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Even more press reactions on RHCP jamming again

RHCP in 2006A couple more days have gone by and the media is still picking on the Billboard article about RHCP going to jam in October, during the breaks between Chad Smith’s commitments with Chickenfoot and Meatbeats. It’s pretty interesting to follow this, given that some people are really ecstatic to the point where it’s scary, that some are amused and that there are even those writing in all caps and wanting to kill the band.

In fact, MTV was the most original of them all and they actually provided their news in an unusual format, with the full-length Californication video clip attached to it (before you ask: no, you won’t get an error message that it’s not available in your country, it actually works) and a very interesting text, following the news of the most recent California eartquake.

If there’s one band that lives and dies by the fortunes of southern California, it’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band — who recently announced that they would be getting back together in October after a two year hiatus — got its start in the greater Los Angeles punk scene and have since become a massive worldwide phenomenon. But even as they became one of the biggest bands in the world, their hearts never really left the city that gave them their start. A number of RHCP songs cite specific details and areas of L.A. (most notably “Under the Bridge”), but the triology of tunes they wrote about the character “Dani California” (spread over three albums) seem to capture the energy and feel of what it’s like to live in the SoCal sprawl. The Peppers even gave rise to the term “Californication.” They didn’t invent it, but they certainly gave it meaning. The word — as well as the accompanying song and video — captures both the highs and the lows of Los Angeles better than any modern rock song. So as a tribute to anybody in SoCal who may have been freaked out by today’s quakes, here’s something to soothe. has only nice words for RHCP:

A band that made its name through musical innovation, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, announced an end to their two year hiatus. This fall the band will return to the studio to record a follow-up to the Grammy winning Stadium Arcadium. What the reformed band will emerge with is anyone’s guess as the aforementioned release integrated musical styles from several periods of the band’s career. There is one thing we can all count on…it will be good.

The rest of the rest:
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Kerrang – some insane comments there, but look out for the funny ones. I really, really want you to take a look, especially if you’re in for some odd humour.

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  • David

    All these news stories derived from the same article are getting old fast. But the comments on the Kerrang site are hilarious. Pure stupidity, but at least it’s a page full of laughs. 😆

  • shalhevet

    i hate when the media is making a big deal out of something that isn’t even official. they are been fed by rumors like that and get it out of proportion. i think we all should wait for official news who will confirm it.

  • KNE

    Those Kerrang comments are amazing.

    “Of course. Hill Slovak is the lovechild of Damon Hill and republic of Slovakia. John Fruscanti is a love child of fruitcakes and Ashanti.”


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