John and Josh - photo by Mrs.Pissy
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Credible LA bloggers/music industry insiders hint that John is not recording with Red Hot Chili Peppers

Over the past 24 hours, two different websites owned by music insiders from the Los Angeles area have posted news items which contained small bits regarding the future of Red Hot Chili Peppers and with whom they’re recording the follow-up to Stadium Arcadium. Both sources indicate that John Frusciante is no longer in Red Hot Chili Peppers or, to be more precise, not recording with them right now. owned by a former LA Times music journalist states:

Red Hot: I hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers are writing music for a 10th album, but without John Frusciante. Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who toured with the Peppers as a second axeman (and who also has played with Gnarls Barkley, Beck and PJ Harvey), is involved.

(The whole news item can be found here.)

Buddyhead, an independent record label known for their blog, having been At The Drive In’s label and having been sued a couple of times states:

Looks like John Frusciante up and quit on his homeboys. Cuz our buddy Josh Klinghoffer is the new guitar player in Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Drinks are on you dude. Better figure out what sock size your dick is STAT.

(The whole news item can be found here. Caution: obsene language.)

John and Josh - photo by Mrs.Pissy
John and Josh - photo by Mrs.Pissy

– First of all, nothing is final until the band announces it on, so this is NOT OFFICIAL NEWS.
– Second at all, posting this is anything but fun, it’s probably similar to one of those oldschool cartoon situations where someone’s sticking an umbrella into your rear end or mouth and then opening it. In other words, I don’t enjoy this sort of stuff. Most of this website’s top contributors don’t enjoy it, either.
– Third of all, there have been indications of this from many people beforehand, but this website respects its subject and wouldn’t publish anything without a PUBLIC source available – just like it was the case with some side projects beforehand.

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And once again, please do not call John names and do not call anyone else involved names. Do not say anything you wouldn’t say straight to someone’s face.

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