John is releasing an album on April 7th, as Trickfinger

The first time the phrase “fancy trick finger guitar” appeared in the credits for Swahili Blonde’s Man Meat LP in 2009, it didn’t sound like anything more than descriptive speak. Years later, Black Knights are crediting Trickfinger and referring to Trickfingers [sic] Playhouse; and a two-track digital EP surfaces over on Neurotic Yell.

Therefore, it should not come as a major surprise that John is to release a self-titled album under the Trickfinger moniker on April 7th. The album’s opening track, After Below can be previewed on Soundcloud. Trickfinger will be released on AcidTest, as sublabel of Los Angeles House & Techno label Absurd Recordings.

As per label’s notes, the album has John utilizing the classic hardware that spawned the eternal acid template; and his desire to cede control to machines has paradoxically allowed him to present a singular take on elemental dance music, a brilliant and unexpected entry into Acid Test’s growing canon of modern, 303-focused dance music.

[clear] [left_side]
Trickfinger cover art
Trickfinger cover art – click to enlarge
[/left_side] [right_side] The tracklisting:

  1. After Below
  2. Before Above
  3. Rainover
  4. Sain
  5. 85h
  6. 4:30
  7. 100mc4
  8. Phurip
[/right_side] [clear]

To pre-order the album from anywhere in the world on CD, click here.

To pre-order it on double vinyl, click here.

Shipping is free for you folks in USA, international shipping is fairly affordable, which is great news!

UPDATE: If you’re living in Europe, you can also order vinyl and/or CD from JPC.

This is the follow-up letter, which seems to be recycling some of the long blog post from July 2012:

“I started being serious about following my dream to make electronic music, and to be my own engineer, five years ago. For the 10 years prior to that, I had been playing guitar along with a wide range of different types of programmed synthesizer and sample-based music, emulating what I heard as best as I could. I found that the languages machines forced programmers to think in had caused them to discover a new musical vocabulary…

In 2007, I started to learn how to program all the instruments we associate with acid house music and some other hardware. For about seven months I didn’t record anything. Then I started recording, playing 10 or so synced machines through a small mixer into a CD burner. This was all experimental acid house, my skills at making rock music playing no part in it whatsoever. I had lost interest in traditional songwriting and I was excited about finding new methods for creating music. I’d surround myself with machines, program one and then another and enjoy what was a fascinating process from beginning to end…”

Trickfinger promo photo
Trickfinger promo photo

We’re trying to find somebody to respond to any questions you folks may have. Meanwhile, enjoy this track and SPREAD THE WORD!

* This article was updated on January 31st 2015, with correct tracklisting; some typos were fixed as well.

* Thanks to Stefan for heads-up and Dummymag; FactMag & ResidentAdvisor for bits of the news. and Towomba for cheaper shipping options.

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  • floridgush

    The reason Frusciante is my favorite creator? It isn't about fans, or touring, or money. It's about following the creative impulse, which he has served from beginning to present. I didn't think Enclosure was particularly easy to listen to, yet I still listened to it obsessively 'cause–holy cats!–I love art, and everything John/Trickfinger releases is bold. I nearly wrote "and ambitious," but that's not right at all. He's an explorer, and more of an inspiration to me than any other artist of any genre or media. My guru? Sure. Very happy to see him continuing to evolve.

    • Kitzu_

      Thats totally true! I listened to Enclosure like milion times now, and every time I listen it gives me new toughts. It so inspiring. I loved Enclosure so much, for its unique style, and various rythmes. And this… it reminds me old Depeche Mode tracks. So awesome..

    • brummieapril

      Shame not everyone feels the same way. Unfortunately, the bashing has already begun I'm afraid, most notably from fans of his former band sadly 🙁 I mean, not everyone (most I imagine) is going to like this and I can totally understand that . But for goodness sake, let the man make the music he wants and stop trying to force a guitar in his hand if that's not what he is currently feeling. He's earned that much surely? Nobody is forced to listen and it's absolutely fine to dislike/hate it if you do decide to listen and to comment to that effect. But the personal, derogatory comments are too much. I'm not talking about anyone here btw but, God, I really dislike Chili Pepper fans lately.

