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Flea on John’s departure in The Watt From Pedro show – transcript included

John and Flea at the Red Hot Chili Peppers' concert in Dortmund in 2006 - photo by Michael PlinskiIn the most recent edition of The Watt From Pedro Show, Mike Watt is talking to Flea, playing a song by an actual Serbian band Disciplina Kičme (if you’re curious, check them out – I was really, really surprised to see something from my country in the playlist!), Brother Matt is doing a spin cycle with Flea on bass and, most importantly, Flea is talking about John’s departure and, for everyone who’s interested, Josh Klinghoffer as obviously the newest addition to the Red Hot Chili Peppers family.

You can listen to the relevant excerpt right here, though I’m kindly recommending you to download the whole 3-hour-podcast from

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Mike Watt: I didn’t know. Ya know, John was on the show.

Flea: Yeah yeah, he told me.

Mike Watt: He came out with that ah…Josh…Klinghoffer.

Flea: Yeah, Josh is our new guitar player.

Mike Watt: He’s the guy he made the record with, he brought him on over. And they made this solo album and he wanted to talk about that record.

Flea: Yeah, they’ve been playing together for years.

Mike Watt: And aaa…ohhhh.

Brother Matt: So, Josh is your new guitar player?

Flea: Yeah, yeah.

Brother Matt: He’s a nice cat! Young guy.

Brother Matt: He’s great.

Flea: Beautiful beautiful guy.

Mike Watt: We dug him.

Mike Watt: He played some synthesizer in the jam.

Flea: Oh, cool!

Mike Watt: Yeah, yeah and uh, because before that he was doing ones with…Omar and…and…Joe Lally!

Flea: Right, oh yeah, yeah, yeah he did!

Mike Watt: So this was a newer thing, I didn’t know about this, this collaboration.

Flea: He and Josh made like, ten records together or something. All of John’s….

Mike Watt: All I know is the Omar and Joe Lally ones.

Flea: Yeah. yeah

Mike Watt: Maybe he goes on runs.

Flea: He just goes….yeah. E-he-he-heh.

Mike Watt: So He left the band! Wow.

Flea: Yeah, yeah…

Flea: Yeah…he just…I mean, you know…of course you know like with any decision like that it’s not, like, one reason.

Mike Watt: Yeah, yeaah…he didn’t talk about any of that.

Flea: You know, I can’t-I can’t speak for him, but I know, like whatever decisions John makes like that, it’s I mean….his love of music is so intense…and it’s really about him like nurturing.

Mike Watt: He’s still making music, right?

Flea: Yeah, always…

Brother Matt: He’s really passionate.

Mike Watt: And his buddy’s the new guitarist, so….did he like…advise him or…?

Flea: YEAH, YEAH! It’s all…you know, yeah, yeah, for sure…they’re great friends, you know, I mean…

Mike Watt: Or or..wait-wait-wait, what did he say…suggest?….Hey Josh can do it?

Flea: You know, you know, we knew…..Josh was on a tour with the Chili Peppers too, we had a second guitar player for a while.

Mike Watt: Oh!

Flea: So it was like kinda like this guy was already in the family and just kinda…

Mike Watt: OK. OK.

Flea: You know, it’s more important for us to like play with a bro, then ya know…yeah, I mean, we learned from that mistake before…

Mike Watt: Yeah, right.

Disclaimer: This transcript is nowhere near perfect. If you have any corrections, leave them in comments or email them to – the sound is so distorted that it looks as if it was a convo amongst three very old ladies with no teeth!

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*Many thanks to RHCP Universe and M-Flor who originally let everyone know about this. The audio excerpt was extracted by RHCP Universe, too. Also thanks to Nemi and M.A. for correcting some minor errors in the transcript. Special thanks to Kirsten for filling all the BIG gaps.

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