A very nice mention of John coming from Juliette Lewis

A little collage - both photos taken by yours trulyThere’s a really nice mention of John in an article on Juliete Lewis in the current issue of the quarterly UK mag, Classic Rock presents Prog magazine. The article itself is entitled “My Prog Heroes”. Here’s an excerpt from it. The relevant excerpt, that is.

Actress, singer and performer Juliette Lewis has gone from National Lampoon-er to international rock star. And with Floyd, Beefheart and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in the mix, her prog journey has just begun….

“I’ve long been a fan of the obvious prog like Pink Floyd – I’m a huge Floyd fan – and I’ve been so eager to discover much more, especially since going to a John Frusciante gig a few years ago when he was just off on a total improvised, creative trip. He completely won me over to that way of thinking and later my brother played me Captain Beefheart. I was like, I’ve got to hear more of this!”

In the further text, she’s praising Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, her true “prog god” who also produced her new album, Terra Incognita which is VERY different from the garage rock of Juliette And The Licks. So, if you’re also an Omar fan or a Juliette fan, you might want to acquire the magazine. ^_^

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Many thanks to April for having had the time to type this out.

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