      • Minna

        From the general perspective I get what you are saying Brummieapril, but…

        John Frusciante seems to have presented himself almost victimized by "fans" lately and in several interviews he emphasized how he doesn't want to please anyone, especially fans. So how come it is a one way ticket? According to the same logic fans don't own him anything. If it is shit, it is shit. They buy something better then and according to Frusciante's logic also have the right to pronounce that this item sucks. The coke is missing the acid or whatever… 😀

        And to be all experimental, edgy and not pleasing my artists, YO!, that picture has SELLING written all over it. Make no mistake, I don't make my artsy comments to please artists. 😀 I solely listen to the creative force and I am responsible for that only. And if you don't get this, you don't get it, because I am "out there" and you clearly are not. 😀

        Generally speaking we all should act as all our acts would come back to us. And I am sorry for not acting in this post according to it, but I just really find this entitled one way thinking illogical. He doesn't need to please or consider anyone's feelings, but we should be gratefull merely just for getting the possibility to pay for his latest commodity.

        Love and care! You can't buy them nor sell.

    • Minna

      Sorry for being honest and thus bashing(?), but if it wasn't about money, he wouldn't live in a half a million house building drum rooms in the pool cruising on a ship in the Mediterranean while snapping shots with a pricey Canon camera, travelling to Europe from time to time while pricey lawyers, cleaners, managers etc. "take care" of the BUSINESS.

      This is not bashing. If he'd transfer the money right to Africa or whatever you could say it is not about money, but as long as he keeps and consumes from the pile of money he gets, it is about the money. ´

      I work for money to get food and housing and that is about all I get and I am satisfied, but I work for f*king money and so does he – to the power of ten. He don't do it for the money, but he sure has use for it.

      Sorry guys, but I just hate those empty and totally undeserved superlatives. And why the fuck it is always these fucking idiotically rich people, who don't do it for the money, while non of the mere mortals ever deny working partly for the money? Hmmm?

      • brummieapril

        I was talking solely from a music standpoint.
        Sorry but I have no interest in getting embroiled in a social or moral debate on here.

        • Minna

          Making it for money comment wasn't an answer to you, but to the person above stating that Frusciante doesn't do it for money.

          Music can be a social act. Look, I am cool and "out there", an artist breaking new ground. You can hurt with music too, just by applying lyrics that hurt. And I think that the people who "bash" here or wherever you are referring to bash the music – so they are talking also solely from a music standpoint, which for all of us is always our own personal, subjective standpoint. Always.

          And I know, I am the annoying fool – talking about being honest, having integrity and being one with your words – playing your part as fellow human being better than your guitar. Because at the end, what the f*ck does the quitar count? I haven't listened to anything after Medevil chamber, and haven't missed anything. Love and care, Brummieapril! 🙂

  • orangevarld

    Looking forward to listen to the album. It is good that he once more made his style evolve, ut for the first time, my expectations are low: After Below is boring.

  • Emma

    If making slightly odd bleepy music stops him from taking drugs or being dead, let's all just be thankful for that!

  • saulways

    Well the track really isn't that great but I'm still looking forward to the album. There'll be at least one mindblow anyway, as always.

      • Josh

        my guess at the general consensus:
        Ratiug from PBX
        Fanfare from Enclosure
        In My Light from Letur-Lefr
        and all of the Empryean

    • Iva


      Thank you so much for the link, just pre-ordered both CD and vinyl and edited this news item to add this information. By the way, we sent your parent label a message with a couple of additional questions, not sure to whom it went to.

  • raulanne

    John ,you are amazing…. as always.:) please come to Portland Maine this year ..its a great city that loves YOU&!!

  • Kyale

    i think the numbers on the album artwork might be a reference for maybe beats or bars in a song, like a structure chart you can see A – B – C labeled as if there we difference section or markers to add say an instrument or an effect, seems like planning/writing for a track to me. But it is John so who knows 🙂

  • coldcode

    Haha, cover art looks totally like how I used to write notes/ideas for a.. guitar.

    The song. Well I really got into progressive rhythms since PBX (being the only CD in my car I think it's probably my favorite still) and I really loved that so this is umm.. new to me. That one constant beat is a bit annoying to me but I've learned to wait and listen to the whole album and then judge to get the big picture. I remember when Mistakes were released as a preview and didn't think much of it but now I'd say it's a masterpiece. I kinda doubt this is the same but I'm really happy about the new release. Honored to be "a part" of it – to have the opportunity to listen.

