• Event poster

    Speed Dealer Moms live online TONIGHT, April 25th! Nu:cenosis Festival

    John Frusciante and Aaron funk (Trickfinger and vsnares) will perform as Speed Dealer Moms for the first time, eleven years after the ill-fated performance in the flesh did not take place. Tonight's Nu:genosis rave can be followed via twitch.

  • Arañas en La Sombra is out – Stream It!

    ORL's Arañas en La Sombra, featuring John as well as the most of the original The Mars Volta band members is out. Stream it, buy it, enjoy it!

  • New Black Knights song, Gang Related

    After a significant period of silence, new Black Knights song, Gang Related, produced by John, is available to be stream on Record Collection Music's Soundcloud.

  • John plays piano and organ on Amanda Jo Williams’ album out next month

    A mother of three children with three albums behind her already and a Neurotic Yell Records signee, Amanda Jo Williams is releasing her fourth album, You Are The Father Of My Songs, next month and for now, you can hear 40-second-samples. John is playing piano and organ; pre-orders are open.

  • Carrey, Key & Frusciante

    More from Danny Carey on possibly working with John

    Danny Carey responds briefly to a question concerning possible work with John in the future, in an interview otherwise concering Tool's new album and tour plans, for the New Zealand-based radio station, The Rock FM.

  • John on Sexual Castle demo, “Flip The Scrip”

    Sexual Castle is yet another project of the WEAVE! girls, Ivory Lee Carlson and Nicole Turley. According to their bio, they sit reclined in their ice cream castle, making music for strawberry lovers. These phallic references are - as always - too passé for us mere mortals to understand; but we can surely understand that John is playing on one of the demos. So, check it out!

  • MOJO, February 2013

    “Central” on MOJO’s Johnny Marr collaborations compilation

    "Central", the undoubted highlight from John's 2009 critically acclaimed psychedelic masterpiece The Empyrean is featured on a free CD with the February 2013 issue of MOJO, dedicated to Johnny Marr. For those of you who can't remember everything straight away: mr. Marr plays guitar on both the said track and Enough Of Me.

  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante - polaroid/artwork

    Omar & John vinyl to be re-issued

    According to Sargent House label's Formspring answer, Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante album is going to be re-issued sometime this year, in a different colour. For everyone who did not buy it or who is new to all this and loves the album, this will be a great chance to get to own it.

  • VAGENDA & Weave!

    John is featured on a VAGENDA remix of a Weave! track

    These things just don't seem to be stopping ever since they started, it seems. Weave! have reformed and they have a new album out. The download is shipped with a bonus remix of the last track H (heart) H by VAGENDA and the said remix is featuring John. It's also four times as long as the original track. Convinced yet? Give it a go!