Another new Black Knights song, Shadows of a Panther

Black Knights have released yet another new song produced by John on Record Collection Music. This time it’s a number called Shadows of a Panther and you can enjoy it below.

As per last of of the below social media statuses, it appears that the hip-hop duo originally intended to share a different song.

You can grab this song and its instrumental as a FLAC or hi-res wav on John’s official site.

So, which one do you like better and why?

* Many thanks to Pat and Aeo for helping compile this

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  • WFox

    Well, so far so good, but this time I must admit that im "lost in translation". My head hurts a bit after hearing that. I mean it is interesting, yes. But it makes me feel bad. Im not going to listen to that unless i would want to hurt myself. Sorry guys.

    • Minna

      Do keep your mind clear and pure, for it is the window you see the world through. 🙂 It is your actions, it is your fellow human being, it is your universe, it is all that for it is.

      Ps. I have not even listened to Enclosure once. I know… 😀

      • coldcode

        Minna! Long time no see! I like your style. Hehe… I also haven't listened to Enclosure once… But many times… :O It's best to just go apeshit indian shaman style random dancing to it.

        I know what you mean though… is it possible to only get good part of the mixed soup of good/bad? It's interesting you still follow this blog and don't listen to music that it's dedicated to. Honest question – why?

        Song is really "sick" and – depending which side you look from in a good and bad way. :O

        • Minna

          The lady pink hasn't listened to anything after Medevil chamber, which I listened once. And she follows this blog for the same reason she always did: to see what you guys write. I have followed this site years before I even wrote anything. At the times I most actively followed it, I didn't even write on it. It used to be all blue back then.

          I can choose what I do and who I am. For example when people are assholes, I usually shut my ears and change my place. If you let those people stain you and think they can tell you what you are, you will soon have shitload of shit in your mind too. That is all you see around then, for we see what we are. I am in a very happy and peaceful place in my mind atm, and hope you are too. All the best for you guys and thanks to Iva. I will stick around, don't worry… 😀

  • orangevarld

    I absolutely love Medieval Chambers, but if The Almighty sounds like these two new songs, I doubt I'm going to like it.

  • sides

    These two tracks might be b-sides from The Almighty, like how we heard a few non-album songs (Never Let Go, Roundtable Discussion, Liquid Sky) off of Medieval Chamber before it came out. I actually dig them quite a bit. They're different than the first album, which is always cool.

  • Cameron

    This is better than the non-album material that came out before 'Medieval Chamber', especially because of the insane guitar work. The chorusing of vocals doesn't add anything for me; honestly, it is annoying and distracting. Also louder vocals, these are too quiet for hip-hop.

  • Mycatisrat

    Hehehe the songs are Ok, nothing special but I'd bet the album will be better. If I'm not mistaken these songs were recorded back in around the same time as Medieval Chamber. I think I remember that being said in an interview last year. I wonder what John is up to now. Seems like his newer stuff is taking 12-24 months to get released, which is fine but does get you to wonder what he's doing NOW. Playing guitar hero with Duran Duran??? 🙂 When's that coming out.

    • Iva

      There hasn't been any news on that for a while; so once there is some, we will let you know. Happy new year! 🙂

  • Antwonnn

    I guess I must be a fanboy because I loved it…. 🙁 I like to trip out man what can I say. All of John's new music makes me trip out on the tunes. If you wanna hear his old catchy doo da yee haw shit then go listen to it.

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