DEAR GOD, THIS THING NEEDS AN UPDATE. EXCUSE ME WHILE I REBUILD THIS CRINGE – February 2020 is a non-commercial website about John Frusciante – guitarist, singer, producer and former Red Hot Chili Pepper. This site serves to update everyone onto what John’s been up to musically; as well as to collect, preserve and protect information and media related to his work. It is not officially affiliated with John Frusciante, record companies he’s been publishing music for, his family, friends et cetera.

Named after the song Invisible Movement, off John’s third solo album, To Record Only Water For Ten Days, the site was launched in 2004 as news blog with a rather sub-par collection of live photographs, text-only magazine articles and a couple of audio files. As time went by, it gradually became the Internet’s only significant English-speaking resource on John Frusciante’s music and career.

Despite being unofficial, this website does not follow the majority of typical fan site practices (posting private photos, copying and pasting news and other information) – its copy has improved over years, the news are not just mere content updates and press-clippings. Record companies, event organisers, documentary authors and other insiders often send us news, clarifications, exclusive sneak previews/premieres, even prizes for the site visitors. I-M handled most of the online promotion for the releases and events that took place from 2008 to 2014, as well as a couple of others since. administrator served as the tech for John’s official site from October 2010 to July 2013. After that, she learned how not to be passive-aggressive and scary, but that’s a different story.

Due to its complex structure, number of contributors as well as changes towards better quality when it comes to media files, this website is always under construction. It is not something made and left to rot. It takes a lot of time to build, update and maintain; so the visitors’ understanding is very much appreciated.

If you have something to contribute to this site, go on – it will be in the right hands and your ownership over whatever material you own will never be in question. What’s yours is always yours. Nobody else gets to show off apart from you, either, if that is what you want. Click here to see how you can support this website and/or contribute to it.

To sum it up, this is a complex website on John Frusciante that hundreds of people have contributed to. And they have done so because they love John Frusciante and his music. And the story goes on…

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