A pleasant surprise indeed! I'm really stoked, considering Enclosure is the final product of his musical 5-year adventure – the music he was aiming for when he started to intensely explore the realms of electronic music.

    For this reason, I hoping for a symbiosis of his "old" vocal- and guitar- and songwriting qualities with the new skillset he mastered on the way of the Letur/PBX/Outsides/Black Knights period. The fact that he uses a song which was written in the Empyrean sessions as a teaser for Enclosure could be a hint in this direction.

    And "Scratch" does not disappoint me in this respect. It seems very "forward" with vocal melodies quite typical of his older work but weaved into a landscape of effects and samples. It is just me or is mix a little overloaded in the low frequencies? Well anyway a great track!

  • Cameron

    It's great to hear his voice back in a more familiar context, but at the same time intertwined with the creative, musical ambitions laid out in post-Empyrean period.

  • Anja

    Wow that is so nice. I really like Scratch, I am looking forward to hear the rest. It really brought smile on my face. I mean all of a sudden there is a new album, without any expectations before. That is why I love JF so much. πŸ™‚
    My recent post Budapest DAY 4

  • Donavan

    Already available for pre-order on Amazon (15$ for the CD & 24$ for the LP). But I believe it should get cheaper as some other stores like importcds are gonna sell it too.

    • Bernard

      Scratch is not in the album. It is just a song written during during the Empyrean sessions.

      As schniefelus up here rightly points out, it is quite curious that John chose a non-album track as a teaser. It could be a subtle hint that the LP is a dip back into his 'old' songwriting style, fused with his newly-acquired insights into the styles he has used in more recent years.

      I like to think that Scratch was actually the conception of what he call his 'one investigative creative thought process', aka the style he embraced in the last five years. An odd song which did not quite fit into the style of Empyrean and ended up on the cutting room floor, but gave John a new idea into which direction he wanted to evolve in the forthcoming years.

  • Luca

    "Enclosure is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX."

    Maybe a stupid question, but what does John mean with this?

        • Donavan

          Seriously, nonsense ? I don't believe so. Like you, I'm strongly against the idea but it seems impossible to predict Frusciante's behaviour. He's definitely not doing rock songs again, he's done all he had to do with it (his words). He's also done with synth pop as you said. Like someone else noted, he's not only into music, but also into movies. Like you, I'm a fan of his music however, one thing I strongly admire from him is his will to do what the hell he wants. I really want him to play music for the rest of his life but that's just selfish. The truth is, no one really knows about his future work and stopping to sell records is not hard to believe at all. Seriously, he can do whatever he wants and I'll be glad for him. He has already done a lot for music and enough for me to admire his work for the rest of my life.

  • Slim

    A lot of stupid questions around here!


    @Rocio: because John decided he didn't want it on the album, probably because of the flow of the album. He previously released very decent tracks as (Japanese) bonus tracks before (best example: Of Before, one of my favorite JF tracks and a Japanese bonus track on SCWP).

    @Luca: well, no one knows of course, but I think he means that he dived into his possibilities to combine his songs with a AphexTwin/Squarepusher/VenetianSnares lay-out: cut-up beats, and he closes this period with this album, so he can go into another directions/dimensions….

    What do you think?

    • Luca

      I don't really know… I think it would be good if the period of those crazy electronic music ends for him and he tries to create something else. This statement just confuses me a lot! πŸ˜€

      • Luca

        Don't get me wrong! I'm not thinking that his music at the moment is bad, I just think it is a little crazy!

  • floridgush

    Anyone else getting a "final album" vibe from this? My theory is, he's going to transition into film. He already plays, records, and produces his own music, and he references filmmakers like Godard in interviews, so he has an interest in film.

    I hope I'm right. While it would be disappointing to see John say goodbye to albums, he really has run the gamut. His work now is high concept on a spiritual level–even the new track has this… I don't know what to call it. It's like he's stepped to a higher perspective of time than the rest of us. Not like that at all, but it's the best I can do at present.

    Am I alone in this? I've been told I'm far too imaginative for my own good, so mayhaps I am.

    My recent post A Meditation on Alcohol

    • Anne

      I think you simply can't be too imaginative in your effort to sense a bit of what John's perspective might be πŸ™‚

      I am constantly impressed by his creativity and his focus, and I am very happy that he shares the results.

    • brummieapril

      I was thinking along similar lines but more to do with him going along the path of full-time producer rather than films. But who knows? You know what John's like. He changes his mind more often than I've had hot dinners and has more phases than the moon! Wasn't so long ago he was talking about doing electronica for the rest of his life. That's what I find intriguing about him – what he'll come up with next…

    • a professional cynic

      where does this nonsense come from? if john is done with one particular direction, he will move onto the next…also, we don't know what he is like for real, we only know what his super-servile friends say. the man farts, poops, burps, has sex and perhaps drops a f-bomb every now and then. nothing mystical about it, im afraid…

      • brummieapril

        Nobody was stating this as fact. Just thoughts or feelings we have about which direction he may be headed in next. Of course we don't know but we are just putting out our opinions. I don't think anyone said anything about it being mystical, just intriguing to see where he goes next is all.
        And yes, of course none of us know him personally but we do know he changes his mind quite regularly. Hell, he's even said so himself.
        It's just as likely he will put out 10 albums in the next 6 months as none. It's just not my feeling, but I'll be more than happy to be wrong.

  • Maldoror

    Well, John is not Marcel Duchamp, and luckily so. There is so much to explore within the realm of music! Personally, I didn't like Stadium Arcadium and wasn't too keen on The Empyrean either (it has grown on me since, but not spectacularly). In terms of songwriting John had set the bar so high on By The Way and the 2004 solo albums that it seems impossible to leap. While PBX makes for an interesting and often exciting listen due to John's synthesizer work, the songwriting pales a bit by comparison. My secret dream (that's why I share it with everyone) is to hear John really doing "his own version of modern classical music" one day, i.e. eliminating pop structures and sensibilities altogether and embracing total freedom. "Breathiac" was a good start B)

  • Luca

    One last word from me on this statement: "Enclosure is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX."

    Maybe he just means, that he doesn't explain his music style or the creative act behind the music anymore? What do you think?

  • Vinny

    "Enclosure is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX."

    Assuming John chooses his words carefully, which may be a pretty safe assumption, there's a reason there's the word "presently" in that sentence. As far as I've thought, it could serve one of two very different purposes.

    a) Presently: "As of now," enclosure, which was written a year ago, is his last word on the musical statement which began with PBX. i.e. he's gone in a new direction since then, but he may return to it.

    b) "Now," (for emphasis) Enclosure is my last word on the musical statement….

    Either he's emphasizing he's done with this, or he's using the same word to hint that he can only say he's done with it as of this moment.

  • Janis

    you can look at the cover art in higher resolution if you click on "view image" (with a right-click) on the picture on

  • bhit1771

    I always wondered if the JF vocal break in Deja Vu was from a new song of his own. Maybe it will show again on Enclosure?

    "(Enclosure) was recorded simultaneously with Black Knights Medieval Chamber, and as different as the two albums appear to be, they represent one investigative creative thought process."

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