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Dewa Budjana’s guitar museum to include John’s autographed guitar

Acclaimed Indonesian guitarist Dewa Budjana is on a mission to open a museum of guitars. The Gitarku Museum is located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and was originally to feature only Budjana's own items as well as those donated by fellow Indonesian guitarists such as Chrisye, Rhoma Irama, Baim, Baron, and Eross Chandra.

In addition to this, the musician is to exhibit international musicians' guitars as well. Earlier this month, he took a trip to USA to collect instruments from nine American guitarists.

"I use this trip to gather guitars used by American musicians, from their personal collection. I come to their place to ask for their autographs and photos for the museum. So the museum will display not only guitars and photos of Indonesian musicians, but also from them." said Budjana in a recent interview to VOA Indonesia.

The world-renowned virtuosos whose autographed instruments will be exhibited in Museum Gitarku so far include Michael Landau,Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern,Dweezel Zappa, Guthrie Govan, Pat Metheny, Steve Lukather, Bill Frissell, Allan Holdsworth, Robbie Krieger, Michael Angelo Batio, Steve Vai and, as seen below, John.

Photo courtesy of  Dewa Budjana

These photos are courtesy of Budjana and the two virtuosos seem to be having a great time.

 Photo courtesy of Dewa Budjana

According to the VOA Indonesia article, John claimed that he adores Budjana's latest work, Surya Namaskar; some of which you can listen to here.

"Even Frusciante, who is known as a rather withdrawn individual, invited me over to his house," said Budjana; and indeed, one of the photos he shared as a part of a collage posted on his instagram profile, features the two in the familiar recording space where a lot of musicians were seen in the recent years.

The museum is set to open in late 2015 and, through its website, Budjana states that "he felt that not only could it serve as a testament to his lifelong passion for the instrument, but also as his contribution for the people of Bali and Indonesia that would enable future generations to learn more about the musicians whose playing has graced the guitar over the years"

You can read more about Museum Gitarku on its official website.

* Many thanks to Anisa for the heads-up and translation of the VOA Indonesia news item which this news comp is based on.


12 Reactions to Dewa Budjana’s guitar museum to include John’s autographed guitar

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  2. BopPunkGreg says:

    JF represents a beautiful spirit. That his beauty is welcomed on a global scale is cause for collective optimism.

  3. Vinny says:

    Which guitar is that? The '57 strat? Doesn't look like it...some other, non-vintage guitar?

    • Eric Clapton says:

      American standard stratocaster, 2 point bridge,adjustable truss rod on the outside, probably not him.

  4. dude says:

    Would definitely enjoy having a beer with the man!

  5. brummieapril says:

    Damn! There goes my hopes of John working with Tony Levin and/or Peter Gabriel 🙁

    • coldcode says:


      • brummieapril says:

        Because when I first saw the photo, I looked up Dewa Budjani (sorry, I'd not heard of him), and discovered he was in LA working with Tony Levin. I got a little over-excited thinking he might introduce John to Tony (my favourite bass player) and they might do a little project or something together. I would love for that to happen! From that, my imagination went wild and I thought, "What if Tony then introduced John to Peter Gabriel or maybe Robert Fripp!". But it was just me, dreaming, because I then read above the real reason John had met Dewa. It's all good though.

        • coldcode says:

          Yeah, I once had Fripp or Belew - Frusciante collaboration in my mind too. Nothing wrong with imagining that kind of thing. And hey, you never really know what's going to happen.

  6. Jay says:

    I find it funny to see johns name up their with the rest all being some if the most technically is not the most (for the most part) advanced guitar players.

  7. Alice Olivia says:

    I love John, marry me!

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