Enclosure is now out!

Enclosure display from Japan. Credit: Tower Records
Enclosure display from Japan. Credit: Tower Records

Enclosure is now out, worldwide. If you’re among people who like their music in digital format only or if you can’t wait for your CDs, records and cassettes and the satellite app left you wanting a higher bitrate; check your e-mails for download links. :]

If you have not purchased your copy yet, head to the western hemisphere store (as said some weeks ago, everybody gets digital from the same place) and acquire your files.

Need the other Japanese bonus track, Vesiou? Some Japanese digital stores, such as this one, do not restrict purchases from other countries.

Need the lyrics? Enclosure page has it. More details will be added to that one later today.

Need tips on how to make the best out of your listening experience? Use your headphones. The high-quality version of the album has many subtle sounds waiting for you to discover them.

Need to know how and why? John gave quite a few interviews this year.

Enjoy the album! And come back here to share your impressions of it, favourite track(s) and whatever comes to your mind!

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  • Leon

    Already listened to Enclosure last week, but Vesiou was a nice extra present. Really digging it!

  • Sonnie

    Shining Desert is a Masterpiece!! With Here Say (from PBX) and 909 Day (from Letur-Lefr) forms a really dope trio!!! Now I'm really cusrious about John's new style! He said that this is his last electronic album, I wonder what he'll do in the near (I hope) future!!!

      • Sonnie

        ''Enclosure is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX." From his site and wikipedia.
        In my opinion, a many others in the web, this mean Enclosure is his last work with this style of music.
        Maybe I'm wrong, but as you certanly know, John doesn't play the same style often, so I guess this is cuold be wery well his last work with the electronic music.

        • schniefelus

          Having read his recent interviews, I doubt he'll stop to heavily rely on electronic instruments. My guess would be that he maybe breaks with the concept of drums being one of the if not THE leading instrument of his recent releases…

          • Sonnie

            Possible, maybe he chose to use ''normal'' drums!, anyway I liked so much his recent works, but in my opinion, as a musician, he reached a point where he needs to change something. I hope he comes back to play the guitar as main instrument… but a mix of PBX-Enclosure and Empyrean would be cool!!! We only have to wait!

      • Sonnie

        Cavolo non ho visto il tuo nome, sei Italiano! io sono Fabio, ma il mio soprannome è sonnie! Trovare un fan di John è dura in Italia, il popolino non capisce una mazza… per non dire di peggio.

        • Iva

          Sonnie, ti prego di continuare a communicare in inglese – questo è una discussione molto interessante, sarebbe stato un peccato di non lasciare gli altri dare i suoi opinioni, che ne pensi? Vale?

          E credo che Luca è tedesco. 🙂

    • Leon

      Well for me its very clear that his new direction is the hip-hop scene. I think he will keep doing that for a while. Just my thoughts!

      • Sonnie

        Maybe we have to wait long time for another solo album. …. Now in June and DecemBber will be released 2 works of the black knight, so at least a year or 2 we have to wait to see a new JF album…

        • DP3

          Don't worry about the future, right NOW is the present and Frusciante just released a GREAT album! Be grateful!

    • blah

      Pretty sure "presently my last word" means "my latest word" and not "my last word using this style". Don't think he would limit himself like that.

  • Johannes


    Thank you for your recent John Frusciante – Enclosure LP order.

    Unfortunately there has been a delay with receiving this item from our suppliers.

    I can however confirm that your order should be dispatched later this week.

    Please accept out apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience caused by this delay.

    Anyone else?

    • Luca

      I got this e-mail too… As the e-mail said, I also think that they will send it to us this week, so that we get it next week

    • Anne

      I got a mail saying that the LP had been dispatched a couple of days ago.

      Yesterday I got a mail saying that Enclosure is out now.

      I'm a bit confused but confident.

      • Iva

        Can you provide more details on this? My guess is that the first e-mail was from Topspin customer service and the second from the John Frusciante mailing list; but I might be wrong…?!

        • Luca

          I'm from Germany and ordered it at the Europe & Rest of the world shop… The mail was from the digital stores customer service (they run the shop) and it was the same mail as on top, but nothing has dispatched yet. So I'm a bit confused 😀 because they said that it should be dispatched later this week.. I don't have more information sorry!

        • Johannes

          Got two emails, both from digitalstores saying there's a delay. One of them contained a little more info, but that was just how I cancel my order for the LP to get the CD..

        • Anne

          Yes, you are right (topspin and mailing list).
          I was able to look at the shipping progress.
          It says it's on its way.

      • Chris

        When I hit the shopping cart button, after choosing the flac copy of Vesiou, a pop up comes up that I can't copy to translate and when you hit ok it goes away and nothing happens.

    • Kellee

      Excellent review. Enclosure is "the weekend John Cage, Tangerine Dream, and Captain Beefheart hung out, made an album, and cooked pizza in a brick oven" is a most apt description of this album! As cacophonous as this album sometime is, it's also relaxing and kinda groovy.

      • floridgush

        Thank you so much! This is my first contribution to the publication, and I was hoping fellow JF fans would like it. You made my night 🙂

  • Juan

    I liked Scratch and Vesiou better than the rest of the album. I'm sure it will grow on me if I keep listening to it, but it kind of dissapointed me. What makes it worse is that I don't really know why.