  • Rosa

    As long as he's creating music, I won't even say a word guitar. Every record where he's putting his heart and soul, sounds to me as intriguing, special, fantastic, superb, soothing, brilliant John Frusciante.

  • Joe

    Weird Prediction: Trickfinger will produce the new RHCP album, due out this year. In the meantime, we all enjoy new works from the maestro.

    • Andreas

      I laughed – but that would actually be awesome! 😀

      They should leave Warner Bros., get Omar and Aaron Funk on board, John producing (and playing guitar).
      Oh, and on top of that: live collaborations with Lady Gaga, Björk and Wu-Tang Clan.

      I'd totally dig it. 🙂

  • Eve

    So happy to hear this… It's pretty minimalistic but it makes me soooo excited. Really hope to hear his voice on the other tracks.. Keep going John, love the music, love the energy.

  • Cody

    Excited for this. Happy to get some new JF in any form possible. The new song sounds cool too. Happy that he's been putting out a lot of new music for the last couple of years. I can't wait to get a new Black Knights release as well.

  • yayi

    Adam is right, this is truly shit. I don't like this kind of electronica or hip hop, and all John is been doing since 2012 is the same thing.

    Many people say: "Wow, amazing music John, you are the master! bla bla bla…" John is one of the greatest musicians ever, but in rock. To Record Only Water for Ten Days, Shadows Collide with People, Curtains, The Will to Death, Inside of Emptiness, Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt…

    The Empyrean is his last masterpiece, released 6 years ago now (in 2009), now in 2015 he is releasing a chillout album. If you people do some research on soundcloud and bandcamp you will discover a lot of music of this kind, even much better than this song. I really love John, but you don't have to praise everything he does. I don't like it and most people don't like either. This is horrible. That's it. Deal with that.

    Few times in my life I have seen so much talent wasted.

    • torr

      you and your kind of narrowminded people will never understand, who are you to judge a beautiful expressive mind like jf . who else is crossing borders as often as he did,? this alone makes him an exceptional artist these days!

    • 30400v

      Don't you think some people might like it, and even more? It's just a matter of taste after all. To me the best music John ever made is the music he released since 2012.

      About the fact that some people "praise everything he does" while there's just one new track that might seem to be basic and not that cool to many, I'd say it's called trust. I mean let's imagine you really like The Empyrean and what was before. Then Letur-Lefr comes out and you think you don't like it at first, but still you listen to it and then bam, you really enjoy it. Then PBX comes out, you think it's gonna be like the Letur-lefr you adore and then bam "It's just some fucking noise, I can't listen to that" but then, like magic, it becomes the only music you can listen to for days. Then Outsides comes out and you're starting to know how it goes. Still you have some doubt about it, but it's quickly away as you listen the EP two couples of times. Then Enclosure comes out and your brain knows he has to trust John's creative power, and that you will never be against whatever music John will release. John's spirit is in all his music, whatever the form of it.

      But of course you have to be open-minded enough to let that happen…

  • magnificent

    To 30400V,

    I stopped reading you after you wrote: "To me the best music John ever made is the music he released since 2012." How old are you? 15? 14?

    This sounds uninspired and ordinary. This is just getting a lot of spotlight just because it's John. Anybody could have done this, millons of people are doing this everyday on soundcloud and bandcamp and no one gives a shit.

    My 6 years old nephew could make this kind of Acid House on my Korg equipment and his Casio drum machine or in Fruty Loops.

    • 30400v

      It's not because someone appreciate music that you dislike that automatically that person is a kid who doesn't know shit. Also I'm sure that if you take 1000 random people who likes, for example, Curtains and Shadows Collide there would be way more teens in that group than in 1000 random people who likes PBX and Outsides.

      I agree this track might seem to be simple, easy to make, basic and all but you have to wait for the whole LP to know where it goes. And of course it's "just getting a lot of spotlight just because it's John" because it's fucking John, you know. How could your 6 year old nephew get that much attention if he hasn't done anything before?

      The point is that as basic as this music seems, you still know that everything was controlled by John and went through is mind during the making of that music. I mean, knowing all the music John ever made, played, listened and all, if he now makes something "ordinary", with all his musical background, then it must be for the good. But I think it's not ordinary anyway. There are loads of subtle nuances that are waiting to be heard and felt, listen after listen. I'm sure of that because that's what John's recent music is all about.

