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This page is exactly what it says. The updates are shown in reverse chronological order and, on the bottom, there is a somewhat lengthy explanation of what happened.

April 8th, 2022

March 31st, 2021
– Pages that did not work due to the theme update removing my custom templates are back. Phew, sorry about that!

– The internet album download page links to itself, instead of linking to the as-is page with information on the said release. This is being worked on.

December 02nd, 2020
The site look and feel is gradually being modified to resemble its classic 2012-2019 design, yet keeping the accessibility requirements and mobile-first approach in mind. Still looking for a banner/header!

November 21st, 2020
Paintings and drawings page has been restored.

November 20th, 2020
Most recent releases can be seen in the sidebar again.

November 15th, 2020
The gallery has been restored.

November 13th, 2020

– Erroneous HTML on the internet album page has been fixed and now all twenty tracks are accessible.

Audio interviews page has been cleaned up, since the mp3 player used no longer works. Please, note that the links to help with transcripts are valid, but those to existing transcripts are not. And I have no idea who was supposed to transcribe the Zane Lowe interview, what year was that etc – so that one may still be up for transcription. I need to check for its existence.

– Remains of the download counter have been removed from all pages in the audio section, but the subpages of Live: Solo and Live: with RHCP. Those have been taken offline until fixed, as well.

– Press archive has been restored and is slowly being reorganised, as all the taxonomies for the type had to be converted and output has to be sorted by two criteria: year of publishing and what it is (interview or another article, transcript, old blog post, review of a release, letter or a note, or whatever unsorted thing. Each of the nearly 500 items is now being recategorised, but their URLs will remain the same. It’s just that it will take a couple of days for them to be accessible from the front-end again. The items that are not reviews or magazine articles will appear on the subpages before the latter two do. Then again, reviews appear on release subpages only, which is not to say that they do not have to be recategorised.

– The Letters page in the above section has been renamed to Letters and Notes.

– An entry for Excalibur (Instrumentals) has been added to the solo releases page.

– Images have been re-added to all entries on the Guest appearances page. Since they will also be used as page headers for individual entries, I am in the process of finding the largest versions possible. For the items I own, I am adding scans of the CD or LP inlays that concern John as well.

– The entry for Warpaint’s Exquisite Corpse EP was, in addition to the above, updated with the final cover art as the image used was something that had nothing to do with it. O_O

– The typo in the name of the Johnny Cash boxset was fixed: Unearthed, instead of “Unhearted”. Several other formatting issues, inaccuracies etc. were fixed.

– Free Music page has been taken offline for reorganisation purposes.

– Tweaks were made to the navigation menu.

– A database clean-up has been performed in order for the website to work faster. This has not been an issue since we have moved from S**vage, but still.

November 12th, 2020

Interview for Giornale della musica was added to the press archive.

– Trickfinger II was added to solo releases.

Guest appearances have been updated with the one on Dewa Budjana’s album Manahdini and the most recent one with Omar Rodriguez Lopez, on ORL’s Arañas en La Sombra. The latter sat in drafts for more than four years. Oops.

– Discography pages for the Black Knights, guest appearances, Filmography, soundtracks, bibliography and collaborations are operational again. Images coming up very soon. Actual entries, well, sometime – depending on the category.

– Images have already been added to the listings of solo releases, collaborations and JF-produced Black Knights albums and one-off songs.

– Page with other artists’ covers of John’s songs has been completely restored and updated with the newer cover art for Carissa’s Wierd unreleased tracks compilation. And that was not a typo.

– Images for most news posts from 2019, 2018, 2017 and up to mid-2016 have been recovered. Now they don’t look wonky.

– The oddly-named “Volunteer Checklist” page is now Help & Contribute. And once I have an idea of what I was doing last time around, who submitted what etc, the information on it will be correct. Give me a couple of millennia.

– Pages for two out of three non-documentary and non-RHCP films John was in, Desert in Shape and Stuff are fully operational and accessible from the Filmography listing. The only exception to this is being able to actually watch Stuff since Flash video was deprecated and I am looking for a better solution.

November 10th, 2020:

– It case it was never specified, everything in the Audio section works. If a player opens for a file, just do whatever is commonly done to download it. For example, right-click and save on Windows.

– The magazine articles page is functional, too. But it outputs only the years for the time being as the current solution I use to output items related to specific categories and terms does not function right and displays no results, whatsoever. This is currently being worked on, as it will practically render everything on the site accessible again within mere hours.

– In addition to the above, placeholders for 2018, 2019 and 2020 listings have been added.

– The page for cancelled events was updated with information on that one year where everything was cancelled. Oh, look, the floor is made of floor.

– The page for cover songs was updated with missing information. Namely, there was a The Germs tribute involving John, Josh and Flea at the end of 2000 and it IS in the gigs database, but there was no information of who else was there and which songs were played. D’oh!

– Temporary entry listings have been added for the 1997 Nuttstalk tour, 2001 shows, 2004 shows, other solo shows and misc. live appearances. Keep in mind that some of the entries contain broken code and random nonsense, while some might even be completely blank.

– A very random review by yours truly has been added – John’s cameo with Mike Watt and the Missingmen in Vienna, December 06th, 2006. He opened for his own band and some people had no idea who he was – quite funny.

November 09th, 2020:

– All images were restored on the following pages: references in popular culture, paintings and drawings, tattoos, speed dealer moms and other bands and projects.

– The songs list works again.

-Release entries have been added for Maya, A3t1ip, Look Down See Us, She Smiles Because She Presses the Button and Lyng Shake.