    • Anne

      I was also curious. But my *research* has led me nowhere, so far.
      The way it sounds is pretty close to 'with you' (with a German accent (:)

    • Iva

      Do read his interviews, especially the one for Discussions Magazine, April 1st issue, he talks about those drums. Drums are dominant instruments in some of the genres of music he’s blending with classic songwriting and there’s a good, good reason they’re loud. 🙂

      • abe

        whether or not there is a good reason they still take away from the experience of listening to the other sounds going on. I reengineered the drums to drop the volume/level and it sounds a hell of a lot better now.

  • JGL

    Hey Iva I have a question. So I pre-ordered the album April 3rd and I got an email that it was shipped Monday, April 7th but I still haven't gotten it. This is my first time ordering any of his albums online (and from Topspin) so I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to wait? Not only that, but when I entered the tracking number it said that my order has been in Hebron, Kentucky (I live in Michigan, they're very close) since April 6th and it hasn't moved at all since then!

    • untitled #6

      My black knights CD was mailed to some random woman in Michigan, who was kind enough to forward it to me. I think topspin isn't the most reliable and you might want to contact them.

      • JGL

        Yeah, I did. The guy that I emailed said he's going to forward my email to their fulfillment team so I hope to get a reply from them soon enough and get this fixed. I've never ordered anything from Topspin before so I had no idea.

    • Iva

      I am not 100% sure with how US mail distribution works, but can you locate the place where it’s supposedly sitting at and call?

      Also, was vinyl included in your order? I believe there was a slight delay with vinyl.

      • JGL

        I tried calling them but it was a computer (the actual people were busy) so it got nowhere; I did just send them an email though.

        And nope, no vinyl, just the CD and t-shirt. I emailed Topspin about it though, and the guy said he's going to forward my email to their fulfillment team and I should get a reply in one day. I don't know how that's going to work out considering it's Friday (they may be not work for the weekend).

  • untitled #6

    Recommendation: make a playlist where you tack on outsides to the end of enclosure.

    Still not understanding how (apparently) vocals make that much of a difference. The guitar work on that one is incredible. But that was not received well even though stylistically the two albums aren't very different at all.

  • Froo

    After hearing this so called music I'm officially jumping off the John Frusciante music train after 14 years as a fan. This is a sad sad time…

    • brummieapril

      Don't think you're the first and doubt you'll be the last, unfortunately. John has a way of polarizing people. Both with his music and with his words :/

    • Anne

      For 14 years. I envy you. You must have seen him or the band live.

      Don't jump off the train, or at least be prepared to enter again sometime. You know that John redefines his preferences, his style quite often. He's a *musician in progress* 🙂

      • Froo

        Yea I've seen them loads of times 🙂 since i was 14 and im 30 now. Your reply made me happy. Maybe I should just have an open mind and rethink buying a ticket to that train sometimes again. 🙂

    • Frippatron

      Yep. Up until the Empyrean, in my opinion John made music from the heart. Now he makes music from the head like a scientist. All these latest releases leave me cold. Soulless" i'm sad to say…

      • brummieapril

        I kind of get where you're coming from with the music (although I personally love it). But his lyrics on Fanfare, Shining Desert and Sleep, for example, for me definitely come from his heart. To me, they are pure love songs, like In Your Eyes and In My Light.

  • Joe k

    I can't figure out how to buy vesiou from the link supplied. I'm having the same problem with the pop up but can't figure out how to get past it. Any suggestions? Thanks. Love the album and lyrics are great.

  • Adammmmmmmm

    listened to the whole set of 'new' JF albums: leture-lefr-pbx-outsides-enclosures all in a row,… before I thought the albums were average, but hearing all in one sitting, the progression and all the layers and textures, these four albums as a whole piece of music are masterpieces,

  • Anne


    Got enclosure today.

    Love love love Shining Desert, Fanfare, Cinch.
    It may sound funny, but I feel as if have known fanfare and cinch my whole life. It does remind me a bit of the early Genesis.
    Zone is great, too, must digest the lyrics.

    Best easter egg ever. Love you, John.

  • Luca

    So now I'm fucking angry… My order has been dispatched nearly 2 weeks ago. They say the delivery times are 4-7 working days, and today is the 8th day…
    First, the had a little delay so they did send my order one week after the release.
    Now I didn't receive it yet. What is this shit?! I pre-ordered because I wanted to have my Album quick after the release, but THREE WEEKS LATER I'm still waiting for it (I think this is the sense for pre-ordering an Album)… insolence

    • Iva

      As far as I know, Germany can be a bit of PITA with customs, so I don’t think you should worry yet. Has it, by any chance, arrived today or yesterday?

      • Luca

        No and I already contacted the John Frusciante Europe Shop, and they said I should ask my local post sorting office for holding it for me, but they don't have anything.
        I'll wait till saturday and when it will not arrive, I want to get my money back and I have to buy it at another store…

  • Luke

    I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this same problem or maybe has some insight into what's happened.
    Basically I pre-ordered the vinyl on Amazon on the 27th of March and by the time it was supposed to be dispatched, amazon contacted me saying they've had some problem with the supplier or something like that and it would be dispatched later than expected. After checking on Amazon and John's website, it appears that the vinyl is now out of stock/unavailable in Europe (I'm in Scotland).
    This just seems a bit strange as I placed the order over a month ago and I've still gotten no word about it being dispatched or even what the issue is. It would appear that Amazon's supplier is John's label or whatever you'd call it but I really can't be certain.
    Has anyone else had the same issue or knows what's up?

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