      • 30400v

        Here's an example about nuances :

        When the beat starts in Intro/Sabam from PBX the tempo is set to 118bpm, then after two bars it becomes 119bpm. It's really subtle but if you're aware enough you can feel it and this is what is so special about John new music.

        Or maybe I'm wrong about that precise fact but this is how I feel because of the way he plays his instrument, the way he plays his drums that makes me feel an acceleration. But anyway if I'm right or not because it's the same, it's a subtle nuance that can be felt and it's fucking great.

    • brummieapril

      As I said before, you are free to like or dislike whatever art you wish. It's personal taste after all. But explain what age has got to do with anything?

      I'm a child of the 1960s and have been exposed to a whole plethora of music including rock, pop, early electronica and synth prog and pop, punk, post-punk, glam, etc etc. 5 decades of changing music genres and tastes. But, to an extent, I agree with 30400V. I like Letur, PBX and Enclosure much better than Shadows or TWTD for example. I don't like music just because it's John. I can't stand Outsides (and I never thought I could hate a lengthy Frusciante solo) and I'm not a big fan of Sphere.
      Age is wholly irrelevant.

  • brendomc

    I pre ordered because Im a fan and a collector but this is not the Frusciante I fell in love with 12 years ago…. 🙁

  • bubbafrishkeysloop

    it definitely reminds me of something like Aphex Twin, but his sound is very much brighter/clearer, almost spiritual. I always listen a lot of music, but when John is releasing music it always gets me enormously excited. I'm really thrilled for his upcoming LP. I think this will be the best i will listen to in 2015. I love it already, this is pure ambient. Funny thing is, that's exactly the stuff i'm into lately…and that's not even the greatest thing, because he is going more and more into his own interests which i think makes the music always greater… and stronger

    john, please keep making such wonderful music, it is a big source of inspiration

  • Adrian

    I hope John gets out of this electronica phase soon, i cant wait for the day. Everything he has been apart of since The Empyrean has been ok at best. Black Knights, Swahil Blonde and Kimono Kult is high quality rubbish. PBX, Lefur Letr and Outsides is meh.. I can admire the intelligence behind it all but it all lacks the emotion John is known best for. Rather than making me want to listen to music more this music makes me feel annoyed and dislike everything musical. Yeah this is art but so than is Paris Hilton writing music.

    Bring back the guitar! Its beautiful raw and emotional. Electronica is the opposite, logical and produced. John, if you want to write great electronic music you should at least take a page out of Thom Yorke or Ben Watts book. I love you John but enough is enough.

    • 30400v

      PBX, lack of emotion? Come on… Are you a robot or what?

      And about the guitar, yeah there's no guitar on that new record but there's plenty of it on the other ones he released since 2012…

    • Tom

      "Everything he has been apart of since The Empyrean has been ok at best."

      No. Everything since The Empyrean you just haven't liked. There's a massive difference. Also everything John has ever created was very likely directly influenced by his love of electronic music as well as all of the other styles he's into. Not your vibe which is a shame but it works just fine for others.

  • Tom

    Very interested to hear what the record sounds like. Very minimalist approach on the preview track but one track is never a good representation of an albums entire work. I get the feeling John has wanted to showcase his learning curve somewhat in some of the records he's put out over the past 4 years or so.

    It's sad that any new release from John these days comes with comments from fans labeling it as "shit" or "rubbish". Equally some fans will blindly express their love for his work no matter what but it's the negative comments that are most sad.

    If the music John's making of late doesn't do anything for you that's just too bad. He's not the same person or artist he was ten years ago and thank god he isn't. There's nothing worse than an artist that never moves on from a certain style or approach, releasing the same stuff throughout their career of varying quality.

    A lot of "fans" need to just accept that the older albums that feature John's guitar as the vocal point are nothing more than an expression of what John found creatively interesting at that particular time in his life. He's a human being and a pretty deep and complex one at that and it's both healthy and natural that he's moved on from what he was doing ten years ago and he'll continue to do so.

    It's the anger that really puzzles me though that some fans seem to show. Like it really hurts them so much that John's releasing music that they don't like. As if he's personally doing it to try and upset you. Let the anger go, accept it's just not what you're into and go play his old records if they make you feel that good.

