John Frusciante, photographed by Scarlet Page

Scarlet Page’s photo of John auctioned for teenagers’ cancer charity

John Frusciante, photographed by Scarlet Page
John Frusciante, photographed by Scarlet Page

A never-before-seen photo of John taken by Scarlet Page (who has, among other things, done the RHCP photo sessions for the July 2004 issue of MOJO and most of spring 2006 editions of Kerrang!) is being auctioned on the eBay page of UK-based Teenage Cancer Trust.

All the profits will go to the said charity, the mission of which is making life better for teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is funded solely by donations.

This auctioned photograph is the only one signed by John of a 25 print run.

Its dimensions are 20×24 inches (~51×61 cm) and it’s printed on Fuji Crystal archive paper. The photograph is not framed.

Sounds good? Want to bid? Proceed to the auction page!

Other photographs taken by Page are a part of the charity auction too, all signed, all of guitar players. The players portrayed, among others, are Paul McCartney, Justin Hawkins, Robert Fripp, Brian May and Johnny Mar. To view the entire list, click here.

All auctions will end on midnight British time on Monday, March 31st.

All of the photographs are also on display at the Royal Albert hall, so check exhibition open days if you are able to go. The exhibition is called Resonators and it is most certainly worth visiting!

You can read more about Teenage Cancer Trust on their official website and have a look at Scarlet Page’s portfolio here.

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  • Maldoror

    Looks like a happy person, very comfortable in the photographer's presence. Just being. Good photo.

  • Vinny

    cool signature too-symmetric, round and sharp w/ a triangles… looks a little like a butterfly, too.

  • Luca

    Sorry I know that it's for teenage cancer charity but 600 british bugs for an unsigned photograph… hmm

      • Luca

        You didn't actually read it… 1 photograph is signed (1 of 25!) and you can get it on ebay. You can buy the other unsigned once on Scarlet Page's page for 600!

        • MaB

          Yeah you are right, my bad 🙂 I thought it's only the one photograph that is one ebay, I thought the 25 refers to all the other signed auctions on ebay. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • Vinny

    Hey Iva,

    To what do the two top pieces under "Recent Releases" refer? One says "On the Record", and the other says "Musicians as Artists"

  • Chris

    I just did a google search of this photo because I was at the Royal Albert hall seeing The Cure last night and walked past the picture on the wall.

  • Josh

    I was at the Royal Albert Hall seeing Suede last night and I missed this!! Damn. Saw the photos of Robert Fripp and Johnny Marr amongst others though

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