– Thumbnails have been added/re-added for all of the above, Poem and To Record Only Water For Ten Days.

– Basic song entries have been added for Poem, Lyng Shake and A3t1ip.

– The name “other bands and projects” has been changed to “live-only cover bands” and it will be broken in two pages, as the notes about Three Amoebas and Kimono Kult are to be moved elsewhere.

– Gallery has been disabled until its contents are fully online again.

November 08th, 2020:

– Our move from Servage to world-famous DreamHost has been completed.

– The site is operational and much faster because the server works as intended.

– The gallery will be back in a cuouple of days, max. one week.

– The video section was disabled until further notice.

– Feedburner issue seems to have resolved on its own.

October 27th, 2020:

– This page was created (duh).

– Server settings temporarily adjusted as good as it was possible, so some stuff can be done before our move to a different host.

– Feedburner has issues, it displays a bizarrely small subscriber count.

– Updating the song and release database has been marked high priority.

– A new, spam-proof email address was added to the side widgets.

What’s going on?


As the most long-term site fans know, went through somewhat of a series of rough patches recently. When I say “series”, think of something with thirty seasons, not something cancelled after the pilot. There were times people offered to buy the entire website from me, there were times when they would just ask for the entire thing in a giant zip. And my relationship with has changed over the recent years, after having seen what regular, non-superstar musicians were like, both by quietly sitting or standing by them and through my lens of a woman finally achieving her decades-long goal of becoming a legitimate concert photographer. Oddly enough, the events of 2020 were exactly what I needed to get back on the track. I don’t think this would have happened if the RHCP shows were not cancelled, I was not ready to face dynamic updates and JF himself onstage, presumably in Athens, Greece in June.

I had a severe depressive episode triggered by a wrong diagnosis and unnecessary medications with many physical and neurological symptoms in 2017, when even reading and writing was a struggle. Then 2018 and 2019 were years of recovery and exploring new things but also of general cluelessness about what’s next. There was quite an inner conflict regarding whether this entire project should be continued or passed on to somebody else. And sometime at the beginning of that rough patch, the old gallery broke and I had to switch to a far less satisfying script. It’s somewhat good that the latter two were relatively dormant years, JF-wise, with just a single track released!

As if that had not been enough, the hosting company we had been hosted with from November 2006 to November 2020 announced a major server move that took place mid-April 2019. Once we were settled on what was supposed to be a better and faster server, it turned out that all the image uploads outside of the gallery no longer existed. Each single thumbnail, release cover image/album art and the like was removed and the support staff gave me shady and ambiguous responses whenever we asked them to recover those. That was fifteen years of additional images lost, a large blow for the archive.

The other issue was the outdated WordPress theme that I had programmed and designed from scratch in late 2011 and tweaked on from 2012 to 2016. Since then, PHP went a couple of versions up, WordPress itself changed a lot, mobile users took lead from desktop and laptop folks – and things would stop working one by one. At the very end of 2019, as JF news got extremely exciting all of the sudden, I was stuck with a half-assed website that looked wacky to folks browsing the internet exclusively on their smartphones. The only way to have a working website was to have a downtime to clean up, which costed us some Google juice, and then to set up a temporary solution – a WordPress theme that looked OK and did its job.

On the other hand, 2020 has just been…2020. Fifty days of strict curfew in Belgrade during the spring did not help me catch up. Then, as we loosened up, I contracted Covid-19 and it gave me spasms and fatigue for weeks, regardless of how mild of a case I was. The whole prospect of revisiting every single page, every single piece of data on this site looked scary – like swallowing an entire watermelon in comparison to a single blueberry! Eventually, as of mid to late October, I’m on it again. If anybody is willing to help, ask away, I might need people to resurrect those pesky images from, change funny characters that appeared in some press archive items and whatnot. Additionally, you can always help us with hosting and other costs. We have moved hosts successfully in the first third of November 2020, but tips are always welcome.

Another thing that was lost during the now-infamous server upgrade was, ironically, a .txt file with site updates, including even the smallest of changes, that I had maintained since this exact day eight years ago. And when you go through severe depression and recovery, you forget stuff. I have no idea where I was with which thing, what magazines were re-scanned with a better scanner from September 2015 on, what magazine archives were obtained, which physical releases were already photographed, whom I was supposed to hunt down for translations they had promised months prior. So, if there is anything from back then that you did not get a response to – remind me, I have no clue about it, it’s like my memory has been wiped. It does not help that my old mailbox receives a couple of hundred spam messages per day. Oh, and there’s that real life of an actual human being that exists elsewhere on the internet and offline.

I might write about the conflicting relationship with the site, fans, stans, the whole perception of women related to music who are not musicians – but not here, definitely. It’s a complex subject. If I had gone back in time to 2004, I would have been terrified of starting an archive like this, it would have seemed too invasive after a decade veiled in secrecy. Now with the internet having become what it is – stalkerish, full of disposable and half-asses content, I would – on the contrary – encourage Gen-Z kids to make websites that would leave a trace in time. Somebody might come along in ten, fifteen, twenty years and enjoy discovering the work of musician that was active long before their time, or has a niche/cult following. Websites as cool as or the Guided By Voices Database simply need to exist. I would not consider this one as cool as those examples.

Thanks for understanding this whole thing and – of course – for supporting this restoration and overall!

– Iva, October 27th 2020, a sentence or two updated November 10th, 2020

The photo used in this article is my dog, Judi, with various Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff back in December 2012 – just in case you’re wondering!

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