    It really is as simple as that. It's a simple choice of listening to the new releases, if you like it great, if you don't like it too bad and move on. Wishing he'd go back to being the person he was in your mind ten years ago or to simply just pick up a stratocaster and start wailing out solos on records again, is absurd. It's nothing more than a fantasy in your own mind that has nothing to do with John himself.

    Just try and be positive instead and put things into perspective. Try and be truly grateful that John went to the trouble of recording so much material in his life that you do love and appreciate so much. We're not all going to love every single track and album he ever makes but that's ok. Really, it is.

    John studied the genre of rock and became an absolute master of the guitar, putting out some beautiful records both with the chilis and on his solo records. It's all there, recorded forever more for people to enjoy. But he'd pretty much mined that genre for all it was worth and has his head turned onto a whole bunch of new fields of music to explore. Just because it's electronic or minimalist, simple or complex, or sample based etc it doesn't make it any better or worse than the work he did with his guitar. It's just a matter of taste at the end of the day.

    As far as I can tell John looks both happy and healthy these days and he's doing what he loves best in creating. Keep on doing what you're doing John x

    • Minna

      I understand the anger in some way. I don't think it ultimately stems from what he does musically, but how he acts otherwise. All these comments about not doing it for fans, not wanting to please anyone and not doing it for money are in huge contradiction to the fact that he still gladly asks money from it and uses it big time, sells merchandise and even this record is sold with a babyface picture meant to sell with the "mythical" John image (I am so humble and sweet old addict) just like Enclosure was sold with that enormously photoshopped picture. Fans are something to spit at and underestimate, nothing you even consider ever, but to maximize the profit. I understand why some people are angry. And I probably might even like the album, for i like electronic music.

      But still I don't understand why these people should be gratefull to him? His not grateful for them. For a lot of people, people like me, buying a bundle is a huge investment. There is enough gratitude on my part. I don't thank Coca-cola Company in my mind every day even though I consume their products. Thanks to me and people like me, he doesn't need to work and can travel, have fancy clothes, expensive vintage guitars and record collections, get good healthcare and assistance when he needs it. He and his associates can make records or throw dice on yacht. I can't. Even though most of the mentioned, I don't even want to.

      Plus I think you are wrong in stating that there is nothing worse than an artist that doesn't change their style. Style is a social act, a concept, a need to be something. In a way most musicians write the same song over and over. Even when you glue a different style on top, the essence and the melodic patterns are the same. In my opinion Fruciante's musical approach hasn't changed, he has just glued it to another style.

      I like many musicians who did the same genre all their life, people like Rory Gallagher (well, heavier sometimes, more folky and so on, but basically the same). He rather worked for the audience and in that sense was a traditional musician than an "Artist" conceptually creating a higher status for something that doesn't really have it. No music is "out there". It is all here and just music. People just misuse a simple thing as that. And what is this art? I haven't figured it out.

  • Vinnie

    LOL. The haters in this thread are awesome: if you don't like it go listen to something you like. It is comical that each of you feel the need to share this with random people. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Sam

    Tom/Vinnie, people are entitled to their own opinions. Dont rubbish someone elses opinion. A true friend will always tell you what they truely feel about something and not to always give complements even if something is really bad. Like, love or hate, dont rubbish another persons opinion/critircism.

    • Tom

      Hi Sam. Apologies if i came across as if i was rubbishing other peoples opinions. That certainly wasn't my intention. What i was trying to get at was simply that I don't see the point on slating the work of an artist that you have previously enjoyed simply because it's not what you want from them. It's totally cool and normal for people not to like certain works of an artist I just don't agree with obvious anger fueled "it's shit" or "its rubbish". It's different from simply accepting that it just so happens the artist in question is turned on by other ways of working now and it's not for me. I'm probably just caring too much about spreading negativity though so apologies if it sounds a little trivial.

      • Vinnie

        I never implied they aren't entitled to their opinions. I find it hilarious that they feel the need SHARE their NEGATIVE OPINIONS with random people. Stop rocking the boat and grab an oar. Here is MY OPINION for you Sam: your OPINION sucks butt.

        • Minna

          In the first place, you Vinnie, shared your negative opinion of the random people here. So look for hilariousity in the mirror.

          Why does John share his music with random people? What a hilarious fucking attention whore… ;D I don't share mine…

          • Iva

            Minna, this will be the first and last warning after I had to close comments to Noisey interview in June/July: whatever makes you start arguments on every single comment thread – please, stop it. I don’t want to be forced to block your IP, but I may have to; as none of the things you have said in the last year or so are relevant to actual music John Frusciante has been releasing in any way. By doing this, you don’t respect this website, you don’t respect us who work on it and you don’t respect the fellow fans who participate in these discussions.

            Thank you.

            • Minna

              You can do whatever you want to do with your power. If you do wrong, you can hide behind it. I am not a mod and do not own a website. I can't spit and record my hurtful lines with knights and sell and distribute them everywhere. I don't have money nor a lawyer nor fame and thus I am not licked and automatically loved. I am not humble nor sweet nor out there. I am just a human who wants to look life and truth in the eye.

              You do whatever you think is the right thing to do.

  • Thomas

    If John did not write the music he did 10yrs ago most of us would not be on this website. If John only wrote the music he has done since 2012 most of us would not be on this website.

  • schniefelus

    Seems like standard acid house stuff to me. Listenable but a bit unexciting for my taste (was hoping for a more ambitious release). I'll give the album a chance though

  • Fam

    I was in a nasty little thrift store yesterday in NC. Found a very small area in the back with VHS cassettes and random 70s & 80s CDs. I was shocked when I found a near mint copy of TROWFTD tucked away. Price 80cents. Sad to see that someone abandobed it. But, then I was happy imagining some poor teenager rumaging through and buying it, then discovering John's amazing guitar playing & incredible lyrics on that album. I think its sad that John's solo musical trajectory has gone in the direction it has to have people leaving his music behind. TROWFTD is an amazing album balanced with incredible guitar playing, lyricism AND amazing integration of electronic instrumentation. How John went grom there to here I'll never understand. I like the new Trickfinger, but it is lightyears behind what he did in 2003. What gives?

  • grorganic

    "When you love, whatever you do is because you want to do it. It becomes a pleasure, it's like a game, and you have fun with it. When you love, you don't expect something to happen; whatever happens is okay, and hardly anything disappoints you."

    -don Miguel Ruiz

  • Luke

    John Frusciante just farted. OMG it sounds so good, you are the master John. I love this new direction you are going. Cant wait to hear more!

  • floridgush

    "If they do not laugh, it would not be the Tao." I'm glad he isn't just repeating himself. Some of his output puts me off at first, but I've never felt disappointed. Enclosure challenged me, but it was purely self-indulgent I think–he's making the art he wants to make, not what he thinks we want to hear. He's a middle-aged artist who's been famous for most of his life. Even if he released an album of farting noises, it'd be JF farting noises.

    There's that story about a woman asking Picasso to draw her a picture, and Picasso scribbling a picture in a hurry and asking for some crazy amount of cash. "But you spent five minutes on it!" the lady called out. Picasso replied, "You're mistaken. I've been working on this all my life."

    Art isn't a product until it's finished. I don't think he gives a shit about that part anymore. That, among other reasons that are hard to pin down, is why I will support him to the end.

  • dobio

    Why the fuck should he make another curtains or whatnot? He already gave it to us…imo it's absolutely amazing that he just follows his feeling…he will always push the boundaries..with ups & downs….maybe it will not be his best album to date…but who cares?it still will be better than most of the music released this day imo… I love music across the spectrum..and i'm glad that 1 of my favourite artists is same…can you just imagen what he will make in the future? Damn…can't wait…

  • chimobi

    He's been on that Radiohead plane of production for a while: you gotta listen to the recordings a bunch and then not listen to them for a while and then when you hear them again you realize "this is perfect awesomeness."

  • DaveJenkins

    Hi all!
    It's written in the record notes, that all songs were recorded in 2008. Does anyone know why the record is released in 2015 (7 years after the recording??)

    • Iva

      I assume it depends on a variety of factors, but would not be the first time something was released years later.

      • DaveJenkins

        Sure it's not be the first time. But I hink it is important to keep in mind. A lot of people are commenting how the like/dislike the developement ofJohn's music. So I think it is imoprtant to realize Trickfinger is recorded before PBX and Medival Chamber

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